Big Eyes Kuro Gyaru DAILY MAKEUP Tutorial by Japanese Ganguro Ayutama

I push the boundaries of makeup closer to plastic surgery I layer up one two three

That way my eyes will look larger Coloring the inside white is my own specificity I customize my fake lashes

I am wearing six lashes in total right now If they fall onto the floor, they could easily be mistaken for roaches I will show you how I do my everyday Gyaru fashion makeup Every Gyaru has her own way to express her makeup tastes within the gyaru style So I hope this tutorial can inspire you

I only use toners from department stores Today I am using a toner from IPSA It is supposed to help you after a hangover I tried it out and it worked well with my skin, so I use it a lot I always use a moisturiser from ANNA SUI

That way the makeup stays on longer I used the same one for my Itachi cosplay makeup (previous video) I use a foundation from MAKE UP FOR EVER MAKE UP FOR EVER sells a great variety of colors Just looking at their makeup products is quite fun

The selection of foundations for darker skin is actually quite limited (in Japan) Mostly, they only sell foundations for foreigners from movies and TV That is why the color is quite dark Using only one foundation will make my skin too dark and I will get a different shade between my face and body tone

So I use a BB cream from Clinique and mix and match it to my skin tone and that is how I get my foundation result My skin will be shiny after I added my foundation, I therefore take the excess off with a tissue After that I pad on a powder from Chacott to fix my foundation into place On top of that I use a waterproof product from Make Up For Ever

This product is great for summer, when you sweat a lot It keeps the makeup fixed in place I use it daily Next, I do my eyebrows I only have small half-eyebrows

Shape wise I make them neither too thin nor to thick I try to make it look as natural as possible I will use a nose shadow anyways When connecting these lines here, if this area is too sharp it will look REALLY weird That is why I draw this in a gentle slope, and connect the lines here

I would definitely advise you to use a pen like this to check the balance afterwards Then use I an eyebrow mascara I haven't dyed my eyebrows That is why I use an eyebrow mascara in order to change my eyebrows into a blonde, brown color And that is how I finish my eyebrows

The most important part about my makeup is my lid crease You will have seen my face without makeup at the start of the video so you might be surprised how wide my eyes have become My makeup is almost at the level of plastic surgery I always start on the outer corner of my eyes, then I layer up one two three

In the last video my eyes would not open this wide, but with my daily makeup I generally create eyes that are like this I first add two layers of eye tape This will make my eyes look sleepy After that I do my makeup as usual After applying my fake lashes, I add the last eye tape

Together with the weight of the lashes, my eyes open up further Also, depending on where I add the last tape, they open up wider That's how I get my large eyes I generally chose a lighter eye shadow If it is too dark, the the lid crease I created won't be visible

That's why I prefer lighter eye shadows to darker ones I only draw a thin eye line Instead of drawing one thick line, I prefer to make my makeup stand out more through my fake lashes My upper eye lines are probably similar to those of normal office ladies At the bottom I draw a gentle curve

Important here is the black under my pupils That way my eyes will look larger Coloring the inside white is a Gyaru trademark Some girls do and some don't use white I personally feel that this belongs to my makeup style

I customize my fake lashes a lot I cut and pasted several lashes together to get this handcrafted result I am wearing six lashes in total, right now On the inside, I use lashes with four hair bundles I add two of those to my lashes

I then use a lash curler to raise them up I generally use one pair of lashes as a base and then add those lashes on top I shift them to the side when I add this bit I let them droop down on my outer corners

making them look quite heavy I add about three different lashes to my outer corners That is how I get my current lash result If they fall on the floor, they will be mistaken for roaches I add a small line right here

I use this instead of creating tear bags This makeup doesn't focus on creating tear bags, so I thought I should add a little hint of them Next I do my highlights I have a quite small nose That is why I add a lot of highlight

If I just highlight this area here, it will stand out too much That is why I always blend it here into a T shape Now for the lips Generally all Gyaru girls' lips are painted beige But beige looks surprisingly bad on me

Looking at photographs I realized that brighter colors suit me better That is why I generally use stronger colors like this, or red I really only use strong colors This time I showed you how I do my everyday Gyaru makeup Maybe you are interested in Gyaru fashion, and you would like to give it a try

I tried to make this tutorial as detailed as possible for you, so please feel free to take it as reference I am being called the KANKEN GYARU (Gyaru girl who passed the highest Kanji test) Compared to other cosplayers, my makeup is still quite basic to express that this is just the beginning, I drew the Kanji "Fumoto" (base of a mountain) Why do most Gyaru girls not tan their faces? If you get a bad tan, your skin will look shiny

For example, I am 22 right now But comparing myself to other 22-year-olds those who tan their faces and those who don't look different They have a lot more wrinkles! Everyone says they won't tan their faces, but I thought that might be easier Well, maybe easier but Comparing myself to how I was in the past, I know how to make myself look better now I never had a specific person I admired, not even a favorite Gyaru model -Those horns are cute! They are quite original, right?! Together with this makeup, the horns don't look like some part of a cosplay! That's right They actually go with the style

-I had been wondering if it would look like cosplay -Not at all!

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