Daytime Skin Care Routine (Oily/Acne Prone Skin) / Sir Paul Maynard

Gab, are you awake? Not yet! Hello, everyone! My name is Sir Paul Maynard It is Wednesday

I guess? Whenever I may upload this Many of you are requesting me to do a skincare routine, an updated one This time, I'm gonna divide my skin care routine videos into 3 videos which will be uploaded sooner (WHICH I NEVER DID BECAUSE MY ROUTINE ALWAYS CHANGES) In this video, I'm gonna focus on my daytime skin care routine! Right after I take a shower, I use Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser to wash my face What I love about this cleanser, it is really dedicated to oily skin and for acne-prone skin It is gentle It removes oil, dirt, and a little bit of light make-up I will just tackle it in the next video regarding to how I remove my make-up Whenever I use this, it doesn't make my face dry My skin is still moisturized

The cleanser is easy to rinse It doesn't leave any residue What I just don't like about it, it is quite expensive I bought it for 710 PHP in Watson's To think that it is priced at 710 PHP for 125mL, and you'll use it for a month, or depending how much you use cleansers

Quite not pocket friendly, but Skin care is an investment

Source: Youtube


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