Anita’s 6 Week Challenge Journey with Natural Instinct Skincare

My name is Anita, I'm 29 years old and I'm a full-time teacher Two things that I most dislike about my skin was the dryness and the spots that I would get every now and then on my chin

I think the lifestyle choices that would have impacted was using the wrong products, not doing my research and having to wear makeup every single day to hide these issues The Natural Instinct Challenge, the six weeks was amazing!! It was basically you're trialing a routine that you probably haven't tried before and you want to try something new And you're constantly for six weeks you know twice a day it's you It's time for yourself to spend on your skin and getting to know your skin and you know you're probably noticing things that you've never noticed before I think the way that Natural Instinct has really made me feel within the six weeks and even after the six weeks is, just confidence

It's the only word that I could say that comes to my mind is – confidence I love getting the compliments I keep getting "what are you using?", "where are you getting it from?" I'm like "Well you know, it's Natural Instinct"

Source: Youtube


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