Beauty parlour secrets at home – How to get Beautiful Glowing Skin | Tamil Beauty Tips

Beauty parlour secrets at home – How to get Beautiful Glowing Skin | Tamil Beauty Tips Many people believe that we will glow when we visit parlours and we are going to see some beautification done in parlour Gel bleaching has come for dry skin which cleanses the top layer of the skin and cures pimples

You face will glow and you can do this bleach once in three months and if you do this once in a month it may turn your skin tone black Every likes soft hands and we can do waxing once in month to remove unwanted hair and reduces the hair growth Applying lotion after waxing keeps the skin hydrated and prevents skin allergy Threading to shape eyebrows or removing upperlip is good but we should not remove it with blades etc, Do threading once in 15 days and remove upper lip hair once in 20 days and to get thick eyebrows apply castor oil on it and take one amla everyday

We may get Blackheads and whiteheads on the nose, area near your ears etc, You can remove only the prolonged blackheads with the store bought removal strips But in parlours they have a special tool for it and we should do it once in 15 days People with dry skin Put a drop of sandalwood oil in a bowl of water and wipe your face with it and it is aroma therapy method Then wash your face with strawberry face wash and then use moisturiser

People with normal skin can wash their face with lavender face wash Mix aroma sensitive oil with a drop of cucumber sunscreen lotion and apply on your face If you have dark patches, massage with mineral glow scrub and wipe, then steam your face to reduce dark spot To keep your skin bright grind soaked almonds into a paste ,mix some milk in it and apply on your face and wash

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