“Acne Doesn’t Make You Ugly

I decided to stop wearing foundation It was only hiding me and I felt, like, every time I walked out of the door I wasn’t being myself

It almost feels like there is this little, I don’t want to say demon, but like just a little monster egg just in your face But you can’t get rid of it and, so, every time you bump into it or barely touch it or something, it feels like your face is on fire Since she was just 11, 17-year-old Hailey, has had cystic acne, a condition, which causes the hair follicles to become clogged, leaving the skin with painful red bumps I felt overwhelmed when I first started seeing my acne spread It started in my cheeks and then it went to my chin and then my forehead and it, kind of, went all over the place

It was too painful When my acne was at its worse, I just felt I was gross and it was red and splotchy and I just felt like such a, kind of like a garbage can, if garbage cans had faces Some of the low points I have with my acne, I have had a lot of people at school, kind of, just give me dirty looks They would call me, like, pizza face and, you know, those generic acne terms I just felt disgusting

I felt, like, I wasn’t pretty I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere, which is silly because most people get acne I felt so insecure by myself that I couldn’t leave the house without makeup on, without foundation Sometimes I would even not even go anywhere but still put on makeup, just so I didn’t feel gross and that’s definitely changed now After years of trying to cover-up her acne, Hailey decided it was time to change and she stopped wearing makeup to cover up her spots

I feel like I have embraced my acne by not hiding it anymore and just, kind of, being real with myself and real with other people Before Hailey started feeling more confident about her acne; you could tell she was more shut in But you can really tell the difference now that she has accepted her acne She doesn’t wear foundation anymore and you can tell that she is just comfortable with herself Hailey now uses her social-media to help other young people struggling with their skin and to show that anyone can be beautiful, whether you have acne or not When I started posting more without any foundation, I definitely got a lot of hate at first and I would get a lot of comments, like, telling me to clean my face as if I wasn’t already doing that and I would get loads and loads of acne advise even though I never asked

It’s huge to me to see her confidence level come up and her embracing her acne and even putting a picture on Instagram, like, who does that? So that’s to me a lot of confidence I feel like I have influenced a lot of people that having insecurities in general, by setting an example and showing that it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have perfect skin I hope my story regarding acne really helps people to realise that just because you have these imperfections, doesn’t mean you are not amazing, doesn’t mean you can’t be successful, doesn’t mean you can’t be…glamorous Beauty is so much more than your face

Source: Youtube


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