10 Minute Smoky Eye Make Up Tutorial Video with Robert Jones

Robert: All right so you have worn your makeup all day, you don't want to start over, there is no time to start over, you want to go out for that evening you want to do that smoky eye The thing to keep in mind is you cannot go dramatically different than what you have done all day

So far we have had Alex in coppery shades So what I am going to do is a burgundy smoky eye Now, because I'm putting more make on top of make up, she already has on, I am going to once again take and put powder underneath her eye so that I don't It will catch all the fall off from the shadow I am about to put on Now, even if I were to do a smoky eye from the start I would still highlight the lid right here So the fact that it is already highlighted works for me But, because I am doing a smoky eye I need to add more mid tone Because I don't want this to be as highlighted as it is currently

I am going to take my number twenty seven brush I am going to take my midtone Starting at the base of the lashes I am going to work it across Coming all the way up into the crease That starts the smokiness

Doing it on the other eye Taking my clean number twenty eight brush and blending that out Look at me Blending it out And you can see how that is already started to get rid of a little bit of that highlight, but you can see where I have kept that highlight right here

And that makes the smoky eye a little more suddle more beautiful, I think more beautiful Many times when you do a smoky eye, you just do the whole dark smoky eye it can look like someone socked you in the eye I like to make mine a little more subtle by highlighting that inner part I am now going to my accent color which is a just to give you appoint of reference that was her contour color the last time I am going to more of a burgundy So you can really see the difference in how much depth I am adding

So I am going for a really deep rich burgundy smoky eye I am going to take my number twenty seven brush again because it has the flexibility and the shape to help me with my smoky eye Starting at the base of the lash line, because remember that is where we want the darkest Kind of patting on the color and blending it out And you can see how it is already starting to smoke up that eye

And you can definitely see why I needed that powder there Really trying to work my color at the base of the lash line Now taking my number twenty eight brush, and blending that out, now be careful not to pull up to high, you don't want the brow bone dark But you don't want a line either So you really got to keep that blend right at that crease

If you pull up to far you are not going to have that lightness left at the brow bone Now to make even more intense at the lash line I'm going to take my number forty brush I am going to lay it at the lash line, and pull it up That helps it to really be dark at the lash line And to make it even a little smokier I'll take my burgundy and I'll mix it with a tiny bit of black Just right at the lash line

Okay, now I am going to add a false lash because I always think a smoky eye looks best with a false lash added I know you have seen me apply false lashes before remember the trick is to measure Cut off the excess length So you've cut it and before you apply it you are going to take and you are going to paint the band of the lash with black liquid liner What this does is it helps it make it look more natural

And then you are going to apply glue Let it start to dry While it is drying if you will round out the lash it will help it shape to her lid better You're letting it dry, letting it get a little tacky Not tacky as tacky, but tacky as sticky

Not tacky like Alex tacky, but tacky like sticky And then you are going to simply layer it on top of that black line you have drawn earlier Dang girl! No I'm just kidding Now I am positive you should model Taking the other side

Once again taking it off Now when you are pull it off you want to push down as not to get glue on the lash The little tacky glue that is adhering it to the case on it, so you want to push down and pull it off You are going to trim, you can see there are little clumps You are going to trim the outer three

Which is the same width as I made the other You are going to paint that band Then we are going to apply glue as we did the first time Take and round it Letting it get tacky, tacky sticky not tacky like Alex

Just think what I would say about you if I didn't like you No, I wouldn't talk about you if I didn't like you I only make fun of people I like Alex: Mhm Robert: No seriously Open and look down And now laying it right directly on top of that black liner you put on earlier Now if you were doing this on yourself

I know that you've learned this in every false lash video I have done Every video I have put false lashes on you can lay a mirror down on the table in front of you, and now if you were to look down in the mirror can you see yourself in the mirror? Alex: No Alex: Yes Robert: Okay, see how it puts her eye in the right position? Then she can lay the lash on She then could lay the lash on

She needs a bigger mirror Bad example Letting it dry Now the great thing about this adhesive is it starts out crème and it dries clear Look down

As you can see as I am brushing off that powder how it saves it from getting dark underneath here Also the glue from the lashes is starting to dry Now, what I am going to do is put some color underneath Now for a typical smoky eye people would really drag that color really far down And blend it out so you've got this really big area with smoked out color

I want it to look a little more modern So for it to look a little more modern I am going to take my number forty brush I am going to take that burgundy and I am going to lay it, look up for me, right up next to the lash line I am not going to drag my color really far down Yet I am going to get the definition that I want And that will give me the depth without it being so drug out and almost like a black eye look

And to get it more intense I am going to take my black that I lined the top with, and I would not do this everyday, but for an evening out it will not hurt I am going to line, look up for me, the inside wet tissue of the eye This will create an intensity that really looks great with a smoky eye And you can see how that gives her an intense really smoky look I am then going to take mascara

And all I'm going to do is take her natural lashes do a coat of mascara that blends, look down for me, that blends her lash into the false lash Now because I am changing her into a smoky, eye earlier we lined her lip and really filled it in I am going to blot off that past lip color I really want her lips to be pretty non-existent because her eyes are so dark I am then going to take just at tin bit of concealer and I am going to conceal her lips a bit What that is going to do is give a really soft suddle canvas to create a new lip on

You really want to make sure you get the edge of the lip Open wide I am going to take a sheer nude lip gloss, because you have to whenever doing a smoky eye You have to do a soft nude lip If you do anything with too much color she is just going to look like she belongs on a street corner

And you can see by me concealing her natural lip first and getting rid of that more defined lined lip from earlier it really softens the whole look

Source: Youtube


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