Easy Bridal Makeup Tutorial/Asian Bridal Makeup/Korean Bridal Makeup Tutorial

hey guys, welcome to my channel In this video, I'm doing a Korean style bridal makeup tutorial This is before and after photo

So that's the finished look Korean bridal makeup is more likely to wear light foundation and not much cover-up So you can still see the gloss from their skin I will use The Body Shop shrimmer palette 06 for my eyeshadow I will skip the foundation rountine which is shown in my foundation tutorial video Apply the pink colour to highlight inner corner of the eye This colour to shade middle part of the eye connect with the pink and the same to the lower lashline Apply this colour to out corner of the eye and lower lashline just soften all the harsh lines I'm using dark brown cream liner to fill the lashline and draw a soft wing just use the leftover to connect the lower lashline Curl my lashes Apply false eyelashes I'm using the eyebrow powder to define the eyebrow shape and fill the colour Tint my eyebrows to make them lighter Soft contouring to the outline of my face It's different from western style contouring Nose contouring should be connected with the eyeshadow to look natural Soft pink blash for cheekbone and connect with the eyeshadow pink gloss for my lips So finished It's a very easy short video for Korean bridal makeup I hope you like this video:) Thank you so much for watching I will see you next time 🙂

Source: Youtube


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