Elimina el acne para siempre con esta receta natural a base de pepino

Currently, there are millions of possibilities that the cosmetics market offers us to solve our acne problems or skin rashes However, although some are effective and others are not, the problem with these products It is the high price at which they are offered

That is why many people give up on the idea of ​​having a beautiful complexion and a decent skin Of envy Which is not only a worrisome issue but also leads many people to become depressed to the point of despising themselves and losing their self-esteem Undermining the possibilities of having a beautiful and healthy skin However, there are effective treatments that do not involve more expense than the products of the market and it is through natural medicine The home remedies are not only easy to make and very beneficial, but we they are extremely economical since we can do them with things we have in home

REMEDY FOR ACNÉ Many people, especially teenagers, end up suffering from acne problems in the face and other areas of the body Which generates high levels of stress and frustration that degenerate into bigger problems of acne, since it is proven that high levels of stress are one of the main causes of acne Likewise, taking a bad diet or eating too little water during the day results counterproductive for people who suffer from this evil That is why it is also advisable to take a diet rich in antioxidants and fibers that improve the cleaning of our skin

In turn, home remedies are the best beauty and health helpers for us, that's why we bring you some recipes that will help you a lot with your problem Then we will give you two natural recipes that are sure to be very useful RECIPE OF POTATO AND CUCUMBER INGREDIENTS: Half cucumber

A potato PREPARATION: – You must wash and diced both ingredients and take them to the blender until you get a mashed potatoes Then you can apply the remedy on your face clean and dry for several minutes Then you retire with water and that's it RECIPE OF POTATO AND LEMON

INGREDIENTS: Half lemon A potato PREPARATION: – Turn the raw potato into a puree and combine it with the juice of the half lemon Apply for a few minutes on the clean face, avoiding exposure to sunlight, since The lemon can generate spots with the sun Using these masks, you will see how to improve your acne problem quickly, economically and effective

Do not forget to apply them for several weeks until you notice that the acne disappears

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