Hey! it's Fei! Finally I have found the time to do a full review on the Blackpink cushion or the Face Perfect Balm cushion by Moonshot aka YG and guess what? It's gonna be tested on my acne prone oily skin type YEAYAAA We're gonna see if this works or not

Okay so I'm gonna start off with my normal skincare routine including toner, moisturizer and a bit of sunscreen and primer as usual I want to use this as if I would on the daily So the Moonshot Blackpink cushion claims to have a dramatic coverage, lasts long, give shiny healthy skin, moisturize and is lightweight I don't remember how much I paid for this in Korea, but online it ranges around $40 So going right in as I press this on Huntyyy This ain't funtyyy I was highly impressed

I tried to calm down because I didn't want to be biased like ohmahgaaAAaAashhh it's because it's Blackpink and YG, so I tried putting that aside, but I mean come on it's Blackpink in your areA I got the darkest shade and it fits me perfectly now that it's fall/winter, in the summer it did look a bit lighter But now it's perfect You can see that it covers up my acne perfectly I mean you do see a peak of my acne and dark spots, but I cannot lie I kinda like it It's just so natural!! so f***ing natural!!! sorry, sorry It looks as if I don't have anything on my face And it's so hard to find something like that for acne prone skin and large pores like seriously Oh my god I cannot stress that enough

My skin has a beautiful glow to it and actually looks dewy not oily, very important to me Initial reactions: beautiful, natural, looks like skin, is lightweight but buildable coverage as well, the color fits right, marry me, life can't get any better, but now the real test Is it long lasting? (whispers) I don't know So I forgot to check in during the day Sorry, sorry As I came back at the end of the night 10 hours passed by

10 HOURS You can clearly see that the cushion held up SO well against my skin My cheeks are still covered, overall my full face Yeah, it did fade a bit around my chin where my bumps are and some acne scars did it peak out more But I can't explain how nicely it looks It just looks and feels like real skin Not the perfect makeup cover-up skin, but perfect and perfected natural healthy skin Keyword: real, my skin looks real And it didn't look cakey or thick as if like someone can come up and just like bitch slap me and then like get my foundation all over their hand It doesn't look like that Now it did hold up with every claim it stated Usually that's never the case, but yes for this one it was The only thing I'd say is that it does get too shiny at times if you have oily skin so per usual to my oily skin girls and boys you might have to powder this cushion a bit But that should do the trick

I've honestly replaced my Troiareuke cushion and my Jung Saem Mool cushion with this one This is now my everyday cushion for my acne prone dark spot scarring, large pores oily skin, it works! Well at least for me just know that I'm gonna restock this in Korea fo sho honestly I just can't explain how much I love this cushion I give it a 10 out of 10 I'm not even kidding or trying to be biased here Anyways, I hope this can help you decide on a cushion if you're looking for one This is now my top number one! Like this video if you'd like to see my favorite cushions and my hell no don't get these cushions video

Until next time I'm sending love Bye! <3 (outro music)

Source: Youtube


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