Descubre por qué tienes ACNE (granos) y ELIMINALOS para SIEMPRE

They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and in this case acne is the mirror of your organs And this goes for both men and women

It's not just a problem of young people According to studies done by dermatologists of the United States, acne in specific areas of the face could reflect some problems that our organs suffer because of the bad habits, such as poor diet, stress, contamination, hormonal imbalances, and a host of other reasons why our organs are not working well And this, is reflected in the skin in Acne form Look, go now for a mirror! And tell me where you have more pimples I will tell you what is happening inside your body And take note!! Because I'm going to give you some tips to try to improve that problem 🙂 Do you already have the mirror? Ok, well let's go to the mess !! – GRAINS ON THE FRONT, CAPILLARY LINE, AND NEAR LAS CEJAS – If you have many pimples in this area of ​​the face it could mean that you digestive system is not working properly, and maybe it's a bad feeding You know foods with a lot of fat: like fried foods and the fast food Or many sweets Or dairy with high fat content It can also be due to the abuse of alcoholic beverages All this potentiates the appearance of the grains, but above all the power in that area of ​​the face

Try to reduce the consumption of these food and drink a lot of water to eliminate toxins from your body Will be Better yet if you drink a glass of water with lemon juice each morning And to enhance its effectiveness you can include in your diet food green like kale, spinach, cucumber, or green tea infusion So your digestive system will work better, and this also shows on your skin 🙂 – GRAINS IN THE NOSE – in Chinese medicine the center of the face is related to the heart If you have many pimples or redness It could mean that you have a high level of stress

You know Work, studies, family, life in general So try to relax a little bit !! Exercise to release tension, practice Yoga, or some activity that Have fun and relax a lot And as I said before take care of your diet Your heart will also thank you – GRAINS IN THE CHEEKS – This area is related to the respiratory system The grains could be due to air pollution that comes to your lungs: Maybe because you smoke, or you have people smoker nearby frequently, or even by the contamination of the ambient

It could also mean that these incubating cold or flu process So you know, take care a little better – GRAINS IN THE CHIN AND THE MANDIBLE – This area of ​​the face is related to the reproductive system Yes, you heard well! ; P Whether you are a man or a woman, the pimples on this part of the face could mean that your hormones They are revolutionized! And this does not only happen in adolescent people People Adult also suffers from these problems And in the case of some women also It happens to them when they are menstruating If you manage to maintain a healthy diet, control your stress level, and get enough rest, your hormone level will stabilize naturally, and you'll also get Improve your acne 👍 To help you balance it, you can take foods such as: Walnuts, basil, parsley, or cucumber

You realize? Everything is included taking care of yourself from the inside !! If you put these tips into practice, organs work much better, and that also reflects on your skin 🙂 And for Of course the hygiene your skin is very important Wash your face at least a couple of times a day (in the morning and before bedtime), with warm water and a special neutral soap If you can recommend it to you doctor better yet !! And avoid wearing your hair in the face, sweat and fat do your grains no favor 👎 Try to do all this for 1 MONTH, and you will tell me how it has gone, I'm sure you'll notice; D Well, this has been all for today! SUBSCRIBE and remember to activate the "Notification Bell" I'm also on Facebook, with great people! ❤ Do you sign up? Look for me as "CuriosNoticiasTV" Come on! We wait for you there See you! ❤

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