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I thought this two looks for you, guys And they're super simple and beginner friendly and they're great for hooded eyes Don't forget to join the family and give this a 'thumbs up' if you liked it and let's go For cute skin, I try something light and natural I'm using a cushion foundation For very light and natural finish And for the sexy look go for a matte foundation because we want a clean canvas for the smokey eyes I'm going to be using a concealer as both a concealer and a highlighter So pick a color that is slightly lighter than your skin tone And apply to your under-eye circles, forehead and nose bridge, cupid's spear and chin For both coverage and highlight

This an amazing way to add more dimension to your face And when I think of a innocent, cute make up look I definitely think of straight brows and soft lines So I'm just filling in my brows concentrating on squaring off the front and filling in any of sheds as necessary I have a full straight brow tutorial Including how to groom them and shape them and everything on my channel So I link that down below for you guys But make sure it's kept soft and subtle A natural and clean angled brows fully lift up and make the eyes sexier and more open I'm also running a brown mascara through my brows to cool them down 'Cause I just bleached them and they're a bit R&G And I have a full bleach brows tutorial which I'll link for you guys I'm just emphasizing my natural arch and using a powder to create clean lines By drawing on the top and bottom as well as filling in any areas that need filling in For both looks dusting an eye-shadow slightly lighter than your skin colour All over your lids up to your brow bone, for nice and smooth base for you guys to blend Next for both looks, use a transition shade I'm using this one from Too faced, on the outer half of your crease For hooded eyes, what you want to do is keep your eyes relaxed and open And apply it so it's just above your crease and then blend it down to your crease So once you've closed your eyes this creates a beautifully contoured lid that looks super soft as well For the cutest eyes, pack on a light pink shadow all over your lids Blend these colours with a blending brush Finally finish off these cute eyes by curling your lashes Flip your curler as you pump them through your lashes for a very cute rounded curl Curling your lashes first makes it easier to fill in along your lash line So I'm taken my pen liner and just fill in the gasps to really define the lash line And this will define your eyes without looking like you have any eye liner on at all And extend your eyes naturally This clean line makes your eyes look wider and open without it looking too much For the lower lids you want to apply your transition shade on the outer corners for a bit of dimension And then taking the light matte shade and applying it along my low waterline to brighten it up For an eye opening pop take pearl light colour and apply it to the inner corners of your eyes This will really open them up and make them super sparkly and bright And finish off by applying coats of mascara on your top lashes concentrating in the middle part of the eye Bottom lashes are optional 'cause some people have trouble with smudging like I do So you can skip this if you really want to And also heavy false lashes ruine the cuteness of the look and so you might want to skip them But since I'm obsessed with lashes I'm going to be using these really light lashes That are really short and thin I got these from Asia, they're really cheap and they come in like huge packs And you can build them up with the mascara so they look exactly like your real lashes And use lashes with a rounded lash pattern that has the longest hair in the middle of the eye, not on the edge And this will give you a very cute, open, rounded eye look To create a sexy look with your eyes were going with a very light smokey eyes That's perfect for hooded lids and it's not too dark and much I'm using this L'Oréal smokey eye pen and applying it to the outer half of my lids And then blending it out and smoothing the edges Taking my pen liner I'm drawing a winged line just for reference so you can't really see the eye liner But just more using it as a guide and just to darken the lash line And then blending it all together with the original smokey black eye shadow I don't really want a clean winged line for this look I think it looks better just smoked out And for the lower lids you want to apply your transition shade on the outer corners for a bit of dimension Then you want to curl your lashes so it can blend into the the fake lashes we're going to be putting on I'm using these Demi Wispies lashes and they have a winged edge And they look super sexy and they give a real lift to the outer corners So choose a pair of lashes that have longer hairs on the outer corners than in the middle and inner corners And it will give you winged look without winged eye liner Bottom lashes are also really important You don't want it to look like you have heavy lashes and nothing on the bottom So make sure build up your bottom lashes with some mascara first so put a few coats on And that completes the eye look Is super sexy, simple and smokey Contour can really take away from the cute and plumpness of our face So let's do a super light contour just on the sides of our face and forehead Contour in larger blended areas And avoid oversharpening your features by doing really clear-cut contour So I'm even skipping the nose contour today because I think it just looks super cute by itself For cute face I'm using a lilac-coloured cream blush to really pump up and brighten my cheecks Apply them to your apples and then you want to blend up By placing your blush higher is actually cuter and more youthful And also take any leftover product you have on your fingers and apply it across the top of nose And also your forehead for a really cute and natural looking flush Also highlights as well just really subtly For sexy face go and create sharper cheekbones and everything like that By contouring under it with a darker contour colour I'm also contouring under my jaw for a sharper jawline and also the edges of my forehead I'm also creating a much thinner and stronger nose bridge and line by applying contour The trick is the thinner you go the thinner your nose bridge is going to look And I'm going to be doing that and moving it in until I'm happy with it and then blending it out with my fingers And apply a light highlighter along your cheekbones, nose bridge, forehead and chin For an even more chiseled look A bronzie-peach blush is very pretty and goes so well with a heavy contour Apply this to your lower apples of your cheeks and blend up towards your temples This is a very mature and pretty look as well and goes so well with the rest of the face So to create super cute lips we want to create a very soft lip line And we can do this by using a cushion foundation pursing our lips and then covering that up Next I'm using this super cute rose color which I mentioned in my Korean make up hall And then diving it into the inside of my lips and blending it out using my fingers And I'm finishing off by pursing my lips again and softening the edges once again So I'm creating a really, really blended and light coloured hombre look Also add a tap of clear gloss in the middle and blend out for really lively and luscious looking lips We don't want them looking to dry Speaking of dry, matte lips are just really sexy so I'm using this liquide matte lipstick in a dark nude And drawing a very clean lip line, I'm skipping the lip liner Because it's already quite sharp even just using this product I love this product, it's from the bomb This stronger but neutral colour goes so well with smokey eyes and it's bold without looking overdone And it's still kind of soft so I don't know how to explain it But I really love how this colour goes with everything else And if your lips get dry try using a lip treatment and just lightly dub it all over your lips And make sure your treatment is not super shining to take away from the matteness And now we're done I can't choose between these looks so I'm just going to rock them both for you guys I love guys so, so, so, so much and I'll see you guys right back here in a couple days for my next video Now I'm out

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