I just got another cup of coffee because I'm pretty sure there was no caffeine in my first one Alright so today it is day seven of Fifteen Days of Foundation– Woah, we are almost half way there So if you're new here, Fifteen Days of Foundation is a new first impression video every single day for fifteen days Links for the eBay sale and the T-shirts are down below in the description box 100% of the proceeds go to project Beauty Share

Also wanted to say since I haven't announced it in a video yet (because in my time they just went live yesterday) but, I made "heck yeah" versions of the T-shirts, so for those of you who don't want a shirt that says "hell yeah" you can go with the PG version Let's jump in to the foundation So this one has been requested for awhile This is the Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Medium Coverage foundation I tried out a different Dermablend foundation in, i think it was the first series of Fifteen Days of Foundation and I was not feeling that one But, new day; new foundation So back in October, Mallory and I went to Beautycon (Mallory1712) one of the brands there was Dermablend and I got shade matched there

We will get to the shade in a second, but I've had this thing sitting in my drawer since then So reading some of the claims on Sephora: this product retails for $37 and you get one fluid ounce of product in here which is standard Woah- my throat just got like, way dry This only comes in ten shades not great So I have the shade Cream which says for fair skin with neutral undertones The only other shade that says for fair skin is Linen with cool undertones, so I'm not sure if that one would match me better So it says it's a liquid foundation that provides medium coverage for minor to moderate skin concerns providing seamless coverage in an ultra smooth finish

This description is actually kind of contradicting because if you keep reading it says it delivers twice the coverage of a classic foundation, camoflauging redness, uneven skintone, blemishes, hyper pigmentation and freckles So to me, double the coverage of a normal foundation sounds like it should be very high coverage On the packaging, and online, it says "medium coverage" "Up to sixteen hours of transfer resistant wear never cakey or masky (ooh, 'masky' is now a word) provides all day hydration and SPF25 So that's all the claims on here Since this does have SPF25, I'm gonna be doing a flash test So I'm gonna insert swatches right here so you can see how the shade Cream compares to some of the other lighter shan-sha- (hmm what word was I even going for there?) lightest foundation shades that I own Alright so swatch time: right here is the Dermablend Smooth Camo Liquid Foundation in Cream next over is Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation in 05 Dermacol 208 Pür Cosmetics Bare It All foundation Laura Geller Cover Lock foundation in Porcelain, which I reviewed Day 2 I think it was? and then Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in 1C0 So if you're excited for Fifteen Days of Foundation, don't forget to give this video a thumbs up if you wanna see my thoughts on the Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo foundation, and how it applies and wears throughout the day you're in the right place- just keep watching So it's 9:30 in the morning right now

I've already washed, moisturized, and primed my face we're gonna use the Real Techniques sponge on one side of my face an the Morphe E31 foundation brush on the other just to see if there's a difference in application So packaging is just kind of a standard squeeze tube packaging I like that it has kind of a matte finish though I didn't film yesterday (in my time) because I was feeling pretty crappy, and I'm still not feeling super great on top of my normal stuff I think i'm actually getting sick right now? Hopefully not, I'm just gonna drink a sh*t ton of Vitamin C I just put out about a dime sized amount or less than that and let's go in and stipple This is looking a little dark the color is definitely off Ooh- it has a dewy finish right now, and it's looking really smooth and that just went on super quick The shade is definitely too dark and a bit orangey almost So you do not need a lot of product for this I'm just gonna spread this out because I just got way too much on my forehead It's almost like melting into my skin Can't see any kind of texture at all So we got pretty good coverage

I would say low-full coverage, there's still some stuff coming through down here but I think we can cover that just on a thin second layer just on those spots It's setting but it has that kind of gel feel to it It looks really good on my skin right now Okay, let's go in with a sponge on the other side I feel like I'm getting a little bit lighter coverage on the sponge side with a sponge it looks like about medium coverage I can't get over how this is sitting on my skin: it looks super smooth

if you don't like dewy foundations you would not like this because it definitely has a dew and a glow to it, but I think this looks really nice It looks great on the center of my forehead, on my forehead just in general it's kind of hiding all of my dryness up there I have combination skin so I get oily throughout the day but I do have some dry patches and stuff on my forehead I wanna see if this is buildable just on the spots where I need it I'm gonna leave my forehead like that but I'm gonna add just a tiny bit down in this area where I have acne and I do like the brush better to apply this So I am getting more coverage It covered all of that and now it looks like total full coverage but it looks a little bit heavy on the second layer actually Yeah you can kind of see the foundation on right there so I don't know if I would recommend building this up I'm gonna try it with a sponge on this side to see if it gets a little bit less heavy looking for a second layer, a sponge is definitely the way to go I'm just gonna go over that area with a sponge since I'm wearing a turtle-neck, I'm just gonna pull this all the way down this area down here and my chin looks much more matte for some reason The only thing i'm not liking right now is where I built it up with a brush down here but everywhere else looks great right now So the time right now is 9:37am I don't know if i'm gonna powder with this I really like the kind of glowy look I've got going on right now, but I'm afraid I'm gonna get oily if i don't I don't know, we'll figure it out So i'm gonna go do the rest of my makeup and I will be right back So it's now 10- woah

10:42am We're gonna call the check-in time 10 O' clock, since that's when I finished up with my face makeup and I just got majorly side-tracked I ended up only setting the very center of my face right here with the It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation Illumination My under-eye concealer was so light today that I actually had to use this to set my under eyes; that's how dark this is on my skin if that gives you any kind of perspective, this is what I usually use to set my entire face Overall, I think it looks beautiful right now It just looks extremely smooth and plump and healthy, which I like if it doesn't make me a grease ball by the end of the night Here's a closeup of what it looks like Damn! Like looking in the view finder, I think it looks amazing Since this has SPF25, let's go ahead and do a flash test So it looks like there's a little bit of bounce-back, but nothing horrible It doesn't look like total ghost face and I think it looks pretty good on camera

So on the rest of my face: to contour, I used the Morphe 9C palette This shade right here is one of my favorites- right there blush is Two Faced Papa Don't Peach blush, Elf illuminating palette as a highlight this light highlight shade right here is totally underrated It is gorgeous, look at that eyeshadow: Urban Decay Ultimate Basics, I'm addicted to this thing Mascara is my normal mascara- it will be down below and then Pür Cosmetics Addicted is the liquid lipstick that's on my lips I think I used this in a Foundation Friday or something , and I said that it felt like the NYX soft matte lip cremes and I didn't like that because it didn't feel like it dried down, and these do dry down it just takes literally five to ten minutes for it to fully set I think that's everything- Oh I tried out this new Makeup Forever brow thing This is interesting: it's a brow liner I did my normal brow routine (the Precisely My Brow pencil with Give Me Brow) but the just on the center to get the like flicked up look I used this brow liner by Makeup Forever I literally just drew on the strokes, so

I don't know So check-in time is 10 O' clock, I will see you guys in a few hours in natural lighting Alright so right now it is 3:10pm, so the foundation has been on for five hours I feel pretty sh*tty right now, I'm starting to feel a migraine coming on so i'm gonna make this super brief

I'm like nauseous right now So I pretty much love the way everything looks except my upper lip I'm just getting some minor creasing it's not horrible right now but it is there my forehead just looks amazing I feel like my face just looks very smoothed out, and almost like blurred a little bit I'm not getting oily yet but I definitely still look very dewy I think it just looks kind of healthy right now though I would say it's about one shade too dark

I think if I mix in a little bit of a lighter foundation this can definitely work It looks a bit yellow to me too if you look at like my shoulder and my hand But i'm gonna go lay down and hopefully I will see you guys at the end of the night Alright so it's now 8:30pm and I've been in bed all night, and I'm gonna make this super brief because I just wanna wrap this up But I've been laying on a hot pack on this side of my face It's actually held up really well I feel like overall I definitely look a bit oily but for ten hours it's not like horrifically oily But for not setting my entire face and only setting right here I think it actually looks really good the thing I like is that even though it's a bit oily, it's not breaking down anywhere around my nose and right there, even though it's definitely oily, it's not separating which is promising So I think if I set this with a powder in certain areas next time it probably will hold up pretty well So I'll try that for the wrap up video and I'll update you guys, but sorry this is a brief second half of the video I'm just having a bad health day so I hope you guys like this video If you did make sure you give this video a thumbs up Love you guys, thanks for watching, see you tomorrow


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