5 Minute Everyday Makeup Tutorial Video by Robert Jones

Robert: Okay, now I know everybody wants a fast quick five minute look As you know, I always start with my foundation on the forehead and the eyelid first and then after I've done my eye, I'll go back and do foundation from lash line down, bottom lash line down

So I've foundationed the forehead and done the lid My goal here is just to do a quick look that she can wear every day I'm mainly going to use just a few things I'm going to use bronzer, a matte bronzer because that way I can use it as my midtone and to contour and bronze her face And a shimmer highlight because that will give her a pop really quickly

Mascara, mascara, mascara, mascara! And then just do a nice easy fast lip And it will give her a nice every day look So the first thing I'm going to do is I'm just going to take a shimmery beige and my number twenty two bush and I'm going to go over her lid for a little bit of shimmer Next thing I'm going to do 'cause you know my order is a bit strange is I'm going to curl her lashes Look down for me

Remember when you curl it's a matter of multiple crimps starting at the base of the lash line, working your way out Every look no matter if you've got five seconds or fifteen minutes you've got to curl your lashes Then I'm going to do my first layer of mascara Keep in mind, always my first layer of mascara is waterproof, look down for me because it keeps the curl better Then I'm going to go back and just quickly comb out her lashes with my brush number three

Now one of the things that makes this really fast is I'm going to multi task with products So for her midtone I am simply going to use a matte bronzer That will help me need less products and it will help make everything go faster Starting in the crease, just defining that crease Little bit in the outer corner of the lid

Little bit in the outer corner of the lid as well Now I'm going to take my big fluffy number twenty eight brush and I'm going to blend out that midtone which is just bronzer Now since I'm trying to use fewer products to make it faster, I'm going to take my number thirty brush and just do a little bit more midtone in the outer corner where I would normally put my accent Taking my twenty eight brush, blending it out Alex look into the camera

And you can see how that defines the eye all by itself Okay now all I've done is that highlight powder and then now a little bit of bronzer for her midtone And I'm going to do my second layer of mascara 'cause even though I'm doing a quick quick makeover I need more than one layer of mascara And you can can see how just that little bit has really defined her eyes So it doesn't take a lot of time or a lot of makeup

Now, of course when you're doing it, you're probably going to paint your whole face with foundation That will make it faster as well But you know me, I want my perfection underneath the eyelid Underneath the eye so I am now cleaning up with a little eye crème Get rid of all of that little bit of bronzer I might have dripped or anything that could cause any darkness there

And now I'm going to finish foundationing the face and concealing Alex's few minute imperfections Okay, so her skin's not perfect but she's cute so it doesn't matter Okay now, I've done my second layer of mascara I went ahead and finished the bottom half of her face foundation You didn't need to watch that

And now I'm going to use my bronzer again to define underneath her eye That just gives me that little bit of definition I need without being well it can't be too much because we're doing a much more subtle look and we're just using bronzer as our eyeshadow You want to make sure though, any bronzer that you use on the eye has been tested for the eye Now I'm going to take my number fourteen brush and I am going to just take that same shimmer highlight that I used on her lid and just pop it in the inside corners of the eye This helps open her eye up

And just gives it a little bit of a freshness Now I'm going to take my number seventy three and I'm gonna apply her bronzer where it belongs which is the cheek area, and the temple to give her that really beautiful glow Okay now, I am going to go ahead and put my, look up, mascara on my bottom lashes This is optional, it's up to you Alex has such great lashes that I want to do it

But if you don't want to do it to save time, not a problem, don't do it Now all I'm gonna do because this is a five minute look And plus I mean, my God look at those lips I'm going to do a little bit of lip balm 'cause Alex is a little bit dry Then I'm just going to have her take and mash them together

Take a tissue, blot it off So if I was doing a lipstick that's how you remove the excess to keep the lipstick staying on so that it doesn't shorten life span of your lipstick But with Alex I am simply going to do a nice sheer beautiful gloss because that is all she needs

Source: Youtube


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