Evening Skincare Routine to Repair My Skin Barrier • Fall 2017

Hey everyone so today I'm showing you guys my evening skincare routine I've been focusing on restoring and repairing my skin very function and that means I'm avoiding using too many products Especially active and I'm also being careful at swapping products, too Often so my routine has been pretty simple Low-key and mostly fragrance free and my skin has been just loving this routine to start off I removed my makeup using "Tanoshii Oh yeah" natural cleansing oil" This is the cleansing oil that's been going crazy viral among Koreans at the moment and people have been praising this oil for dissolving their blackheads I personally don't struggle much with blackheads or any kind of pore issues

So I can't be the judge for that this cleansing oil is really lightweight, and it doesn't feel too oily or too greasy, and it washes off pretty well Next, in the cleansing department, I'm using my own cleansing formulation Tadaa~ It is a pH balanced gel cleanser that uses mild cleansing agents to take away all the stuff that your skin doesn't need while leaving, everything your skin exactly needs I designed it to respect the skin barrier, and it really leaves a crazy amount of hydration afterward I just want to swim in this word relation

Before my skin completely dries down, I applied this corsx propolis light ampule Which I'm about to empty very very soon and propose having naturally antibacterial antiviral Anti-inflammatory properties, and it is set to speed up the wound healing process Purposes this generally very very gentle and well tolerated to sensitive skin type, and it's supposed to help reduce redness as well, especially the redness that can be related to acne The formulation of this product is very beautiful it has a light viscosity that absorbs pretty quickly and my skin has been just drinking this then I seal everything in with another favorite of mine, which is the Primera soothing sensitive cream If you watched my skin barrier video you might have learned the Importance of building the lipid barrier and the three main components are Ceramides Cholesterol and free fatty acids, so if your barrier is compromised, the combinations of these ingredients can certainly help and there are quite numerous options out there that do contain this combination

However, a lot of them that I try they seem to be a little bit too crazy for my liking, but this cream has been amazing at this helping me fortify my moisture barrier, and it has a little to no irritation and it's fragrance free and I just love the simple and elegant formulation of this product my skin just feels a lot healthier these days after using this So that's my really really simple strip down to the basics kind of routine for every night However, I will add treatment products depending on what my skin feels or in need that night I don't do this everyday, but I normally exfoliate my skin with AH

A, probably once to three times a week and Sunday Riley good jeans has been serving me pretty well It is a lactic acid 5% treatment, which is perfectly mild concentration, and apparently there are stronger options out there But, 5% seems to be pretty good and this is what my skin likes and this product is definitely one of those products that are very worth the hype Then, we have alchemy skin Cinco oil blend and this has been amazing at brightening my complexion and Rejuvenating my skin like no other options out there It's a blend of oils that are rich in omega 3 & 6 and I probably use a drop of this, two to three times a week, I'll leave the link down below for the review that I've done on Instagram

I rarely use this item, but I use this as a spa treatment from time to time, so I thought I would just show you guys what I use This is The Ordinary as like acid 10% and, ever since my skin barrier has restored my acne seems to be managed as well It can be a little bit strong at first, or stinging at first if you do have sensitive skin type, but it does work So I recommend you guys to use it very very sparingly as a spa treatment "Laneige lip sleeping mask", I was really skeptical about this product for the longest time and apparently this is the second best seller in Sephora, followed by the water sleeping mask and I was just really confused why people buy it because, I always thought like Why would I need a fancier lip balm when Vaseline can do its job? But this proved me completely wrong

It, makes a massive difference by lip moisture content and it is a game changer for sure Especially if you wear a lot of lip tints,matte lipsticks, or look at lipsticks that tend to just dry the crap out of your lips This is going to be your best friend I guarantee you guys

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