Discover the All-Natural & Effective Veráge Skin Care Line

It's important for my products to be natural because we have so many toxins out there in the world We're breathing, eating, and drinking toxins every day

If we can eliminate that, we're just a little bit stronger We're a little bit healthier We feel a little bit better To me it's super important to have a all natural, pure no preservatives or just natural preservatives products on my face I have sensitive skin and I have dry skin

I just moved here from Hawaii and I'm always going back in-between climates and after I got my facial I touched my skin and it just felt completely hydrated I have been a massage therapist and an esthetician for almost 20 years and I was a little skeptical coming into this and I was blown away I've spent years working in the spa industry as a massage therapist and an esthetician and as I've gotten older and understanding my skin and wanting to move in the direction of all natural skin care I can honestly say today this is a product they can stand behind Your skin can be your most beautiful asset but only if you take proper care of it Breakthroughs in technology and sourcing have for the first time made possible a skin care line that is both all-natural and effective

doTERRA is proud to introduce the Veráge skin care system Veráge is a natural skin care solution made exclusively with the natural healthful benefit the plant extracts infused with the power of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils This amazing system is based on the best that nature has to offer your skin and consists of Veráge Cleanser, Toner, Immortelle Hydrating Serum & Moisturizer The Verage Cleanser is the best way to begin your daily skin routine it naturally lifts away dirt, makeup and impurities as it reaches deep into your pores to cleanse and purify

This cleansing effect is magnified by Wild Orange Melaluka and Basil essential oils The cleanser also hydrates as it reduces trans-epidermal water loss while also providing nutrients and antioxidants to your skin An important part of any skin care regimen is a good toner With the inclusion of essential oils like Cypress, Coriander, and Ylang Ylang, the Veráge Toner Toner tightens, tones, and smoothes your skin as it reduces the appearance of pores The refreshing mist delivery system makes it easy to use any time throughout the day

any time throughout the day Immortelle is one of the most popular dōTERRA essential oil blends By combining Immortelle with the breakthrough complex L22, the Immortelle Hydrating Serum becomes a truly remarkable product L22 is a combination of jojoba, macadamia, and olive oil esters that mimic the skin’s surface lipids when at their optimum health and appearance, which is typically around the age of 22 The fusion of Immortelle and L22 promotes a youthful-looking, glowing complexion

The final component of the Veráge Skin Care system is the Veráge Moisturizer Using Jasmine, Geranium, and Sandalwood essential oils, he moisturizer nourishes your skin, promoting an ideal moisture balance and helping to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day When I use this product it makes my skin just its hydrated so then I feel good I look good and I'm at the top of my game I feel good out there You know, I don't need to look like some these young girls around here I am the way I am and, you know what, it's great to enhance it The cleansing part was really a neat experience It almost had this warming effect

And the mist, I just loved I love that I didn't have to use a cotton ball to apply it It's just a simple, simple step The products feel clean They feel pure

They feel beautiful and moisturizing Again, being in natural skincare line and using the essential oils, being at the integrity and the grade that we have, you can absolutely feel that absorbing into your skin Your skin is the largest organ of your body so every single thing you're putting on it is very important It's directly being delivered into your skin and into your system I'm though excited about this new skin care line

I love the aroma It's beautiful But what I love about it too is that it's really universal and so I'm gonna to get my husband to start using the skin care I normally have p

m the problem that I have mixed skin Some parts are greasy Some parts are dry And with this line I feel like it's even

I cannot find that feeling with any other products I love the toner because it felt so invigorating I love experiencing the oils while I'm taking care of my face Care for your skin just as nature would with the blend of modern breakthroughs and natural remedies found only in the Veráge Skin Care System

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