Best Natural Skincare [2018] + WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT

Hello my beauties! Happy New Year! it's like the first day of 2018 which means in five days it's going to be my birthday okay but what a great way to celebrate then to share with you something that I've spent the last two-and-a-half months in New York and to give you something that I truly love and believe in, so for those who have followed me for a while, you know how much I love talking about natural remedies, different ingredients and what nutrients and benefits they bring to the body and skin, I also do a lot of DIYs and also get asked a lot from various companies to collaborate and for the first time in my five years of YouTube life I have agreed to put my name literally on something that I have personally worked on, creating, testing and truly believe in, so I bring to you a range of skincare which I know you guys will love and enjoy too, make sure to stay tuned until the end of this video to find out who are the three lucky winners for the Belle Bar giveaway so I have collaborated with Belle Bar to bring you three specifically designed and unique skincare products that you can use at home and will complete a skincare routine with I have the Oolong exfoliating face scrub a ginseng and ginger root face tea, and of course the orange peel and goji berries brightening face mask because they're dry products you can store for a long time just like your powder makeup, but once you wet it or get moisture in it you pretty much have to use it up ASAP it's kind of like groceries, it's fresh produce you want to use it fresh and it will work on your skin better when it's fresh as well, now with DIY stuff I find getting the actual ingredients sometimes we waste a lot of it and sometimes it turned out to be like a lot more expensive and very time consuming so this is like the best of both worlds, we have a ready-made mixed product that is ready to use delivered to your doorstep so you don't actually have to use water to mix it with the products you can also use apple cider vinegar, honey or your favorite toners as well so the first thing I would use is the Oolong tea scrub Oolong tea is my favorite tea in this whole wide world and it's kind of like between the green and the black tea it's lightly roasted with that rich aroma and it's not too yin or too yang in that spectrum too Having that as a scrub is like my dream come true like oh my God, especially when coffee scrub is such a big thing, the tea scrub has all of those benefits and more it also contains antioxidants and with the added ingredients like bentonite clay that draws up excess oils and dirt while boosting circulation to tighten the skin and remove dead skin cells it also contains aloe vera, calendula and reishi mushrooms that are also antibacterial anti-inflammatory and balances the pH while detoxify and improving elasticity to the skin, you can also use the leftover as a lip scrub and you can keep it for about a week or so or you can mix it in with Vaseline or even a face tea instead of water, now speaking of the face tea this is the most exciting thing in the range, one of the biggest benefits of getting a facial at a salon is that they have face steamers, which can help with blood circulation, detoxing the skin and just prepping your skin for a better extraction and absorption of the face mask, now you can have all those benefits at home, you get ginseng that rehydrates and regenerate skin cells by increasing oxygenation

There's also ginger which is not only a cleansing agent, it also helps with clearing the skin of blemishes as well as hyperpigmentation scars there are also rose, lavender and dandelion which not only smells great but have a ton of benefits rose as you know, have brightening effects, it also moisturizes it's anti-aging as well as calming it also contains delicious foods I like to eat like shiitake mushrooms and things I don't really like to eat like okra, not to mention fennel seeds which are great to treat acne, you can also use face tea as a toner or mix it in with the mask last but definitely not the least is the orange peel mask with goji berries, you guys know I love mask I get a lot of them I gift them to, it's something that I feel like anyone and everyone can use and should be using, and there are so many ingredients that I want to include and let me tell you this was like the hardest thing because to choose ingredients was like choosing a needle in a haystack I wanted a mask that would not only give you bright complexion, it will keep your acne at bay and also even out any pigmentation and texture there is orange peel of course and licorice which not only brightens but helps to fade blemishes and scarring, baobab fruit which contains vitamin A,C, D, E and K as well as omega 3, 6 and 9 that will stimulate collagen production and heal the skin from within We also put in apricot seed that is rich in vitamin A, B and C as well as GLA to help maintain and balance the moisture in the skin of course I could not forget the goji berries they help with healing sun damaged skin evens out skin tone, reduces breakouts and filled with super antioxidants to fight and protect your skin from free radicals This mask may not look it, but it's jam-packed with a lot of goodness so working on these products with Belle Bar has really opened my eyes to so many possibilities and listening to their mission in this story it has definitely motivated me, I feel like we have finally been able to achieve something that has never been done before and it is spreading a lot of the things that I personally agree on being able to use more natural, holistic remedies and products, of course you can shop the whole range on the Belle Bar website, I'll link everything down there for you, if you have any questions you can also leave your comments down there as well I am so excited and thank you guys for watching and I'll see you in my next video Bye!

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