Clarisonic MY CRAZY STORY & Review – My Acne Before and After using #Clarisonic Mia

Hey guys Ashley Elizabeth here with AEHM artistry and today I'm going to be telling you my crazy Clarisonic story! Yes, yes! It is a little bit graphic so be warned! If you're one of those people that like weird, interesting, crazy skin things then you're going to want to keep watching because I have one If you are one of those people that are a little bit queasy by weird

skin things, then you go down in the description box I'm going to put a time you can skip to where I just talk about how to use the Clarisonic, my overall review, my thoughts and opinions on It if you want to skip it I totally understand because I am one of those people that does not like crazy-gross-skin things, even though I'm a licensed cosmetologist, and I've had to deal with that stuff! In case you're wondering if there's pictures involved yes, there are! I, for some crazy reason, saved this picture, and thank goodness because now I get to show you guys! I searched all over my laptop, high and low, and Low and Beholdawwww

like a beaming disgusting glorious wonderful Disgusting grossness beacon picture there it was and you guys will get to see it! Please don't forget to subscribe before you leave, it helps my channel out a lot! And if you like what you see it give a little thumbs up! Welcome to story time with Ashley Let me take you back to a magical time, about five or six years ago, when? Young Little Ashley's Skin was not looking so good I dealt with, you know, acne (lots of fun things) specifically Cystic Acne, which was hormonal acne Due to that, I got a lot of redness and Irritation and red scarring Not like the pock marks but the actual red discoloration, that like stayed forever, no matter what I did and had to use a ton of concealers So I worked with a beauty boutique at the time and what did they have? They had the Clarisonic And I wanted to get my hands on that after I took a class on it

I was like "oh my gosh this is perfect for me I need to get it" So I saved up for a couple months and I eventually got it I started using it for the first month just every other night Nothing crazy because I am dry I am a little bit sensitive, so I just wanted to warm my skin up to it

Which is something that they recommend doing So not jumping on in at two times a day like "some" of the recommendations are But based on your skin type, you know, creating your plan for you So that's what I did Then about a month goes by and

my skin definitely starts to change I'm definitely seeing more clarity the cleansing action is just, just amazing! I didn't believe it it almost felt like too good to be true the first time I did it The first time I did it, when I was in the shower it goes on for a full minute, and then this one is the clarisonic mia the number one And it just shuts off after a minute There's no T-timer like some of the other model have, which beeps when you need to move Nope It just turns on and off

Kind of like your Sonicare Toothbrushes for two minutes, This one is one minute So when the minute goes by it felt superfast I didn't think it was even clean! So I did like a little fingernail test where you can see if you have any makeup leftover after you do that and there was none! I couldn't find any makeup I didn't take my makeup off beforehand It was amazing! So I did that for every other day for a month and

something on my face started changing And it was super scary and I honestly did not even realize that was related to my Clarisonic So when I was about eleven years old somethingI got this weird little thing on my face here

You can't see now but it was likeit almost looked like a little blue mole under the skin

That's kind of what it looked like Like blueish It was very very weird I had several doctors check it out They couldn't figure out what it was but they're like, "Oh, it's nothing is fine, Don't worry about it"

But it "wasn't a mole" They just didn't really know what it was So it started to change, it started to flake up It almost look like it was expanding and started peeling back So needless to say, I was super freaked out! And I'm already a super neurotic WebMD type of person so I jump on WebMD and I look at every little thing it could be because no doctors could tell me (you know the previous doctors)

I hadn't been to one yet about the changing of it So I made an appointment right away, but in the mean time I checked WebMD and of course, what do I think I have? I think I have skin cancer I'm freaking out because it looks like a mole that was changing and all the pictures that I saw were very similar to how that looks and I was freaking out The dermatologist couldn't get me for like another two weeks, I believe So meanwhile, I'm going crazy That's the soonest I could get an appointment

So I'm being very careful with it I'm just being sensitive, I'm not going on the area anymore now that it's been changing and just babying it and and just trying not to freak out The night before my doctor's appointment (of course so that's always what happens) I'm just gently cleaning the area to make sure, you know, I don't make it infected or anything cuz at that point it was starting to lift and I'm in the bathroom cleaning it, cleaning my face, and it just lifts off!!! This little thing that was embedded in my skin it just *SNAP* pops off! And you know what it's a clean pop off it, just pops right off! *GAG* I'm getting grossed out thinking about it But there was no ooze, there was no blood, there was nothing! It was like, it was like a clean break! It was the gnarliest thing that

it was crazy! I just couldn't believe it! And you know what, I had a Kleenex there because it started to lift off, and it was like *SNAP* and it was this little it was not too it was about this big, a hard , blue like Keratin looking grossI didn't know what I was looking at! Kind of Diamond-ey shaped

And my skin had just a clean hole in it It was just clean, like nothing! There was no grossness It was gross, but it wasn't what I would think would happen from something like that So I *GAG* I took a picture of it because I do not want to keep it and I'm going to show you that picture right now So again, if you're queasy, be warned! Here it goes Okay, I hope you got a good look at that![ahhh!] So that came off my face! So what does this have to do with the Clarisonic? Well I went to my dermatologist appointment anyways, as I was still super freaked out So I brought her the pictures and it was just like a seinfeld episode or something I'm sitting in the doctor's office

I'm telling her the story and she is just like "oh, my goodness! That's crazy!" She brings in her nurses and starts telling them the story! I'm like, "what's crazy? What's going on? Am I going to be okay?" and Then she's inspecting the picture, looking, showing Everybody's like "oh, man!" and I'm freaking out, sweating bullets! They all scurry off and leave and then she sits me down She says "Oh, it's fine, it just looks like some kind of keratin, like a blackhead you probably got and it just built up and embedded and impacted inside that pore What have you been doing lately that's different?" and I was just like

you know "nothingI still use my same cleanses and everything" She's like "NO, but think about it

what you're doing different?" And then I remembered I used my clarisonic starting a month ago, and she says "THATS what it is!" and that was pretty crazy to me! That this little guy took care of something that I could notI went to estheticians for this

to doctors nobody knew it was, nobody wanted to touch it! I couldn't get it out And you could feel it under the skin because it was hard like a Keratin! Like a built up Black Head! BINGO! And this little sucker from massaging it, it shook out that poor, it shook it good, and it popped that little Keratin guy, right Freaking out!!! And I have no scar left from it It was in this area and I can't even find where it was anymore It's crazy It took care of the scar, there was no, like I said, bleeding involved

Oh my goodness! Now I'm not saying go and put this all over any kind of weird skin things that you have, I'm not saying that, no no! But for me that was my selling point! I was sold because you know what if that could take care of some kind of gnarly blackhead that I had since I was eleven years old (that's as early as I can remember having it) then it's going to take care of some of my blackheads on my nose that are like easy-beezy, no big deal It's going to take care of some that buildup that I get So aside from my crazy weird skin situation that I had occurred Overall after using this Clarisonic for a few months, I did notice that the Acne was reducing, even though some of it was hormonal And I couldn't really help that because that's something that comes just from within

The little acne everywhere else that I would get, and pimples, definitely started clearing up Overall my tone of my face and the texture improved tremendously! I didn't have as much bumpy skin my skin did become softer And it kind of evened out so I wasn't so oily I saw a tremendous overall improvement with my skin My skin will never be one of those 100% beautiful clear Crystal clean skins because, you know, I'm not born with that! That's just not what I have So there's definitely things that you can do to try to improve, to the best of your ability, and this for me is definitely one of them

I don't know where my skin would be without it So that's that's just me That's my testimony No guarantees for anybody else, but gosh I love this little puppy

He goes with me everywhere on all my little trips I just love him! A little bit about the Clarisonic there are so many different models now

I want to say there's at least four, but they're always, kind of, changing them around Go off your skin type

That is the main thing This isn't a one-size-Fits-all, Grab your Clarisonic and go, and they have different speeds! There's different brush heads! So go see somebody at a beauty boutique that carries them or even Nordstrom's Somebody that has been educated and knows about this Talk to your esthetician and see if there is a good fit for you and what brush they would recommend The best I can equate it to is, if you've ever used an electric toothbrush, like a sonicare toothbrush, and you know the difference that you feel in your teeth after you've used one of those as opposed to a manual toothbrush

That is the same thing with the clarisonic Your skin will never feel as clean using your hands or a sponge or who knows what, then you will with this There are a lot of "knockoff brands" or "copy cat" brands out there I will say, I've played around on my hand with a couple of them and a lot of themthere's nothing that's the same of this I mean this one isn't circular one

So it doesn't just go in circles becauseoh my goshI feel like that would get my hair sucked up! That would be really scary This one actually it massages I don't know how many massages per minute or whatever But it's crazy! And it shakes out your pores! They say technically it's not an exfoliator You can even use it two times a day, you know morning and night I'm just the person that now, after the first month of use, I went to once every night I still use my masks, I still exfoliate So like I was saying, this isn't like an exfoliating product

This is to replace whatever facial cleansing system that you're doing (or not doing) But you can add whatever your normal cleansers are to it As long as it doesn't have any gritty texture or exfoliating particles in there because they can get lodged in there and that would be a little bit difficult to clean and it's just too aggressive for your skin They make cleansers but they say use whatever your skin's comfortable with That I really like

they're not trying to take over all your stuff They're just meant to implement into your routine I also love that this is totally waterproof! So I can keep this little guy in my shower since I only use it at night Sometimes I take him out to charge him I don't know what else to say except

I love it! If you have any questions, please hit me up! Thank you guys so much for sitting in with me and listening to my crazy GROSS Story I hope that you guys enjoyed that that Hope that you didn't have to have a barf bag nearby If you want to see a video on how I use it on the face? Please let me know in the comments, that way and I'll show you guys but yeah before you leave Please don't forget to subscribe! And give it a little thumbs up for this video, if you did like it! Like I said, it does help me out a lot and you guys have a wonderful day Love you

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