Ashley’s 6 Week Challenge Journey with Natural Instinct Skincare

I feel like the six week challenge was about confidence was about every woman no matter what skin color no matter what skin tone anything just being able to experience a product that is natural and then feel what it's like to be confident My experience in the challenge was awesome! After one week I saw results and I couldn't believe it

My skin was a mess and then one week, two weeks the results were just awesome as each week went, I started glowing My natural complexion started showing even more

I felt amazing Natural Instinct makes me feel just absolutely confident It feels so clean It feels so natural You feel like you just want to cry out

Your skin feeling so great it just makes you think to yourself 'yes I can go out there, bare and confident If I could give myself any advice it would be "chose natural products, use natural and stick with it" 100% stick with it

Source: Youtube


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