Hey guys, I'm Roxette Arisa and today we are going to be doing a really fun video This is going to be a half high end half drug-store face- full face tutorial and it is going to be, sort of like, finding dupes, testing dupes

I found some of these dupes on Pinterest, Instagram Some of them, I just discovered myself, and some of them my friends told me about So we got a nice little mixture here and can you guess right now? Pause this video, comment down below, and tell me which side you think is high end, and which side you think is drugstore, right or left before you get started with the video and this is on a trust system guys, I trust that you didn't skip forward into the video, see which high end products I was using on what side of my face and then go back, and then be like, "Yeah! Like, this is it" *Accusatory glance* I see you I've got some news for the Kylie Jenner products, I have some Urban Decay, Hourglass, Nars, like, I've got a really good mix for you guys and I feel like these dupes are just- they're so clutch They're very on point, and I'm just, I'm really proud! Enough jibber-jabber from me, let's get into the video

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel before we get started I do upload twice a week, every single week, so you don't want to miss out, and, on that note, let's get in! For brows, I'm gonna be using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow on the "high end" side And then the Milani Dipbrow, the Stay Put Brow Color, in dark brown Even the brushes on these 2 products are so similar like, You don't think we see you? I actually think I might like the Milani one a little bit better On the high end side, I'm using Hello Flawless by Benefit Cosmetics This is actually kinda hard to do, ha- half your face And then on the drugstore side, I'm gonna be using the Milani Conceal and Perfect, 2-in-1 Foundation and Concealer These are supposed to be drugstore dupes because they are both full coverage, but they're actually both oil-free and they're supposed to be light weight

I feel like those are pretty good dupes They're also a good- oops I forgot to put it there, but they're also a really good color match, these specific shades, this is the shade Beige in the Benefit Foundation, and then in the Milani Foundation, it's Number 7- Sand So, if you're looking for like, color match, this is really good Online, people were saying that these 2 products were dupes for each other, so this is MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot And then this is the NYX Eyeshadow Base in White

Now, upon first glance, they definitely don't look like dupes in my opinion But, we'll just test it out This is a testing dupes video So we gonna test it out They're light colors, they both cancel out discoloration, but wouldn't really say these are dupes, they don't apply the same and the color is not really the same I've been waiting to do this video just so I could use these 2 palettes because, I mean, can we just take a moment So this one is from Covergirl, and this one is from Urban Decay I mean, do you see the resemblance Don't try to sit there and tell me you don't

For our first crease color, I'm gonna be taking the shade Limit from the Naked 3 Palette and then on the drugstore side, I'm gonna be taking this 3rd shade right here which looks, heh, identical Pretty identical *glance of approval* Ok, next up, I'm gonna be taking the shade Nooner from the Urban Decay 3 palette this guy right here and then from the CoverGirl palette this guy which is- again, identical

Conclusion is that they're definitely dupes, this one is showing up, like it may appear lighter because the actual primer is lighter, which I'm not really feeling, like I like this eye a lot better at this point but the shadows themselves, they blend out the same, they have clearly the same color range, and this one is a lot cheaper, so go for this one Next up is going to be liner, I wanted to try out these 2 felt tips As you guys know, I actually don't use felt tips that often, but these 2 look really similar to me The actual applicator tip, if you can see that So, I just wanted to try them out and see, you know, pigmentation wise, if they're similar or not

Oh, by the way, hehe, I don't think I said this, but this is the Too Faced Sketch Marker in Black And then the drugstore side is gonna be the Physician’s Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner in Serum Yeah, those apply pretty much identically, the Physician's Formula one actually has a softer brush, but other than that, I like them both Good dupe I found these 2 lashes that are SO similar in how they look, I've never actually worn these I don't think so, I don't know how they wear, but we're gonna try them out

So these are from Morphe Brushes, they are the number 605, I actually love Morphe Lashes, they're really really comfortable to wear and they're, I think these are a dollar ninety nine Can't beat that So, let's put that on the drugstore side, let's put that on the drugstore side! Yeah no, these aren't doing it for me They're not as full They looked like they were going to be though

I had to pop on that other House of Lashes Iconic because that was just not working out Not a dupe, let's just put it that way But, I do want to add a little bit of glitter into our lives

So, this is the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liner, it's the shade Midnight Cowboy and this is really popular right now, it's almost always out of stock, I think I got like, one of the last ones at my Sephora But, I found a BH Cosmetics Glitter Eyeliner that looks pretty identical, So I'm wanna try it out These are actually really sick, because you can just glide it on and it's the easiest way to add glitter to a look Yeah They're very very similar ♩ We found a dupe ♩ Definitely a dupe, so this is really exciting, if you guys want the Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy but don't know how much you would use it, or if they're just out of stock get the BH Cosmetics one, because it's a definite dupe Ok, next up is concealer , I'm gonna be using the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer on the high end side and then the Maybelline Fit Me! on the ummm, drugstore side I've always thought that these were kind of dupes and I looked on Pinterest, and other people were saying that too

Plus the packaging is like, pretty similar too Theses are definitely a dupe for each other, you can see just in the shade range, and in how it's blending out I just think that they're pretty much identical and you could definitely save a lot of money and still get a lot of good use and a good quality product with the Maybelline one But you know NARS is my jam So, I love my NARS, don't think I'm giving it up

To set everything down, I'm using the BareMinerals BarePro Powder on this side, and then L’oreal TruMatch on the drugstore side I actually really like the BareMineral Pro Powder, so we'll see how the L'oreal stands up to it *gasp of realization* You know what I just realised?! I totally forgot to prime my face I even had primers out too, look! I got like the drugstore dupe primers, primer water! And I totally forgot 🙁 Ok, now taking the L'oreal powder on the other side, this is in the shade W4, which looks a lot lighter than what I've been using for the BareMinerals powder What happened right there? When did that even happen Tell me that Tell me when that happened I'm gonna go back into that bottom lash line, and just fill it in using Nooner and then the same corresponding shade that we used in the crease for the CoverGirl powder

Just going to add a little bit of mascara onto that bottom lash line now on the drugstore side, I'm using L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black (whispers) This is a really black mascara Sumptuous Extreme, supposedly these are dupes, I actually like this one a bit better because you can see, um, this one gives a little bit more volume, but they're pretty similar

Ok, next up is going to be contour and I do have a pretty good dupe for you guys So this is the Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette and then I found a dupe for one of the shades, so this is the NYX Powder Blush in the shade Taupe and it's a pretty exact dupe for this shade right here Let me just apply Let me just- Let me just do my thang Ok, so this is going to be the Kat Von D Shade and Light Now this side is gonna be the NYX See what I mean, like the shade color is so similar

The only difference is that this is much much less pigmented than this is, so you do need to kind of like swirl your brush around and then get it on, and then you have to build it up a bit but color wise, exactly the same, so if you don't want to dish out the big bucks for this guy, then you can just get 1 shade instead of having like an entire contour palette Ok next up is blush I've been saving this for so long but it is pretty much an exact dupe So this is NARS Madly, I love NARS blushes, let me put that out there because NARS probably makes one my favorite blush formulas But, when you find a good dupe you gotta go for it because NARS is like, a little bit on the pricey side, not even just a little bit, but like, they are one of the pricier brands, you know, at Sephora or whatever

But these blushes *dies inside* are so similar! And literally like months and months ago my friend Izzy told me about this blush that it was so similar to this and I literally went to the store, I got in my car and went to the store, and I got it within like 10 minutes, because I was so excited to find a really nice dupe for NARS Madly Blush because this is definitely one of my favorite blushes of all time and to have a drugstore dupe is just icing on the cake So again, NARS Madly, love it, love it And this side is the L'oreal TruMatch in the shade Barely Blushing I love both of these blushes actually and I think they both have really good formulas, so this is an amazing drugstore dupe I've got a dupe for 1 of the shades in the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

So this palette you guys know, it is pricey, it's beautiful, but it is like definitely on the pricier side But this highlight from Physician's Formula is almost identical to the middle shade of this palette This is the Translucent Pearl Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls and, let me just do a swatch Proof Proof is the best way to convince somebody

Ok, so here are the 2 swatches, you can see how similar they are This top one is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, it's the middle shade of that palette And then the bottom one is this guy- oops hahah- it's this guy from Physician's Formula the Pearl- Translucent Pearl Glow, Pearls? Powder Palette? It's the one that looks really cool, like pearls So let's go ahead and apply that And I'm very proud of that one

This side I'm gonna use a different brush, cause I just wanna keep the products separate See what I mean though? Now I just want to blend everything together and warm up my face a little bit more so I'm gonna add a little bit of bronzer around the perimeters This is a blush bronzer duo from NARS and it's in the shade Angelika and Laguna So, that's what it looks like And then this is a blush bronzer duo from e

lf in the shade Antigua Tell me that's not the exact same palette Tell me this palette is not over here, tryinna be this palette This is like, under 5 dollars, and this around 50

ish So NARS Laguna going on this side, it's just gonna help blend everything together, it's a cult favorite so it's obviously a very very beautiful blush I mean bronzer hehe What am I even saying Now this is going to be the el

f bronzer, basically the elf version of Laguna, and again very nice color, it's literally the exact same colors, so very impressed with this and it's nice to know you can get something that looks exactly like NARS Laguna for a really good price This is the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition Liquid Lipstick Lip Kit This was limited edition for her birthday and I don't think they're restocking anymore, but I found you guys a drugstore dupe

This is the drugstore dupe for the lip kit, I've got the NYX Liquid Suede cream lipstick in the shade Cherry Skies and then also the Milani Lip Liner in the shade Bordeaux, these together are an exact dupe for the Kylie Lip Kit in the shade Leo Leeoo Let me just show you guys a swatch so you, so you know it's legit So this is the Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in the shade Leo And this is NYX Cherry skies

They're so incredibly similar, now let's put 'em on So this is the Kylie Cosmetics side of her Leo lipliner And then on the drugstore side, like I said, I'm using the Milani Color Statement Lipliner in the shade Bordeaux The color is absolute perfection So that's the Kylie one, and here is the NYX

When you first apply the NYX one, it does look lighter than the Kylie Cosmetics one, but as they start to dry they almost become the exact same color and this is definitely the best drugstore dupe that I found for this shade I really like the shade, but I do find that the Kylie one is a little bit patchy actually, and the NYX one almost has a better formula in my opinion, plus this was limited edition, and I'm not sure that you can get it now Ya know? But I think it turns out pretty well I'm gonna try using the primers as setting sprays and just gonna go for it Really hard to do this left-handed Alrighty, so that's gonna be it for this video We got through an entire face of half high end and half drugstore

I think it turned out really well to be honest, there are a lot of good options for affordable drugstore products that are you know, the same, if not better than a lot of high end products So, and also trash products Hope you guys like this video, I am going to list every single product that I mentioned down in the description box, so I'll list both the drugstore and high end and that way it'll be easy for you guys to find everything in case I missed anything, or was talking fast or whatever I'll just link it down below so, I got chu on this girl As always give this video a thumbs up if you liked it, and comment down below if you have any requests for future videos, because I'm trying to mix it up here, I want to do some drugstore stuff because I know a lot of you guys love when I do drugstore tutorials and things like that

So, watch out for that and don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already Remember, you are beautiful inside and out, I love you guys and I'll see you next time!!! <3 Peace!

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