A Natural Face Care Routine, All Skin Types – What I Do.

Hi, I'm Sally from Natural Spa Supplies One of the questions, I'm most frequently asked is, How do you care for your skin? What's your morning routine? So I'm up bright and early this morning and I'm going to show you exactly what I do I've got combination skin, so its dry in areas and oily in other areas

So the first thing im going to teach you about is the use of hemp oil soap beacause it will certainly deal very well with these areas and prevent problems, such as pimples appearing I'm then going to use the Rhassoul Clay which is amazing for its detoxification abilities If you want the skin to look really healthy and vibrant, it has to be really super deeply clean all the way through and that's where the Rhassoul clay will come into play I also always use the Rose Water I use it twice a day and its amazing for just nudging that completion more towards perfect, away from the imperfect, and its also good for dealing with broken capillaries The final thing I'm going to use is the argan oil Because its famous for its anti-aging qualities and being 49 and 8 months, or whatever, That's important to me

I'm going to take you through the routine Its a very fast routine and even when I'm normally doing it, without you guys watching me, I'll be making a cup of tea, I'll be feeding the cat, I'll be putting the toast on I'll keep it simple, I won't involve the cat, the toast and the tea here but I'll show you exactly what I do and how quickly you can do it

I'm going to make a start The first thing of any washing technique of course is to get the face wet, First thing in the morning I like to use cold water, but you can use warm water if you like so here we go I'm just going to put the hemp oil soap, where I need it I can do the whole face with hemp oil soap, (but remember never ever get it in the eyes) that would be if I wanted to exfoliate the face, and I'll do that a few times a week

On a daily basis I'm just treating the areas that really need treating So lets get some soap on You only need a tiny amount That's a very small amount and just rub it where you need it Now this soap is also used by wet shavers

So if you're a chap, you could do (cleanse) oily patches of skin and get a shave in as well That's probably sufficient, so lets give that a rinse That feels better already actually Rhassoul clay I've got some made up, I usually make up enough for a few days at a time and its always there handy

A little bit of clay Again you don't need much for a quick face wash Get the clay all over the face It just always feels so lovely to have clay on the skin, it really does If you do get some in the eyes, it will feel a tiny bit grity but it will find its own way out, or you can rinse it out in that direction, but its never given me any trouble at all When you use the clay, keep it nice and slippy

Its working really effectively when its fully hydrated I think by moving the clay over the face, as well your really helping it to detox because when you put clay on the skin, it actually draws up the lymph fluid and then it detoxes from the lymph fluid, (which is under the skin) right through the skin level Of course if you can help by massaging, to move the fluid around, you're going to get a much more powerful detox

You can use the clay in other ways, you can do a face mask if you like but I think rather than letting problems build up in the skin and doing periodic face masks, which are nice – you can do them, they are very luxurious – I think its best just to do a little bit of detoxing everyday So that feels good I'll rinse that off

That feels really fresh already Then I've got the organic Rose Water I'm using it specifically to control tiny little broken capillaries that will appear if I dont keep them in check So I spray this on the face twice a day Just make sure it goes all of the skin It does smell nice! Some will soak in and the watery bit will evaporate but it really is profound, the rose water When I first started using it, I noticed the improvement in my red-tone balance within 2 weeks I was using it twice a day The rose water is nearly dry, and this is a good moment to put the argan oil on because you can spread the oil better on slightly damp skin

The argan oil! is famous for its anti-aging properties, and if you haven't used it before, once you start using it, you'll see the results instantly and of course, if you use it every day, you can keep those results up I'm only just using a tiny amount, just a few drops You can buy the argan oil with a pipette, as well and you can measure it out drop by drop but I am used to just tipping it Just get that on

I'm not wearing eye make up so I can actually put it on the eye area as well Don't forget to do the neck! Just a little bit more The argan oil soaks in the skin very quickly, but still it is nice to give it a few minutes to soak in You can then make your decision Have put enough on, do you need a bit more? So give it a few minutes and then you can really tell, once it has gone in

Really that's what I do You can see it just takes minutes You're going to need to make adjustments for you own skin type You've got 4 products They all do different things, and your skin is going to perhaps

need a bit more of this and a bit less of that and so on You can work that out When you've only got four products: You are the Total Master of Your Own Skin I really hope that you enjoy getting into these simple routines

All the products are biodegradable If you have sensitive skin, you'll be absolutely fine with them Keep it simple!

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