Comedonal Acne

– So let's discuss the most annoying and frustrating type of acne and that's comedonal acne So why am I saying that comedonal acne is especially stubborn and annoying? Firstly, it's stubborn because comedones are a form of infection

You might better know them as blackheads, milia, or whiteheads The problem is, is that new skin grows on top and they trap the infection inside the skin You will notice, if you slide your fingers across your skin, you will notice bumps and raised lumps That's one way to figure out if you do have comedonal acne What makes it so stubborn to treat is that the first thing that you need to figure out is how to cooperate with that layer that's sitting above the comedones

Secondly, it's annoying because there isn't really a concrete answer out there for effective treatment that actually guarantees that in won't return It's also annoying because you could go out there and purchase any single acne product on the market and apply them on your skin and they'll have zero effect on comedones All they're going to do is act as an antibacterial and treat the top layer of the skin So how do you treat comedonal acne? The only safe and logical way is to use an advanced enzyme resurfacing treatment Now if you've watched any of our previous treatments, treatment videos, you understand that we don't actually use any chemical exfoliants or any chemical peels

And we've explained our reasons why Our advanced enzyme resurfacing treatment only targets the dead skin cells So what it's able to do is leave the healthy cells unharmed and also help to decongest the skin So by doing this, we can bring the comedones closer to the surface of the skin and treat them at their source and to eliminate the bacteria What the enzyme treatment will also do is to help to even out your skin tone

It will also help with acne scarring And is excellent in general skin rejuvenation and brightening and lightening properties This treatment is most effective when used in conjunction with medical grade blue LED light therapy So light therapy is an amazing non-invasive treatment Meaning that the benefits of the treatment are amazing, but it creates zero harm to the skin

So I'll give you an example, light therapy can penetrate your skin deeper than any laser can Just cause of the way that the technology works And it creates zero harm So what the light therapy does is it penetrates into the deepest layers of your skin and it shrinks the scars of your sebaceous glands Which are responsible for producing oils

And it also helps your skin to reboot, regenerate, and renew So it's excellent for acne skin, and active pimples, and active pustules And also excellent for really sort of breaking down that infection that exists in comedonal acne So click on the link below for more information about how to best treat comedonal acne Thank you for listening

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