Arabic Inspired Makeup Tutorial | Eye Makeup Tutorial | Teni Panosian

I'm gonna kick up the drama with a sultry arabic style makeup tutorial It's easier than it looks, trust me! Just follow along to see how I achieved this bold look

I'm starting out by applying a gold cream base on my lid all the way up to my crease Gold is the perfect base to start with for a look like this Now I'm taking Ember from my Smoke Screen palette and running this color all along my crease in a windshield wiper motion And of course I'm going to use a clean blending brush to soften it up Next, I'm taking Rave and doing the same thing, but focusing on the outer half of my crease

Finally, I'm gonna use the black eyeshadow called Almost Jet and dab this at the very outer corner of my crease and lash line Once again, I'm going to blend it out! So with these three shades I've created a neutral smoky look Next up, a pop of color

I'm dipping into Nebula and dabbing this bluish green shade at the center of my lids, and just lightly blending out I'm making sure to keep the concentration of the color at the very center Now, with whatever's left on the brush that I used to apply the black eye shadow, I'm just going to define the inner part of my crease very lightly And to intensify the definition, I'm taking a very small liner brush and dipping into my Givenchy black pencil Using a light hand, carefully draw a super thin line following the crease

With a smudge brush, I'm going back to Ember and I'm just gonna use this to blend out the eye shadow at inner corner Now it's time to line my eyes: For an arabic style makeup look, liner is everything! So I'm going in and defining the inner corner of my eye by drawing an exaggerated point I'm basically creating the illusion of a longer and more slanted shape, which is very popular for a Middle Eastern look It's a very specific shape, that's why I'm using a tiny, tiny brush like this So once I'm happy with the shape I'm just going to follow the line across my bottom lash line and finish off by creating a nice dramatic wing at the end

And of course I'm going to darken up the waterline as well Taking my smudge brush, I'm gonna dip into Ember one more time and start smudging out that bottom liner I'm maintaining the shape, but the eyeshadow is going to give it a nice smoky look And with a pointed brush, I'm taking Veiled and applying this at the very inner corners of my eyes for an icy, peachy highlight It's the perfect highlight color for this look

And now I'm going in and finishing off the liner on the top lash line as well Of course you can't have a bold, arabic style makeup look without bold brows! I'm filling in my eyebrows with the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil Just giving my lashes a coat of mascara before I finish them off with some falsies Now I'm gonna add a nice contour to my face with this matte bronzer from Make Up For Ever I'm really focusing on the hollows of my cheekbones, and lightly contouring my hairline and jawline

And for this look, since i'm using color on my lids, I'm using a nice neutral blush from NYX called Journey Finally, my favorite part, I'm applying my Mary Lou Manizer highlighter from theBalm to exaggerate my cheekbones And lastly I'm applying my Dose of Colors false lashes in Double Dose for bold, dramatic lashes That completes this Middle Eastern or Arabic inspired makeup look I hope you enjoyed it– if you did give it a thumbs up and be sure to share! Love you guys, can't wait to see you in my next video

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