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how they're beauties your girl euniycemari here and today i'm going to show you guys how to do this DIY body well it smells delicious and of course is all-natural start off with your going to need some cocoa butter I'm gonna leave all the links down below as to where I get my cocoa butter from but it isn't barneyscom I get it from there next you're going to need some shea butter i get my shea butter from butters and bars

com as well next you're going to have oil of choice i'm going to be using almond oil i love almond oil added moisturizer and how horrible oil as well a little bit of this goes a long way and vanilla this is what's going to give it that nice sweet scent mixed with the coco better smells delicious so we're going to throw that vanilla in there and then lastly lavender oil just a couple of drops up then lastly we're going to be using this for ounce spray jar that i got from our spray bottle that i got from etsycom and then a pyrex bowl to mix everything together ok so far as I'm going to melt down my shea butter and my cocoa butter once again for this you guys I do not do any measurements i eyeballed it all but keeping in mind that we are making this going to a 4-ounce bottle so not to me and I put two of the pebbles will actually end up using three for a little bit more on of a cocoa butter set but I just keep it a little bit of Mount because i'm going to have it mostly liquid okay mostly oils and somewhat butters and then i'm going to put into this double boiler method you guys see me do this before and this is what it looks like melted and this is like real quick you guys like real real quick okay so i'll go ahead and apply my oils i'm going to talk to you really quickly about this whole method you want to flip it so if you guys remember when i did my last year wire the dr before that I said that was going to be seventy-five percent solid 25-percent liquid in this case flip that make it seventy-five percent oils twenty-five percent solids as in butters because you want this too today more of a liquid consistency so you want to flip those numbers around so if you see here i'm showing you guys that keeping in mind that i am going to be feeling a 4-ounce bottle that i want to make sure that my liquids outweigh my salads therefore it stays as a consistency of a body oil also there are so many variations are variety when it comes to making your own body oil you can just take the almond oil and add a couple of drops of lavender oil to it or grapes from oils to it or citrus oil you can make it your own way in this video I'm just giving you guys the basics on how to make it and how simple it is to go into your kitchen and to take your oils and essential oils and mix them up and make your own little body oil it's just really simple guys will see that i will put the little flower inside of my body oil now that little flower this at the bottom of this bottle I think that just really keep that vanilla scent and it just enhances it and keep it strong I've also played around with that little flower and I actually took it and put it into like an almond oil like container with almond oil and let it sit in the almond oil eventually like start to smell like vanilla so I just like how this kind of this flower holds onto the sit so I like to actually put in the bottle when I personally make out my body oil do have a body oil on my site w etsycom but backslash shop backslash bodycare buy units i do have a body oil that is up is called summer vibes but if you guys are personally interested in getting your hands on this one the lavender vanilla you can always hit that customer request button and message me and say hey you know i watched you on YouTube and I seen you make that that item and I want to get my hands on it and i'm always down to make custom orders for you guys so links will be down below as well as in a little bubble above and i also have a 20-percent coupon going going on right now so you guys can get your hands on some goodies for your skin and you get twenty percent off so if you're interested in this product or any product or if you just have a product of your own that you're like not too sure about always hit me with a message for customer requests and I can always make exactly what you are looking for so this is the final product a very simple moisturizing smells smells delicious body oil i personally love this scent the vanilla lavender it just smells amazing is moisturizing and it's easy to apply thank you guys so much for watching if you are not already hit that subscribe button subscribe to me stay up with you girl and if you guys have any requests when it comes to DIYs leave them down below anything you guys want to see let me know but definitely make sure to subscribe you know I have a lot more to bring to you guys my creativity does not end ever so yes thank you guys so much for watching this video units marie and i will see you guys in my next video bye it's a golden color golden yellow color which is perfect look like you guys see that how beautiful that is so it's just like a basic highlight

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