(ENG) 글로시데이즈 x 써니 EXID 하니 L.I.E 쇼케이스 메이크업 / EXID Hani L.I.E Showcase Makeup

Hello everyone! It is Sunny! Today we prepared fun videos for everyone! I will introduce "Sunny Pouch" made collaborating with Glossy Days! This video is official release! Yay! I put in the six cosmetics I recommend recommended to this pouch I will put detailed information in the explanation column! Next let's make make-up of Honey of LIE showcase! First of all, this item in the pouch is Choson A 22 ray Beam Up Cream! If you push the surface like this the cream comes out of the hole This cream gave me glossy skin It makes you skin while lightening your skin tone Every time I paint this under the foundation, it becomes an egg skin! I first painted it on my face with my finger and took extra space with a sponge Next time I will use my favorite concealer I erased the bear with a brush Next, I painted the foundation with a brush and let me blend it with puff Next, I hide the anxious place with a cream concealer All the idols are so beautiful that their skin is always beautiful I concealed freckles with a small brush Hani always has its face matte, so I turned off my cheeks, foreheads and nose with powder After putting on a face with a big sponge, I dropped an extra powder with a big brush Next is eyebrows! Please draw straight Korean style eyebrows

It hides in the bangs so it does not spend so much time Item # 2 in the pouch! This is the eye shadow palette of 3CE and Barbara's collaboration! It is a combination of colors that can be used for daily makeup! This pink brown was in color so everyone can use it so I put it in the pouch I paint beige as a base Then use this color to paint the whole eyelid Next I will paint in double width using this mat pumpkin color and brown color Next, I paint Burnt orange on the tear bag Darken the corner of the eyes with the same combination as before and let it blend Please blend up to the double width, not to the eyebrows Then use a beautiful brush to make the entire eyelid feel I use this reddish brown to paint under the outer corner of the eyes Use the same color and place it in double width The third item of the pouch! Fairy drop eye liner! I like this eyeliner very much! The colors I like are # 14 and # 12 # 14 is a color with reddish color, perfect for lower eyelashes Apply on the inside of the lower eyelash from the inner corner of eyes and let it fit the line of the lower eyelashes I will extend the eye line to the eye shadow painted earlier The fourth item! Miracle Romance Sailor Moon Eyeliner! There are four types of types! I was surprised when I used this Even though the package is cute, the quality was also nice and expensive! First draw a line on the upper eyelash line Then I will stretch the wing to a higher level I tried to stretch it downwards, but when I looked at Hani chan I fixed it because it was wrong I think that my eyes look big by writing like this I will put on the inferior lashes! This is a cosmet of SSIN I chose because I thought it was perfect for this honeycomb I cut it because it was a little long I attached it along the eye shadow Everyone, do you see the difference? Using this cream concealer, paint on the inside of the lower eyelashes This makes the eyes look great! Curling the eyelashes, I will use the fifth item, LABIOTTE Wine Angle Mascara The package is cute, is not it? It is curled because mascara has C shape Do you mean that special western essence is included because French wine is used? ! Amazing I will also write a point on the lower eyelash using the eye line of Sailor Moon again It seems that rubbing will make it realistic! Curl the lower eyelash Next, I will show the tear-drop bag bigger Brighten with a salmon eye shadow Please paint until the middle of the eyes Teak uses cream teak to paint the cheeks from the center The last item of the pouch! It's a peripera's velvet tint! 02 grapefruit and 03 in-crush orange This time I will use 02 This is a bright grapefruit color Make it gradation after painting it inside I liked the color, I liked the feeling of velvet long lasting and so I put it in the pouch Next we will shade As I am not slim as my cheeks are Hani-chan, I shaded around the center and made it blush with a brush Then I will continue nose shadowing I will continue shading gradually downward from the eyebrows Next we will use high powered powder to do highlighters I painted under the nose because it is short Please apply shading and highlight to the nose ridge I also highlighted the side with a concealer brush I also highlighted my jaw for the V line Finally it is completed with shading with powder! Once I got my bangs down, it's time for Hanipos! how was it? Sunny pouch with grossy days! The release is August 10! Well then on the next video! Bye bye~ Subtitle with Japanese people I tried putting on because there were a lot of people saying, but was it done properly, haha

Source: Youtube


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