Warning! This was recorded last year, because of that I look "very different" My face looks bigger, lmao Okay, enjoy! Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel! So I just returned from Korea 2 days ago And I have recorded a video, really excited, guys! It seems like I spend about 1000 USD a little

But I exchange my dollar money with Korean money Then my money is all gone, and I also use my debit card So I think I think I spent more than 10 million? So let's just start! Come on, starting from the sheet mask that I got from Mediheal Mediheal is a famous sheetmask brand The price is a bit expensive for a sheetmask, because they are known to always give a lot of ingredients concentrated in the sheet mask

So this is specifically for the type of combination oily skin and easy to break out, which is my skin type Next I will show the product that 3CE sent to me This is a collaboration with Maison Kitsune, that is the fox here And this is a very soft brush set I will do it fast! I can't snap my fingers 🙁 I'll do it fast, guys

Because I have a lot of stuff here I think this video can be as long as 1 hour 30 minutes, but please watch it, please Because I spend a lot of money for you Okay next, I have Maison Kitsune products too I have a lip balm

I'm really interested in wearing lip balm, only for makeup-makeup days, and there is a little color on the lip balm And I also have another lip balm The packaging is very funny Next I have a powder setting that has a sponge The setting powder is beige, so it's not translucent

I don't know how to use it, but the smell is good I have Banila Co Dear Hydration Facial Mist This is different from spray settings, because if the spray comes out like like that to your face but this is softer than spray So this feels like you are walking in a mist that is natural from nature This is Innisfree Soybean Energy Oil

This is the newest product from their Soybean range And they have many facial oils in Korea But I decided to take this one because it was affordable This Innisfree brand can be trusted So this is a pipette The fragrance is quite natural And even though it's oil, but it's not too thick I do have an oily face And the reason I'm buying a face oil is even though my face is oily, I have some dry parts on my forehead That looks disgusting with a matte foundation So if you use a little facial oil or if you mix with foundation it will make your skin look shining like a korean look Next to skincare, I have Belif Problem Solution Moisturizer for oily and sensitive skin They are known not to use parabens or other dangerous chemicals Therefore I decided to use this because I'm lazy and bored with Clinique Dramatically Different Gel This product contains Tea Tree Oil, so I hope it's quite mild And very important, this uses a pump While we are talking about Belif products I want to show this very cute Mild Suncreen Baby Bo So this is formulated for babies Surely adults can also use it if the baby can So this isn't just branding, it's really safe for babies So I bought this for my baby girl nephew who is 7 months old What's interesting about Belif packaging is they put all the bad ingredients on the front and written 0% which means we don't get mineral oil, synthetic fragrances Next is the skincare product that made me most interested in trying it because this is a brand product Hera which is a high end product from Korea I have used CC Cushion from those who are very good I really recommend that product, but I don't buy the product for this trip Because I get many other CC Cushion that I can try This is their Cell Essence that regenerates your skin cells So it will update your skin cells but not by peeling your skin he contains Amino Acid, Sugar, Peptide, and other chemicals that I don't understand Next I have a product that is often talked about is Beauty Water from Son & Park I really like the packaging, because it is matte to the touch And there is a silver writing that says beauty water And I will use it as a toner because usually after you wash your face, there is still dirt and makeup on your skin so this will clean it all up while moisturizing your skin and this really looks very promising this indeed has a good review and I hope this will work for my skin I will tell you the results

This is Too Cool For School Pumpkin 24K Gold Mask Erina also gave me Clio Prism Air So it seems like he sent all the colors from the PR Package so he gave me this one This is super glittery you will be surprised You won't know how happy I am to open it all, because I haven't seen these products in a few days After I bought these products, I immediately put everything in my suitcase because I don't want to be tempted to try, because I want to record first It's like a Christmas for me Initially I wanted to buy the primary eye from Its Skin or something but my best friend, Eunsoo said that VDL Eye Primer is the most famous eye primer in Korea so I decided to try it, the price is quite affordable so this is transparent and the consistency is very light I have several products from Moonshot which is a brand of YG Entertainment which seems to be the makeup brand used by G-Dragon The packaging really reminds me of Urban Decay packaging And the concealer looks like this And strangely the concelarnya packaging looks similar to the VDL Eye Primer but the consistency and cover are very thick I'm very excited to show This Moonshot Jelly Pot I know as soon as I see this one product I have to buy it because because the consistency of this product has never been before so this is not cream this is also not powder this is also not liquid this is a gel Sunny Dahye tells me that this product is dry fast, so we have to use it quickly the glitter really feels rough in my hands, but as soon as I did it he starts to spread evenly ok, this is my favorite product that I've tried in the shop And this is their Cream Paint This is a very coral color This is not liquid lipstick and this is not a liptint too Next, I have a boring product from The Face Shop I bought this just because I needed an eyebrow pencil to be reviewed on First Impression Video Because I will do Full Face This product has a very sharp triangular tip that reminds me of the Goof Proof Benefit but this is thinner than the Goof proof Next I have a very funny product to show This is Chateau Labiotte This is their Liptint Wine The packaging is very genius, because every time you drink wine, it will leave color in your mouth This is very nice This is one product that really makes me excited to try This is CC Cushion Nars And if you want to get this in Indonesia or Singapore I don't think it can This only exists in Korea This is an exclusive Korean product So this is their CC Cushion And my good friend said this was very admired both in Korea and Youtube So it seems this product has a super dewy-finish I tried it in the area of ​​my chin yesterday Not yesterday, I mean last week Ah, I'm glad when I first opened CC Cushion for the first time I have a Laneige BB Cushion This is their Anti Aging range The reason I took the Anti Aging even though I was only 22 was This one has more content here Like better nutrition and so on So this will moisturize the skin more Okay so here I have the most expensive product I bought This is SU: M37 Secret eye Cream I don't know how to spell the brand name, but But this brand is on par with SKII and Sulwhasoo and various other expensive products for people older than me And someone from Russia tried this, he said if this product reduces the line under his eyes and I really need it I have a few folds under my eyes The smell is good, and this is the product it will last around 3 to 4 years, because you only need very little From Nature Republic I bought the sunblock

This one is devoted to the face, while this one is devoted to the face and body So the basic ingredient of both is Aloe Vera They are SPF 50, so this will be very good for the whole day This is Maison Kitsune Soft Cheek I bought all three at The Saem This is The Saem Cover Perfection Concealer Duo There are 2 sides One side is concealer that is shaped like a lipstick I think this will be a concealer that is more natural to cover stains The other side is their liquid concelear which has been famous for several years And the price is very cheap and the formula reminds me of Maybelline Fit Me Concealer the formula is very similar So I tried this too This is Mousse Candy Tint from The Saem What makes this product interesting is its consistency is mousse so this is not cream, not liptint and the fragrance is like strawberry milk as the name suggests Sunny said that Eye Paint from The Saem is this product is dupe from the Mac Painterly Paint Pot So I take this color, which is Indie Pink, which is the perfect mauve color and once you put your hand here, it feels very oily It feels very soft and oily when touched You have to set it with powder and I don't like that, but the color is very pretty

This is Lip Crush Matte, I like the packaging This is matte and looks very sleek And this is not tint This doesn't leave color, but leaves the matte velvet texture on your lips But with Korean lip products, I don't think you need to use it all over the lips You can put it in the center of your lips and blend it for natural ombre results So that's what I will do with this

I have other products from Banila & Co I really like the primer from them, but I didn't buy it this time So this is a makeup base I bought the green one because, because my face is pretty red in some areas, like around my nose and also forehead So let's see what if it is watched So this is indeed green, but I don't like it because it left a white cast Maybe I should try half face with the makeup base and afterward use the makeup base again

So I can see what redness is on my face completely closed This is a product that I know that I have to get it, because this is a gradation effect From orange to dark coral So it seems you can mix and use both together, Or you can use just one And you can be surprised how orange will look good on your skin, if you are bored with pink

I bought 4 of these products from 3CE, there were 2 blushes One with the Peach Crush color, that is bold orange color This one is called Shy-Shy It looks very pale on the camera, but it can be used everyday I bought 2 lip-products from 3CE

The one is Liquid Lip Color with the color Makes Sense, and lip gloss with Baby Punch color Well, let's go back to Skincare This is COSRX AHA Whitehead Power Liquid I originally wanted to buy the BHA Power Liquid, but I didn't see it everywhere AHA is better for normal to dry skin, while BHA is better for clogged pores I can use the AHA for the dry part of my face, and the BHA for the T-Zone area if I get a BHA product

This is the Heimish Artless Glow Base It's quite difficult to find this product, because this product only exists in A-Land It's like the Urban Outfitters store This is another makeup base This product should provide glow under your foundation like players in Korean dramas

Let me show you If in a long way, indeed I can see the glow, so I can understand what they mean about glow which gives a healthy glowing skin effect that looks almost oily like that of a Korean artist Here I have several Innisfree products I started with the Volcanic Color Clay Mask This is very interesting

And this product is also recommended by Erna It's like a very thick Muddling Mask, it's not peeled, you have to wash it And I really like clay mask Because my skin needs something that can clean all the dirt from my pores So it looks like this will be great for my skin

This is Capsule Recipe Pack They have around 50 products like this So this is a Sleeping Pack that you can only use before you sleep I saw the Smart Drawing Blusher, which is a cream blush on Instagram I'm really interested in trying this Because cream or liquid blush will be more resistant to your skin and look more natural than powder blush

Next, I have Always New Auto Liner This is a pencil liner I actually bought this not for my eyes, but for making fake freckles This is an item I got from Etude House The first is my favorite product, and maybe your favorite product

Because this is very strange This is the My 4 Tip Brow Tint This is liquid, so it's like a liquid eyeliner that is sheer But with 4 ends So it can produce eyebrow-like look or brow tattoo, which people really like

and this is rather difficult to use, especially if you are new Even I have trouble wearing it Because I have never used a product like this But it seems like if with practice, we can get good results I think this is the only eyeshadow product I bought in Korea

The problem is there are no other products that make me want to buy them But this one is just a very glittery and multicolor eyeshadow, and I think this is very special for the Korean makeup look When I watch concerts in Korea, there are many idols who wear this type of eyeshadow Where they only use a few colors of eyeshadow like this in their eyelids Photo Hair Liner is specifically for people who want to cover baldness in their hair Do I have a backing hairline? Can you tell me the truth? Am I balding? But I'm a little disappointed when I open this product and the fact is the chocolate crayon

Like I can use a pencil liner to dye my hair But I hope this is made safer for the scalp or something But well, I think it will be interesting if I try it for you This is not sheetmask, but this is acne pimple patch Do you know that Pimple patches of the Neo (something) brand are used by many people? This should be the way it is too

But this is really famous in Korea I really tried it and this did reduce my acne overnight But I have to try again to really know whether this works or not Next I have Liptone Get it Tint from Tony Moly And this is the only orange-colored product that I get

Because strangely, the orange color really matches my skin tone I have a lip product from Skin-lip product? OMG I'm crazy Skincare product from Skin Food It contains Brazilian Black Sugar, so even though it contains Black Sugar, this is not an exfoliator, this is a mask that you have to leave for 15 minutes before washing But I think it's also slightly exfoliating, because there's a little texture there

This is not makeup, but I think I just want to share I went to Daiso, and Daiso in Korea was cheap too This all costs only 1000 won And they are nail glitter They should be put on your nails, but I want to use them on the face for a makeup instragram look funny Do you know some people put fruit on their faces

I don't know what you've seen before This one is very funny There are hearts pink and red Holographic glitter I really like the row on the left

This one is somewhat similar to the heart shape, but this is holographic I think this is also my favorite Okay, we arrived at the last product in this haul I've been talking for 2 hours without stopping This is from Jung Saem Mool, a very famous Korean makeup artist celebrity

He has his own makeup brand, he also has his own academy art I won't show you how to use it, because I want you to watch my vlog I want you to be curious I really like the packaging Feels heavy

And it feels expensive so But yes indeed the price is a bit expensive too OMG guys, we have finished the video If you are still here, please comment on things like BEST HAUL EVER or something, so I can like or love your comments So I know that you are still here and you are OG! That's all

I'm really tired, and I will remove makeup after this And don't forget to type subscribe if you haven't subscribed to my channel And if you have subscribed, don't forget to type the bell so you are notified when I upload the video I will select random comment and I shout out in my next video I think I'll make it routine, it seems like it will be really exciting

Thankyou for watching and don't forget to continue to see my Korean Series BYE GUYS! 🙂

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