Celebrating Father’s Day with Daddy Daughter Hair Factory | This Week in Beauty 6/15

– You feel like hugging your dad, right now? Can we have a big group hug? – Yep let's do it – Oh! (kids laughing) (electronic music) – Hey guys I'm Roxette Arisa and you're watching, This Week In Beauty with Ipsy

So, today we have a very special Father's Day-themed episode And, my dad just means the world to me He was always that person in my life, that was so inspiring, and so encouraging, and just always made me go for my dreams, whatever that may have been at the moment We always used to write songs together, because we both love singing, and songwriting, and even through figure-skating, My dad doesn't know that much about skating, so, a lot of times, I would be like, Dad, I just did a triple axle, and he'd just be like, amazing! That's the best, even though I was really only doing a single There are so many times in my life, where I can look back upon those memories, and appreciate all that my dad did for me

So, for our next story, we wanted to take a look at a group of dads that are definitely doing the most for their daughters, and actually learning how to braid hair – Briana, what is your favorite thing about your dad? – That you're the best – That I'm the best? Aww – Briana, what's your favorite thing about– Carly, what's your favorite thing about your dad? (chuckles) (children and dad laughing) – Hey guys, it's Phil – And, Emma! – From Daddy Daughter Hair Factory

So, we're here to answer some questions for the Ipsy project, and we're excited about it So, let's get started So, me and Emma started Daddy Daughter Hair Factory This was in October of 2015, and the goal was really simple We wanted to help fathers learn how to style their daughter's hair, and use that as a way to connect with their daughter

– I joined Daddy Daughter Hair Factory, because I saw a wonderful opportunity to be able to help out other fathers in our community, who might be scared of tackling the day-to-day issues with braiding or doing their daughter's hair – I knew very, very little about hair – I knew that it grew, and I knew that it needed to be washed I didn't know how it grew, and I didn't know how to wash it – Her hair was always messed up

I couldn't accept that – My journey with Lily's hair, here, had just begun when I met Phil – And, I heard about the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory, on Facebook – We found a lot of different hair videos, on YouTube, but the one video we kept, kind of, gravitating towards was Phil and Emma's videos – I found Phil and Emma online, and I reached out to them, and they welcomed us with open arms

I was a little hesitant, at first, because I didn't feel very confident with my abilities But, through some practicing, and through encouragement, I got better – I dug in, and I started learning how to do hair, and now I carry the message to everyone else, because the bond we've developed is just so incredible – The growth of Daddy Daughter Hair Factory was unexpected This October, will be three years that we've been running this

We've helped, in our classes alone, about 600 dads And, when I first became a single dad, most of it was very lonely because, there's not many single dads, and most of the people that I knew, that were fathers, were not active, or they didn't spend that much time with their kids And, that's the power of the internet It brings us all together – What I love most about fatherhood, is it's a brotherhood of dads, going down this journey together

Raising young children and teaching them our values, and our morals – I really like the fact that we have the opportunity to mold our children, and really set very good examples for them – I got involved with Daddy Daughter Hair Factory to help other dads with their daughter's hair, and, a side effect of that, is that they gain a new way to spend time with their daughter, and that's actually the ultimate goal – One of the things Phil really pushes, to me, and all the other instructors, are, it really has nothing to do with the hair It has nothing to do with how the braid turns out, or how the bun turns out, or the hairstyle, in general

I has everything to do with just spending time with our daughters My two daughters are the absolute world Spending time with them is the absolute best I don't want to do anything else If I can do that, then I'm perfectly content

– Fatherhood is evolving, and doing hair is just a parent aspect, not just for moms – It's, kind of, just fun hanging out, 'cause you tell hilarious stories; they're so funny (dad chuckles) – It means a lot because, we're basically just spending time together, and we can talk about how our day was, and stuff like that – Always believe in your dad He may not be good, at first, but he'll learn

(dad chuckles) – So, give your dad a shot – Yeah – Yeah, okay – My favorite thing about my dad, is that he always makes time for me – And, I always will

I love you, baby – I feel like hugging my dad right now – You feel like hugging your dad, right now? Can we have a big group hug? – Yep, let's do it – Oh! (kids laughing) – I love that And, they're so right It's so much more than a braid

It really is a bond So, tell us in the comment section What did your dad do, or how did your dad help make you who you are? And, you guys have to tune in, next week, because, we're going to be testing out an amazing new water-proof makeup collection, that will keep you pretty by the pool this summer I'm Roxette Arisa, and thank you for watching, This Week In Beauty with Ipsy, and Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there (electronic music)

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