Daily Lolita MAKEUP TUTORIAL by Japanese kawaii idol Melo Shirayuki|meltia白雪めろのデイリーロリータメイク

I am Melo Shirayuki, a Lolita fashion Idol Today I will show you how I do my daily Lolita fashion makeup

Apply evenly a thick layer Hide dark rings and blemishes Apply a lighter color on the whole lid Use a darker color on the outer corner of the eyes In order to make me look more like a doll, I chose a more vibrant pink for my lip gloss and cheeks

In order to give my eyes the dolly look, I applied my Eyeliner and lashes in a downwards sloping curve I wanted to look really sweet today, I therefore am wearing my favorite color pink together with white and chocolate brown Well, thanks Super annoying and gross! Cut it out!

Source: Youtube


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