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I started off by these two guys from Etude House Soon Jung Line To be honest, I was never really interested to Etude House skincare products until I met these guys

They nailed the formulation, they nailed the ingredients list; it's very very clean and minimal, it's perfect for sensitive skin type and acne prone skin type They used a lot of beneficial ingredients to repair and really notch that skin barrier function to run optimally The main ingredients they are using is panthenol as well as madecassoside So panthenol is basically a Vitamin B5 ingredient It's known to reduce irritation, it's known to draw hydration to your skin, and also wonderful ingredient in really protecting the skin barrier

Madecassoside is probably one of the hottest ingredients that you'll see in a lot of Korean skincare products It's extracted from this leaf called Centella Asiatica I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing it right, but we called it like tiger leaf or something in Korean It's known to be this herbal ingredient that has a very potent skin regenerating properties On top of that it has shea butter as well as sunflower oil to nourish and moisturize

So sunflower oil is rather a safe oil for acne prone skin to use because it's high in linoleic acid, so sort of a drier type of oil It has green tea extract for antioxidant which is another bonus factor It's hypoallergenic, so it's save for sensitive skin type It's super mild My skin really really really loves this range

this product will be suitable for normal to combination skin it does leave a slight exclusive feeling to it so if you do have oily skin type, this might be a little bit too nourishing, but it might be a great night cream for you, guys Cica balm is the another one that I actually do apply as spot treatment so this is more potent in the panthenol and madecassoside complex so they used 5% of it I use this on the spot where need a little bit more recovery This is probably the cheapest option which is The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors with Hyaluronic Acid I think it's $590 or something it's really really affordable and really good basic moisturizer natural moisturizing factors are refering to a group of ingredients that are naturally present in our skin already so it consists the natural lipid barrier, amino acids, sodium PCA, cholesterol, ceramides and etc so these ingredients are perfect for sensitive skin type because your skin doesnt accept this as a foreign ingredients and your skin is like 'Thank You' and if you are on acne medication including oral medication and topical creams like retinoid, acne treatments, benzoyl peroxide harsh cleanser that will stripe away your natural lipid barrier and you dont want to compromise however if you are relying on those treatment, this would be a good supplement or kind of like a compensation to fill that natural moisurizing factors onto your skin so it will replenish your skin without any irritation when you blend it in it will show it does have a very weight feelings so, it's kinda goes on a little bit greasy however it dries down for me, to use it at night it's a little bit too dry so I add sleeping mask at the end I know many of you guys might be watching me from Europe which is pretty DOPE -laughs- I did infact get comments from you guys asking my opinion on French pharmacy brands like Avene,[], [

],[] I think they're wonderful, they're very well formulated in general and they sometimes include cool demetoeligical science behind it The only thing is when they come into Korea, there price is really really maked up so, thats the only really reason why I don't really get to feature them often but, I think they're really good in general So this is the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Soin de Nuit I think its ultra night cream to be honest -laughs- Tolerance is basically a range for sensitive skin type for La Roche-Posay I know a lot of you guys might be on [

] which is for acne prone skin type As always, I think it's better off if you to experiment with sensitive skin range for moisturizers because, they're constantly protecting and repairing the skin barrier functions They have different type of colors in the Toleriane range as well however, i fount that this is to be most beneficial in terms of the ingredients list so, Niacinamide is in here, which is my holy grail ingredient, and you guys all know that I'm obsessed with Niacinamide Because, it's for oily, acne prone skin type, it is the sebum production it's anti-inflammatory, so it prevents future breakouts, and it also diminishes the redness on your skin, and this is used at a very interesting powerful anti oxidant that Not a lot of skincare products use which is, Carnosine

So, Carnosine is already naturally presented in our body It is a combination of few amino acids and, it's suppose to be wound healing combined with vitamin e as well So if you're looking for some bonus factors in your moisturizers, definitely look into this I've been using this day and night for two weeks, my skin has been loving it so much The texture is more like an emulsion so it's very light weight

However, it doesn't dry you out at all I know some of you guys might be experiencing those dry, flaky, scaly acne spots because, you've been on acne medications or treatments for so long Create PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion is probably the most recommended products by dermatologists, to their acne patients If you wanna explore something with Ceramides, this is something you might wanna go far because, it's suppose to have this perfect ratio of; ceramide, cholesterol, and phytosphingosine thing which is the three fatty acid that's suppose to work synergistically This also does comes with niacninamide which is a wonderful ingredient for acne prone skin again

If you have different compromise skin barriers, if you want to have something a little bit nourishing this might be a wonderful option However, it does have paraben, so if you're too conscious about that controversy, this is not for you but, I might bight the bullet

I might buy this after I use up everything that I purchased here The next two products are going to be fragrance product, fragrance has essential oil, so if you're very sensitive towards it, this is not for you COSRX Oil-free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion, It does come with lemon peel oil for fragrance property However I like it, I really really do like it And I think this would be a very basic hydrating moisturizer

It doesn't have that kind of fancy repairing property in it This is the Aloe Vera Oil-Free Moisture Cream This is the typical oil-free moisturizer that I really not recommend because, It sinks it right away, its hydrating when you're applying , however, it doesn't have that ability to retain that moisturizer It eventually kind of drys your skin out because, it encourages the water loss Compare to that guy, this oil-free moisturizing lotion is

pretty amazing because, it's very hydrating when you're applying it, however, it doesn't dry you out, and it leaves a very nice allusive feeling but it's not too heavy So I think if you're going to be in a humid environment, this might be a wonderful option to seek for, if you have oily skin too Last recommendation from V proof, which is the VProve Potent Balance Cream I love everything besides the fragrance, it's so overpowering, and it's not very pleasant as well

like it's very idk how to describe it, but, this cream is amazing if you have oily, dehydrated skin, it quenches the water like hydration substantially, it retains that water for a long period of time

So, whenever I applied this, I never felt like my skin was over moisturized but, it was it never dries my skin out Were comfortably on my makeup, and it wears comfortably at night time I really really do love it It does come with 3 different forms of hyalrunoic acid which benefited in quenching water, moisturizers do come with occlusive, which it retains that water So, I really really do enjoy using this

Except the fragrance So, that was all of my recommendations, I hope that you guys might find at least one item thet you might try

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @aboutliahyoo If you have commonly asked questions, I do answer it on my Instagram You guys were quite concerned about the [] use that I explained everything about [] on one of my recent post So go check it out I'll see you guys in my next video


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