Chroming Using Brushes [Makeup Video Tutorial] – Natural Evolution From Strobing & Contouring?

Want to know how you can enhance your features with more light? Here on Nanshy, I'm going to show you a new technique called "chroming" It's basically an intense version of strobing with the use of a nude frosty lipstick

Yeslipstick! I already applied my makeup so we can get started with the chroming We want to focus on the temples, the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the cupid's bow and the chin

Basically we want to apply the lipstick on the areas that naturally catch light If your frosty lipstick does not show through like this, applying a lipstick paler than your skin tone first should do the trick You can use your fingers to blend them out but today I'm going to use Nanshy's Coneal Perfector brush And with a light hand, I'm going to carefully blend the lipstick out onto the surrounding skin We don't want to wipe away the shimmer, we just want to blend it seamlessly onto the skin

Now you can keep blending or add more lipstick for your desired affect And remember, using a light hand is key If you want to chrome on detailed areas, use a small brush like Nanshy's Blending Eyeshadow brush And you can apply the frosty lipstick on the browbone, the eyelid and inner corners Chroming your eyes will also make the stand out

And since we're using a lipstick, let's bring more light to the lips as well And that's all there is to it to get "chromified!" I love how it naturally enhances the features of the face If you do, give this video a "thumbs up" and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more videos here on Nanshy Till next time!

Source: Youtube


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