Empties #26 | Korean Skincare, Cushion Foundations, & More!

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel, and in today's episode I'm going to talk about a lot of empties While moving, I discovered some products that were almost empty so I made an effort to finish using them all for this video and I do have

I don't know I have, over like 10 products, so let's get started As always, we are going to start with skincare and first I have the Whamisa Organic Flowers Toner and this is one of Glow Recipe's best sellers I think after they introduced the 7 layering method this toner sold out on their website It says on the bottle that this is pure natural ingredients and 974% organic I really liked the texture of this toner, it was perfect for that layering method

I would skip using an essence after that because my skin felt so moisturized I love the scent of this product and definitely a rich toner that I absolutely loved At my previous apartment, my mom and I shared a vanity and the bathroom, so this was out along with 7 other toners, but my mom usually likes to use one brand at a time because she has super sensitive skin and she loved using this, and the reason why I finished using it so quickly it was because we both used it together While I tested out different toners my mom only used this one and she really liked it for her dry and sensitive skin and I did too Yeah, I would recommend it for anyone who wants to do the 7 layering method and if you had questions about what kind of toners to use for that, you should look out for toners without alcohol in it and one that is kind of thick in consistency

Next, I have two sheet masks that I wanted to talk about and the first one is the Huxley This is the Mask Oil and Extract, and it's such an interesting product because you basically have to fold one end of the sheet mask for the essence to come out I loved how soft the sheet masks are and I feel like Huxley usually do a great job when it comes to skincare Their products feel very luxurious Next, we have the Zymogen one and this is a new brand that I tested out

I've heard about it before, because it's great for acne and this is formulated with Houttuynia Cordata Thunberg oh my gosh I'm sorry But it's basically extracts for the traditional Korean Medicine and it's supposed to help with pimples and minimizing sebum Could I tell the difference to be honest? No, I feel like sheet masks usually are the same

It did feel very rich in essence It didn't dry out as quickly as the cheaper ones Next we have an eye cream, and this is the Innisfree Orchid Eye Cream if you haven't watched my Ultimate Eye Cream Review I will link it up there, but this was basically ranked one and my mom and I we tested out 10 or 11 different eye creams and this was our favorite, because the price point is very friendly it's 25,000 won compared to the super expensive eye, creams out there it feels like an expensive eye cream and I just absolutely loved it I am currently using the Drunk Elephant one as well as the Innisfree Perfect 9 Repair Eye Cream, and this is 42,000 won and this Is 25, and to be honest this one is a little better because it just feels more luxurious This line from Innisfree is great for anti-aging and it is enriched with 9 types of precious Jeju-oriented botanical active ingredients, so it's supposed to help with the wrinkles and anti-aging My mom really really likes this line, but it is pricey, so I would recommend this eye cream, but if I have to do If I have to include this and the Drunk Elephant Eye Cream on to that video, this would probably rank one and the Drunk Elephant would be way down on the list because it doesn't feel like an eye cream to me

So, yeah this is definitely something I would highly recommend that you try out Next we have this Sulwhasoo Emulsion and I normally don't use emulsions unless it's during the Fall and Winter time, because I like to minimize my skincare routine during the Spring and Summer time This is something that my mom finished using she really likes the brand Sulwhasoo, because it's super gentle and it's great for her dry skin, and has anti-aging benefits, so I wanted to share this in my empties video because my mom loves it and I thought it might be helpful for some of you guys who are shopping for your moms This is a great brand It is expensive but when it comes to skincare for my mom I do like to recommend expensive brands, only because she has really

my mom particularly has very sensitive skin and I gave her This Jung Sae Mul toner and she had a reaction to it so, we were like, okay You're not using this and you're going back to either Whamisa or Sulwhasoo and she also really likes me Mishha Next We have A sunscreen and this is the Kicho Ultra Moisturizing Sunscreen and This is Definitely on my Top 10 I love how Milky it is it doesn't leave a white cast or? It doesn't Feel Sticky at all so my Foundation Applies Really Nicely Over This so I really Enjoyed using this sunscreen But I am trying to finish up the other ones That I have on my vanity right now But I also really like how it came in A pump Instead of Squeezing it out and I really like the Packaging of Kicho I Haven't Tried Any other Products from Kicho I do Have Their Moisturizer but It's Mainly because I just have way too many Products Right Now and my goal for like the next Year Is to not Buy Anything and not receive Too Many Blogger Meals Because I just want to Finish using the Products that I have right now You Guys all will See my skincare and Makeup Collection from my Vanity and You'll See what i mean next, We have the A-Derma Balm This is Probably the most Moisturizing Lotion That I've ever Tried you could use it for your Face and Body but I only used it for my Body And it Says Right here it's for dry to very dry skin and that's perfect for me 0% Paraben Preservative and Fragrance so if You're Into that I think you will Really Enjoy using this this is a Product that I received as a gift from Sara Urban wit at Her Baby Shower and This is Definitely a great Balm for People who have dry Skin I actually kept this out in The living Room so that both my mom and I Would Apply it While Watching TV and We just loved this part of the Routine next I have Three Cushions and First We have the 3CE Studio Mesh Foundation, The Moonshot BlackPink Cushion and the Clear Fit Blemish Cushion so for These Two Cushions I do have a separate review so I'll Make Sure to link it Down Below in the Description Box but if you Don't want to Watch it I'll quickly give you a Summary About How I feel about each of These Products The StyleNanda one, Pretty Great Coverage I really like how it has A matte Finish The Moonshot BlackPink Cushion I absolutely loved it it was great for the Summertime it, also had A Matte Finish Which I loved but Also Depending on the Weather my face Did Get Shiny after using this Product so i like to touch up using A Blotting Paper Or a powder as Well and Finally the Cosrx Blemish Fit Cushion a great skincare Cushion that has Wonderful Coverage and Yeah I really Enjoyed using all of them they all have a Matte Finish but They do get Shiny Throughout the Day so I had to have a blotting Paper Or A Powder With Me at all Times I also have a concealer and this is the Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer and my Shade, was a no

2, oh before We get Started i Should tell you guys what my Shades were the Cosrx I Use 23 for Moon Shot I use 201 and for The 3CE I used no2 And the Saem is no2 I really love helpful coverage it Is and the Main Reason why I love this Concealer so much is Because it's Less Than 5 Dollars but it Does a better Job than some of the high-end Concealers that I've Tried from Sephora so i highly want to recommend that you Check this Brand out Definitely a Product that I would recommend Everyone to pick up on their Korea Trip Next we have the Banila Co Multi Shading and I hit pan on it and it's really hard for me to Use all of The Ones on the Side so i'm Probably going to Break it and move it to the Middle But it's Basically an empty I've Had This for ever and Compared To the other Contouring Palettes That I Own I feel like this Was the darkest out of the Too-Cool-For-School, the Etude House and? Innisfree That I've Tried so Banila

Co I think They do a great Job with it the Reason why I put These Stickers over it was Because I hate the Packaging it has holes on it and I have trypophobia so I needed to include I needed to decorate it my way But yeah great Contouring Palette in My Opinion Another Makeup Product that I have is the Sixteen Pencil Liner and to be Honest with you when it Comes to Choice on that and 16 I really Don't like Their Products, However The pencil liner I really like how Pigmented it Is and It Just lasts for so Long so I think When it Comes to chosen waaaaaah I don't really like Their Highlighter I don't really like Their Foundations I don't like Their Eyeshadows I think Their Eyeliner Is the best out of everything that I've Tried And I did Pick up Another one of These because right now I've Been, Into the pencil liners Instead of the Liquid Pen Liners so this Is what I like using these Days next We have a toothpaste and this is the Dr denti Whitening Toothpaste and A lot of you Guys Have asked me to do a Video on how I Whiten my Teeth and to be Honest I don't use Whitening Strips or a specific Mouthwash I Usually Just Pick up a toothpaste that Says Whitening on it so I use Crest Colgate and i tried This one out and to be Honest I can't Really tell if it's Making a Difference for my Teeth if you Think my teeth Got whiter ever Since I got this from stylekoreancom Maybe it is working but I am Currently using a Crest Toothpaste right now but Yeah A lot of you Guys were Curious about This Product And that's my honest Review on it I feel like it might Have Helped but not Really I usually Floss Brush my Teeth and I Don't drink too much Coffee and wine so Maybe that's why, my teeth Is the way it Looks Right now but I Don't know I don't really know how to review Toothpastes to be Honest I have two perfumes and if You Watched my perfume Collection Video You Have Seen Both of These first We have the jo Malone? Nectarine Blossom and Honey This Is my favorite Scent from Jo Malone and I do Have an extra Bottle of it I Really Like How Fresh This Smells and I think it's perfect for at the summer Time Because it's fall now I've Been using A Much Stronger Scent like the Elizabeth and James Nirvana White this is A rollerball Which is super Convenient to just Carry around with me in my Purse to touch up throughout the day So I also have an extra One of These because These two are Probably my Favorite Scents at the Moment it's like a great Transition from Summer to Fall Another Skincare Product That I forgot to Mention in the Beginning of this Video is the Jones Black Jelly pack and I've Tested This out before and I thought it was A decent Mask before Going to Sleep but I gave it to my brother because I heard that this line Is great for Oily skin My Brother has Oily and Acne Prone skin and he Loved This Product he Usually hates Products That Feel Sticky but After Seeing how His skin Transformed in A day like he loves how his skin Feels and Looks in the Morning so he Gives Props to this Product and he Was like Really Sad When he Finished it so I ordered Another one For him because I Feel like he Needs to Take good Care of the skin and when it Comes to skin Care he Really Doesn't Like Testing out other Brands other Than Cosrx Sometimes Klairs and This Specific Product so if he likes it i'm Gonna order it for him next I have some hair Products and first We have These Temporary Hair dyes This is the 3CE and Mishha ones You Guys Always Asked the Difference between These Two and the April skin One and I think the Main Differences Is that the April skin Comes With Gloves and it's it's like much Easier to do so if I have to choose between the Three I would choose April skin But I feel like all of them last quite similarly I feel like the Mishha ones washes off the quickest and the April Skin, one lasts the longest But I do like how Mishha ones are cheap this as I think 3000 Or 5000 won and there are lots of colours you can test out and a lot of you guys have asked like Do you have to bleach your hair before doing this and the answer to that is no but if you Do want to see a more Like if you want your color to show more and then it does help if you have bleached hair but I didn't specifically bleached my hair for using These products and also I met someone at the Kakao Ryan Cafe and she asked if it washes off After Like seven Days and answer to that is yes Depends on how often You, wash your hair but I feel like The color lasts for seven Days to two Weeks The final hair product I have is the Miju Van Leave-In Hair Reconstructor and I'm so sad I finished using this because No hair Oil or hair Reconstructors or Creams Make my hair Feel as soft as the Way This Product Did and i'm Really Sad that I finished using it but I do Have another Bottle But I'm Gonna save it like Because before I would use two pumps of it but Now I'm just using a little bit at a time But I think James did a wonderful job and I just can't wait for him to come out with his own hair care line Because he he really cares about the ingredients and how helpful it Is for the hair so I am waiting for you James but Definitely a product that I would recommend but it's not for sale because this is just a prototype but I just wanted to hype James up

The final product I have is the Innisfree Green Tea Pure Body Cleanser This is one of my favorite body cleansers that are affordable I think this was about 8000 won and it lasted me for a very long time and this is probably my second or third empty for this specific product right here um it smells great and it makes my skin feel smooth I don't know what else to say about body cleansers but I really like it Innisfree skin care in general and I would recommend that you check them out Alright so that's it for my empties video I think this Is my 26th Episode of Empties A lot of you guys always question like how I finish products so quickly and 1I share with my family and 2 A lot of these products I've had for a couple months like this right here perfume and eye cream a lot of these products are great and sometimes what's great for me might not work for you and vice-versa so I do want to recommend that you do researched a product before purchasing it because there are many reviews out there and I just want to share with you guys my Experience Alright I'll Make Sure to link all of These Products in the Description Box so that it will be Easy for you Guys to find online And I will see you in my next one Bye

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