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Hello Guys welcome to my channel and I"m Rabia Today i will be sharing an important part of korean skin care routine it is my favorite skin care routine but then also i don't do all the steps because they have many steps in there routine which starts from cleansing,, Toningmoisturizer ,,, creametc one after the other they apply many things so i don't have that much timeand think so u too we are like if we do cleansing , toning and moisturizing we say that we have done a super job after so much time we have included serum in our skin care routine and on that if i tell you that u have to include some thing else then u will go madbut never the less if u can make it with your self and can include in your skin care routine and get the most out of it so today i m sharing something which u have to guess giving u a hint it is not a serum it is something which have to be used before a serum if u r guessing it is a toner then it is wrong it is used after toner but before a serum so it is an important part of korean skin care routine called as essence if u will try it to get it from a market u have to pay a good amount but what i have made is very cheap and can be easily made in home and it is very beneficial so the ingredients used in this are skin whitening ingredients which are used in skin brightening , for age spots, dark spots , pigmentation reduction and to enhance skin appearance it is very helpful in anti aging which gives an extra hydration to the skin because of which it glows it us very simple and light weight u will feel like it is water and it is not oily it is very light weight as compared to serum u will feel like water on ur face and it is very benefial and plz do share the result of this in the comment box sio let us see how to make this but before that plz subscribe to my channel like and share videos with ur friends for this take 2 cups of water in ur pan i

e normal plain water boil it then take aside 1 to 2 table spoon water in another bowl then with the remaining water add 2 tea spoon licorice powder licorice powder is amazing ingredients of skin whitening cheapest and beneficial skin whitening ingredients u will notice this product in many skin whitening serum and creams so with this u can make ur essence also this is very helpful for changing ur over all skin texture after adding 2 tea spoon of licorice powder make sure u boil the mixture very well till the time it becomes half of the quantity and by that time take a green tea bag remove the mixture from the bag and add it to the remaining water which we too out from the bowl initially keep it aside for some time when the licorice content becomes half remove it from the flame now the green tea mixture which have made mix it wel and add that mixture to licorice powder mixture and then keep it aside for it to become cool then with the help of a strainer strain the mixture as shown in the video as it has some powder and green tea leaves do as shown in the video now add 4 tea spoon rose water then we will add 2 tea spoon glycerine if u have oily skin add 1 to 2 tea spoon and if u have oily skin add 2 to 3 tea spoon of glycerine mix very well so this is diy essence ready u can store this in a container it is not necessary to store in a pump time bottle u can store it in any bottle before using shake very well take some amount of it in ur hand how much u want for ur face after washing ur face and if u apply toner after that u can apply this it is not necessary to take cotton hands are enough it has basically water like texture it is very helpful for pigmentation melasma , hyper pigmentation with this u can make ur skin bright make ur skin tone light and the green tea which we have used it is loaded with anti oxidants which protect ur skin with free radicals for anti aging it is too good used glycerin for extra hydration rose water is for toning ur skin u can apply this way on ur face instantly u can how my skin is glowing and it has become smooth for this instant effect i have applied it to my hand also u can watch the difference over there music plays so guys this was my diy on essence i know that after using this u will get a good result so plz use this and share ur result with me in the comment box and if u like this video share with ur friends and for all this diys subscribe my channel and press the notification bell so thank u so much bye bye

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