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Welcome back to my channel Today I'm not going to do a makeup tutorial I just wanted to tell you about a couple of things that that are bothering me, it's not that annoying but it's just something that has been in my mind and I wanted to say my opinion to see if someone else feels the same or is just me

I have been seeing these great Youtubers who have a lot of followers million, which I think is great and I love their videos, makeup tutorials and everything but I feel that they are showing an unreal makeup I think it's unreal Let's say, now that the classes are starting are all these tutorials for the return to classes, and for me they are fun to watch and I like to see them and I'll keep watching them, it's not that I do not like channels or what they do I feel that when I look at a tutorial, I do it to entertain myself of course, but also I want to learn something

But I can separate what is real from what is not, but I feel that there are many people that either because they're starting with makeup are young, or just follow trends without contemplating what they are saying and creating your own opinion about it I've been watching these tutorials back to school or tutorials in general let's say, So they start, now let's apply base cool I mean these people have very good skin, It is not that they have marks, they have a very good skin And they say let's apply base and take a base with a lot of coverage and put it on the whole face Why would you need such a heavy base when you have a very good skin? I mean, if you have pimples, scars, spots or things that you want to cover, I understand that you want to have a thicker base, with more coverage but you're saying, get a high coverage base If you have good skin, basically So they put all this base and then they go and apply a thick layer of concealer It is not that they are covering dark circles and they apply an amount of concealer

Ok, apply the concealer And then they go over with a quantity of powder and they "cook" (bake) Then they do the makeup of the eyes which is this barbarian and they make this huge outline that looks good, and apply these big lashes Then they make these eyebrows that are so thick or so dark and they are very strong And I think, well, I know where you're going, you are going to make a glamorous makeup for the night because you have this similar delineated, eyelashes and everything is enough And then go and contour they make two lines here, they do everything is contour tan the face, apply rouge

And then they go with the illuminator, Do not get me wrong, I love makeup I think it's fun and it's great and you can use the makeup you want if you want to do that, it's fine, I just think that there are people who they do that because it's the only thing they show them and if they want to learn something they will go to YouTube and when they see that, and that people are doing this They say Ok, that's what I have to do And there are girls aged 15/16/17 or guys or whatever and they are doing makeup and they have a super thick layer of base corrector, eyelashes, eyebrows and everything So they have all these things and then they go with the illuminator I love the illuminator, I think it's super fun and I think it looks great but I do not think it looks good when you have a line of illuminator But that's just my opinion So they do all that and then they go to the mouth The mouth is outlined on the outside, they have these big lips they paint them inside and outside the lips too

And they end up seeing how really with a lot of makeup I mean, that's a lot of makeup! Ok and there I say, good makeup for the night, you will go to the bowling alley, you will have the time of your life it's not something you're going to do regularly and then they go: "This is my makeup for every day" And I think, are you serious? I mean, let's say you're a Kardashian and you have that kind of lifestyle, I do not know what exactly they do but I know they are always with a lot of makeup and with the clothes and whatever That, you might understand, I do not know what they do, but it's your brand or whatever So maybe But if you are having a real life let's say, you're going to the University, Lyceum or you work or anything, for me it is not realistic that you are going to have all that makeup

and why would you need it? If you have good skin, because you would want to have a whole layer to cover it I just think that everything you see on YouTube or wherever It's not real It may look like a barbarian there do not get me wrong, it looks great! But it looks great with a camera, with all the lights in those angles, because they will not show you an angle that does not favor them so with those angles But if you are going to go with the same amount of things on your face, outside in the sun This is not to speak ill of anyone because I like to see the tutorials and everything and many people enjoy them and I think it's fine but I think they have to be realistic when they are telling a teenager: Well this is your look for the return to school and they have so many things on their faces they do not even look young They do not look young! I know adults! And I do not know, I feel like hopefully when I grew up had the tools like YouTube to learn how to apply makeup I stumbled and did what I could and I got better but I wish I could have learned from someone

But if all the people I see say that I have to do "THIS" I'll believe that that's what you should be doing, So you should be using a large base layer I really should be "cooking" why? Do you know what I mean? I feel that everyone is showing that as normal or as the rule or as what you have to do I mean, I think they make spectacular makeup it's amazing just that it's not for the whole day and I do not like to be shown like this is my everyday makeup, because it is not If you are going to make up every day are you going to be how much? 10-15 minutes? every day, I do not think you're going to be two hours because otherwise you'd have to wake up so early And for what? when you can do something great in 15 minutes Ok, let's say that if you were two hours You were two hours and did all that, apply lashes, eyeliner, concealer, highlighter base, dust, you did everything

And then what? you are going to put on some jeans a t-shirt, two sneakers and you're going to go to the store and buy a milk, two waters and a banana? Let's face it here! If you are going out, You are going to dance, or go out with your friends I get it I also like to get all glamorous, try harder and do all that and feel that I am "the thing" but I do not see it happening every day or to go to the lyceum Nose, leave your opinion, tell me what you think if you liked this video give a "like" Really let me your opinion, if you agree or not This is good! I really do not want this to be negative, I just want to say my opinion and ask what people really think about makeup "cake face" so give it a "like" if you like subscribe if you have not done so and you want to see a little more Maybe some natural makeups and I see you in my next one

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