Aveda Makeup Tutorial | How To Get The Modern Nude Eye

Prep Color

Finish Product plus technique gets results Aveda First, prep the eyelids for color A little eye shadow transformer helps eye shadow glide on smoothly, and last longer

Apply to eyelids with our Number 2 Medium Eye Color Brush Now we're ready for color For this look we're only going to use the highlight, or lightest shade, from our eye color trio Apply all over the lid To define the eyes, dampen the brow and lash brush with transformer and dip into the deepest shade of our eye color trio to create a liquid eyeliner effect

Sweep along the upper lash line Here we're using a Black Tulip Eye Color Trio Next, we apply mascara in Black Forest to upper lashes Wiggle the brush to get the most even coverage Here's a make up artist trick, let one coat dry, brush through with our brown lash brush, then apply a second coat for a thicker look

When you do a subtle eye with bold lashes you may prefer to keep your brows more subtle, so you don't take away from the impact of your liner and lashes Apply the darkest shade from the Gobi Sands Eye Trio directly to our Brow and Lash Brush, and apply Brush through for a softly defined brow See how easy it is to create a modern nude eye? Now we're ready for the finished look The result is a modern twist on a classic nude eye

It's understated, but demands to be noticed Prep Color Finish With Aveda makeup

Source: Youtube


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