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(laughing) – Hello – Hey guys, it is Malbec and Mask special today on Facebook Live

Laura and I are going to– well, I don't know, this is just the best thing ever – Yes And we are going to show you– and I am wearing a mask, I just look more pale than usual but I actually have a mask on I'm gonna show you But Laura looks great

How's your mask? – It's feeling pretty good, I can barely move my face which is the desired effect – (laughing) – so– – Excellent – It's good – Right So, you know, we are gonna show you several types of masks, why you might wanna use them, what some of our favorites are, why wine is just a great thing to do when you're masking, uh – Pairs very well – I think so And cheers! – Cheers – Happy Malbec and Mask Special

– Tuesday, yeah – (laughs) Let's do this every Tuesday – Mm-hmm – Mm-hmm – Mm-hmm

– (laughter) – There we go So okay, I'll start with my mask since you guys just think I'm more pale than usual I am actually wearing a mask, it's the Josie Maran, okay? You're gonna see it a little bit backwards here, but this is the one It is an Argan hydrating and detoxifying treatment So this is it

It's a whipped mud mask, I can say that And it feels really nice I just don't look mask-y enough – I can see it though 'cause I'm sitting very close to you, and I normally touch your face – I know – but I'm not sure if you want me to do that

– You can touch my neck (laughs) Still soft – Still soft – And which mask are you using? – Okay, so I opted to do the Peter Thomas Raw Therapeutic Sulfur mask So this is more targeted towards acne patients

Sulfur's a really great acne treatment, and I happen to have a breakout on my chin right now, so I'm hoping this – Excellent! – does some wonders for it – And you know what's great about this is that when you told me you were putting on a sulfur mask, I thought I was gonna have to bear through 15 minutes of really stinky like sulfur but– – Rotten egg – This is amazing, it doesn't smell at all, so for sulfur I have to say that's just brilliant So don't be scared to purchase this mask if you're interested because of the sulfur It smells great

Yeah, there we go And mine, I should just say, because it's more of like a detoxifier, it's kinda if your pores are feeling a little clogged, this is a good one to just– any kind of mud mask But it's nice to just kind of pull that gunk out, right? – Yes, absolutely – Yeah, so that's what we got here Now, we did show up to work today with makeup on, and we just used our favorite, micellar water

I used my Bioderma, which, you know, I love – Yeah And I used the Garnier Skin Active This one's a little bit more accessible, you can find this in those drugstores, Target, et cetera – Right

– So this is a great option – And it's great! – if you can't find that one, but yeah, I like this one too – Yeah, and we just used some cotton circles to just– you know, quickly– so it just goes to show you can kinda mask anywhere You just bring your micellar water, mask in the car, mask at the shopping mall, I don't know There we go – [Girl] Didn't we show the differences between those two micellar waters? – Yeah, well, you know– – There's really not much of a difference

– Honestly, they're very– they're very similar I mean, what I like about the Bioderma, it's really gentle, but so is the Garnier, honestly I mean, they're kinda neck to neck The Bioderma's kinda cool if you can find the one that has the built in pump, because then you just take your little cotton pad and you ch-ch-ch, you know? Kinda like at the nail salon? – Yes That I do like about it

– Yeah, so I really like– – It's very convenient – But, you know, they run out of even Beautylish, which sells Bioderma online, they run out of the ones with the pump a lot But anyway, any good non pore-clogging ingredient micellar water, that and a little cotton circle, make-up off, mask on, there we go – Drink wine – Drink

Wine – Have friends, which you can't see, – Relax but we will show in a minute

– We are going to show you our friends which are modeling a variety of masks for us I will say we have Emily who is using our Water Replenishment, Dr Jart This is a nice hydrating mask, okay? So if your skin is feeling a little parched particularly as winter is coming – Winter is coming, – (laughs) We are getting into– – as you all know, December 21st, mark your calendars

– Winter is coming I never learned what this meant – Um, here she is – Here she is! Okay, this is a great mask to wear, not around your children, you will scare them to death However, if you're looking to scare the bejeezus out of your husband, excellent choice, when he walks in the door

So she is rocking that mask – (laughing) Thank you, Emily – Thank you, Emily So this one– again Any of the– I like, run any mask through cosdna

com to make sure it doesn't have poor ingredients that are clogging your pores, – Yeah – but this one, the Dr Jart or any hydrating mask can be really great to just give your parched skin a little bit of moisture, – Yes – particularly in these winter months – But I think your point about cosdna was good 'cause even sheet masks can contain pore-clogging ingredients, so double check

– And they're sitting on your skin for 15, 20, 30 minutes, so you know, that's enough time to get in there and cause trouble, so yeah You wanna use a good mask that's not gonna– you know, we want it to do good things, not bad things So we have Rachael who's awesome right now, and she is gonna show you how it looks when you have done your own homemade sheet mask, okay? Here she is, here she is Looking a little post-surgical, but none-the-less, awesome results So she looks great

She made this herself Now how did– Rachael, how did you do this? We've used these little dry– they're almost like little cotton pads – These are the Salina multi-wear cotton puffs from Amazon – Excellent Probably a good price point

– And they're essentially just the sheet mask material, but dry – Yeah – And then I used the Hada Labo Gokujyun Lotion, light, and you just– – Say that 10 times – I use the regular one at home but this is like a nice, lighter option – Good, how does it feel? – It feels fantastic

– Yeah – You look fantastic too – Do I look fantastic too? – You look super great again, scaring the bejeezus out of your partner – Slap 'em on – Mm-hmm

– Good to go – Good to go, see? – And just add wine – And just add wine – (giggling) Perfect Okay, our next handy-dandy model is Justin, come on down

– Justin, who is actually using– let's see He's got the Collagen Essence Mask We love these sheet masks you can find on Amazon Very affordable Look at him

– Justin's looking – Also– pretty good right now – another way to scare your fellow humans – Yes – But I think he looks great, he's getting a nice boost of collagen essence there, – Yes – and moisturizing

Does it feel nice? – It feels great – Good, what a trooper – Yes – That's awesome Loving this

And let's see We can also show you, which– Alyssa, which mask are you using? – [Alyssa] I have the Clarins I don't know where– – Oh, the Origins – Origins! – Yeah, I think– – I think you did this one, didn't you? – Or did you do this one? – Oh, she did the Origins It's actually a clay mask

We don't really have the little thing any more, but just a little– one of those little guys Look how beautiful she looks Rockin' it – Hey guys! – And any clay mask is gonna kinda pull all that kinda dead stuff out a little bit – It's a little, a little tight

– How do you– how do you feel? – It's tight – It's tight? – I just– – But that's how it should feel – Yeah, yeah It's gonna be great – All right, good

(giggles) – If your skin tends to be– good point with that If your skin tends to be a little sensitive, just decrease the time that you'll leave it on your face – Right – We just had that happen a little bit before the camera started rolling with miss Emily – Yes (laughs)

– So if it starts to burn – This is why we had – right away, – to change – take it off of your face – Yes, anything starts to burn right away, – Switch to something – more gentle – Take it off your face So that's why we switched her to a nice gentle one, which is great

– Wasn't somebody asking clarification on the what the website you mentioned was? – Oh, yes CosDNA? cosdnacom Yeah, and we love this – We do, it's one of our favorites – We pretty much– it's like, what did we decide, our third favorite? – I think it's like– yeah

– Hmm, Sephora – Maybe behind Amazon – Amazon – Sephora

– cosdna? – Yes – There we go – We'll put cosdna there

– And it's great You can run– I mean, make-up, skincare products, shampoo, I mean, anything you are putting on your body you can essentially grab the ingredients list This is how we like to do it We go get the ingredients list preferably off the manufacturer's website just so we know it's really accurate, but if not them, Sephora, Amazon, Ulta, you can pull the ingredient list from almost any product off of there Go into cosdna

com, pull up the where you pop in the ingredients, click on analysis, and it tells you in the acne column and in the irritant column if these are likely to be a problem for you Usually we say to avoid anything that has a number in the acne column or the irritant column that's a three, four, or five These are generally– means that they're gonna be pore clogging and we don't, we don't, we don't like 'em – No We say stay away

– Stay away – Excellent So, you know, really in general too, a nice thing that I like to do at home is before I use my micellar water and then I maybe do a little bit of a cleanser if I am feeling like I had a lot of makeup on that day, before I put my mask on, sometimes I will use a– and how are we gonna say this? – Konjac – Konjac sponge – (giggling) – We actually, because a lot of us say cognac or konjac, we actually looked up the proper pronunciation of this and it's some hybrid of that

– Yes It's sounds a lot like Kon-jac (laughs) So that's how we will say it – Yes, until you use one of these little sponges we like the natural ones This is just

I mean they're really inexpensive on Amazon, these little sponges And they're really super gentle, and they just kinda very gently exfoliate, and then you put on a nice particular– if you're gonna do a hydrating mask and it kinda gets in there, which is really– which is really awesome – They're not gonna feel gentle though, when you pull 'em right out of the package, because they're dehydrated

You gotta add water, get 'em nice and soft, and then use them, yeah – That's true They feel kind of like something you scrub a pan with when I first take it out of the package – Ouch – Yeah, ouch

So, yeah, lotsa water, get 'em all– they kinda get a little gooey then, so don't be put off by that either They get a little gooey and then you just squeeze the water and then just, you know, gently circle, circle, circles So, you know, masks can be a really great thing to do, but the thing– did I do that circle, circle, circles? (laughing) – This is the general motion that you wanna use – (laughs) I'm sorry That should've been a joint version

(crosstalk) There would be commentary back here, I'd say so There's also– and Laura and I think mentioned this before, but this is a pure retinol express smoothing eye mask, so these little babies go right under your eyes and give you a nice little mask to that area 'Cause the skin right here (missing audio) you know, it deserves a mask too – It does And it's a good alternative I think to– with, if you don't wanna scare people, like Justin and Emily perhaps did? – (laughing) – It's a tiny little piece of (unclear) right underneath your eyes

It feels the same but is less scary – Yeah – Especially if you have small children at home – Small children, dip But the husband (missing audio) wanted to bring– I almost did this one today

The Mint Julep, we love this This is the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask and it's great for oily and acne prone skin because it really is kinda detoxifying, inexpensive You can find this on Amazon, you know, really inexpensively – Like four, five dollars maybe – Yeah

– And this is good for– we've got a lot of questions on (missing audio) the size of my pores, and unfortunately we can't, sad face – But – Meh

– Yeah, just keep drinking wine and your pores will look smaller (laughing) (missing audio) – Awesome And the thing

One thing we will mention though for acne prone skin is that if you have a lot of inflamed acne going on, masks may not be the best thing for you right now So certainly if your skin is just feeling a little dehydrated, or you're feeling some clogged pores in there, but you don't have a lot of active inflamed acne going on, go for the mask, give it a try Any burning, take it off right away like Emily did

That was a good call – It's a learning experience – A good learning experience But if you've got a lot of inflamed acne, hold off Wouldn't you say so? – Yes

I'm gonna take a sip of wine – I think we should take a sip of wine – Mm-hmm I think I might need to get this off my face – I think so too, mine's feeling quite tight

So we're gonna wrap it up today and just leave you with hey, go try some new masks, let (missing audio) and some new ones for you, and we'll see you next week on Facebook Live

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