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Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel And as you guys can tell I have a new haircut and my hair is darker And I have front bangs for the first time since I was 4 years old And I'm still getting used to it and while I look at the viewfinder I might just try to fix it up here and there But yeah, I have a new hairstyle and I did vlog it So if you haven't watched the vlog on Joanday, click up there to watch I uploaded it yesterday But today we are going to talk about Drunk Elephant Skincare This is a brand that has been on my radar because A lot of my friends love the brand And so many of you guys have asked me to do a review on it And I have actually tried a lot of the products for almost a year now Some of the products that I'll be showing you guys today its been like a month or two since I have used it But I wanted to give you guys a fulll review on all of the products that I have tried before So hopefully it is helpful But, Drunk Elephant is a non-toxic skincare brand And I believe it is cruelty free And they focus a lot on the ingredients and there are a ton of great reviews on Sephora So, for each product, I noticed that there were over 10,000 hearts on it And I did read some reviews and people just love this brand And of course there are some negative reviews But I did notice that everytime there was a negtive review It was fixed by the brand I'll be giving an example later on in this video But, without further ado, lets get started with the Drunk Elephant skincare review So first we're gonna start with this cleanser right here It is the Beste™ Jelly Cleanser And I love my gel cleansers because they are very gentle And this one in particular has no added fragrance it's non stripping and it's suitable for all skintypes The only thing I don't like about this product is the twist top packaging One morning I was using it and then I left it on my sink And when I came back to do my nightime skincare routine I noticed that a lot of the cleanser was all over my sink So, it was really messy It was not fun at all And, definetely a waste of product And, as I mentioned in the beginning of this video I did notice that a lot of people complained about that online And the founder of Drunk Elephant basically swithced it to a flip top packaging So if you are interested in this cleanser now You can go purchase it and you don't have to deal with the twist top I do think it is quite unique because not a lot of products have this twist top But, it was very inconvenient for this cleanser So right now I do leave it on my sink upsidedown but overall, I do love this product It works great for your second step of your double cleansing routine It is formulated with really rich ingredients, antioxidants And cantalope, and cantalope is one of my favourite fruits And it was very interesting because I surprisingly didn't see any skincare products formulated with cantaloupe So, yeah, I was really excited about this one And It is pricey, it goes on retail for $34 And I would say it really reminds me of the Acsen Oil Cut Cleansing (Troiareuke) As well as the Glow Recipe Blueberry Gel Cleanser But of course, both of those cleansers is similar It's in the similar price range So I would say that if you are looking for a great gel cleanser You should check out the one from Innisfree I forget the name of it I don't even know if they sell it anymore, but if they have it I'll make sure to link it in the description box Or, the Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser That is one of my favourites and it's like only $8 I believe So, definitely a great product for a cheaper price range But, yeah, if you are willing to spend 30 something dollars on a gel cleanser I do reccomend the Drunk Elephant one So next we have the very popular C-Firma™ Day Serum This is one of the highly raved products that I was really interested in trying Because it's a day Vitamin C product I have tried a lot of Vitamin C products And I personally love them because it really helps fade acne scars and hyperpigmentation And this is probably the most expensive one that I have tried because This is $80 What makes this one special though is that it's for the daytime A lot of the Vitamin C drops such as the Cosrx and Klairs that I have tried It is recommended to use during the night time But, if you want to use it during the day, you can mix it in with your moisturizer and you have to follow up with sunscreen which totally makes sense and I honestly couldn't really tell a difference in the first week that I tried it But throughout time, everytime I washed off my makeup, I did noticed that my skin looked a lot brighter You basically apply this over dry face and then follow up with a light weight cream And then a sunscreen And eventually this product is supposed to help fix uneven skin tones as well as texture So, if you are looking for a quality Vitamin C, this product is formulated with really rich ingredients like all Drunk Elephant products But so far I do like incorporating this into my skin care routine Because it's not irritating It does have a strong scent to it but I got over it really quickly This is definitely on the expensive side though so there are some dupes Not daytime specific serums but the Klairs and COSRX Vitamin C drops are amazing And if you follow up with sunscreen you can definitely use it during the daytime Even though it is recommended to use during the night time but that's really up to your preference Now let's talk about a night serum, and here is the T

LC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum And I was really excited to try this because Ivan raved about it, Amy from Vagabon Youth raved about it As well as some of my non-youtube friends They just loved this product If you have watched my skin care routines in the past I have always tried to incorporate AHA's and BHA's into my skin care routine Because AHA's help the outer layer while BHA's helps within And because they are chemical exfoliants Some brands don't recommend using them everyday or even using them together But there are gentle AHA's and BHA's out there like this one right here I do want to point out though that there is a tingling sensation in the beginning But now my skin has gotten used to it, it's not uncomfortable it just feels kinda shocking But trust me you will get used to it, depending on what type of skin you have The first week of trying out this product, I didn't really see a drastic change on my skin But I think that's because I have tried a lot of AHA's and BHA's in the past And I don't know this one didn't feel different But when I read the instructions it was recommended To follow up with a layer of the Virgin Marula Oil, which Drunk Elephant is very popularly known for And after that the next morning I immediately saw that my skin looked a lot brighter And felt so smooth and I remember that day my makeup just like glided on And it just, how do i say this in English but 화장이 잘 모것다 My makeup just looked so good that day and I was very impressed with the combo Cheaper alternatives, I recommend you check out COSRX again COSRX kinda introduced me to the world of AHA's and BHA's They have great affordable products on the market and it's super gentle and I just love COSRX products Because they just really helped out with my acne and it just isn't as expensive like Drunk Elephant for example So next I have the TLC

Sukari Babyfacial and this is the perfect at home facial This product right here is $80 dollars but it actually saved me a lot of money Because I stopped going in for the AHA and BHA treatment at my spa Of course I do go in to get some extractions done but I used to go every week But now I try to go like every other week and use this once a month And the TLC Babyfacial is very similar to the night serum Actually it's not similar at all This is 12% AHA/BHA but this is 25% AHA and 2% BHA it is really strong This product says it gently exfoliates but let me tell you it does not feel gentle It has the most powerful sting sensation like to the point where I sometimes tear up every time I use this because it just doesn't feel comfortable the very first two or three minutes But you do leave it on for 20 minutes and I make sure I only leave it on for 20 minutes because I want to wash it off instead of leaving the AHA and BHA just sitting on my skin Similar to the night serum it is recommended to follow up with the Virgin Marula Oil and I really regret not purchasing the full size of it because I just fell in love with how luxurious this oil feels on my skin and it just works great on dry sensitive skin like mine I didn't break out from it and it just felt super moisturized to after harsh dry winter days and even during the spring and summer time it doesn't feel uncomfortable on the skin There is no dupe for this product but I do think that for $80 you are getting a lot of product cuz you dont have to use it as often and I just love how my skin feels so smooth it feels like a baby skin and yeah it has definitely helped with the texture and I did notice that my skin just looks a lot brighter the next morning especially but again I will not use it everyday It is not recommended to It is once a week but for me I have sensitive skin I just don't want to use a really harsh chemical product on my skin so I only use it once a month One more thing before we move on to the next product I do love how my skin doesn't peel after this facial because the facials that I go in for sometimes, it just requires like peeling for the next couple of days If you're not into that and you don't have time for that this is definitely a great product that I would highly recommend Probably my favorite Drunk Elephant product Moving on to eye care we have this duo right here First we have the Shaba Complex™ Eye Serum This is $60 and then the C-Tango™ Multivitamin Eye Cream This is $64 Yes eye cream is expensive and if you combine it to this is over $120 It is worth it though So let's talk about this serum I first use this like an eye cream until a subscriber said that this is step one for eye cream So after toning you just apply this around your eyes and then follow up with an eye cream This is actually one of their nourish curations and I am obsessed with the texture of this cream On the packaging it says 5C which stands for 5 forms of Vitamin C and 8-peptide blends and peptides are great for fine lines because it firms the skin and it is a great ingredient for anti aging products you can use both of these products for day and night time and I really do like how moisturizing my eye area feels dark circles and wrinkles aren't my concern around the eye at least but it is about prevention would i say its my holy grail If I didn't know the price of these two products I would say it is one of my favorites but if you want different options I leave my ultimate eye cream review in the description box as well as in the cards up there But yeah great eye creams I love the texture of this one I can't really understand why need a two step but maybe if you are dealing with a lot of fine lines and maybe dark circles the Vitamin C is supposed to help brighten and I think this duo might be something that you wanna check out Next we have the Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense This is a sunscreen filled with antioxidants and 30 SPF However I do wanna say I don't like this sunscreen It does take some time for my skin to absorb the product and I just like want something really quick And I just don't like how sticky it feels and it leaves a white cast I have tried so many sunscreens and I prefer light-weight sunscreens and sun gels and this is just like a lot thicker Since I don't like wasting products I have been using this in the morning whenever I go to the gym because I want to protect my skin from the sun I have read great reviews on this, it's just isn't like the type of sunscreen that I like for my specific skin type And finally we have the lip balm This is $18 and at first I was like wow, that is really expensive I mean it is, but it feels like a luxurious lip balm

It is formulated with avocado oil, marula oil of course and other rich oils that will keep your lips moisturized I think of this as day time lip mask that will keep your lips looking plump and you don't have to reapply this like every hour like some of the cheap chapsticks out there and unlike other lip treatments out there, it's not as sticky, you don't have to use your fingers and it's just like very convenient And the applicator is really thick so for me I just apply it once and I'm good to go so I love it and I would recommend it Not a dupe but something that is a lot cheaper that keeps my lips moisturized and it also treats like sunburn is the Lucas' Papaw ointment, do check it out, it's a lot cheaper than this one but yeah, that's it for my Drunk Elephant review and some of the dupes for the products that I have reviewed I hope you guys found this video helpful, I'll make sure to link everything in the description box and if you have any reviews you want to share, please comment down below because I want the comment section to be a helpful space for people who are interested in purchasing Drunk Elephant products, so yeah, let's make the comment section a helpful one, and I'll see you guys in the next one


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