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hey guys so I read this article about egg whites and coffee being good for your skin in a natural face mask so I'm trying it out for the first time I thought I'd share it and see if I'm actually feeling different or I actually feel like it works and if it does then awesome I'm making breakfast right now and I have my egg whites from the egg shells that I've cracked these coffee grounds are actually from this morning's coffee basically I'm putting just a handful of used coffee grounds into the egg whites and we'll see about consistency this is all being tested right now and so I'm just going to put this on my face and I'm going to continue to cook breakfast and see how it goes it's very cold and slimy It's like an exfoliating – so it's gonna fall off you face maybe doing this over the sink might be better and I'm just wanting to try different natural ways of taking care of my skin as I get older and I don't really want to be using a lot of harsh chemicals and I just want to be able to eat what I promised a that is a look I look crazy actually feeling very good so I read that the caffeine is supposedly supposed with the tighten up my skin I have to re-read that but it's just awaken my skin and I feel that it's doing that just by the exfoliation process and the egg whites – its funny, because my mom growing up would always tell me to use the egg whites after cooking breakfast so now that I have this on I'm going to go wash my hands and cook breakfast and let it dry I'm just making scrambled egg already I've had this face mask on for about like three – five minutes maybe it's really tingly and I'm starting to feel the egg white harden on my face so its starting to get tight and let's get cookin so I chopped up these onions, just a little bit of onions, I guess now is the cooking show

A little bit of salt – so we sweat the onions so I've got five egg for two people and honestly if you want to make this mask with just like one or two eggs just leave the little bit of the egg whites in here we go I don't expect there to be a magical change after one mask treatment Its more of a feeling yeah right now it's been on for quite some time and I should have timed this this huh? It's kind of a fun thing to do while you're making breakfast so after these eggs are done I'm going to plate them and then I will be washing my face just rinsing it off with hot water or warm water and I actually like to then splat me my face with some cold water I don't know why it just makes me feel invigorated so I just wash my face and I don't know if there's actually a visible difference than my face being wet but it feels nice and smooth from the exfoliation and what I do this again hell yeah that was really awesome and it was a fun way to make breakfast with ingredients that I was already using anyways so did I eat my face treatment and yeah I'm gonna it's gonna be awesome thanks for watching!

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