We are ready to start people! Hello, I am thinking if you want to play with makeup if you are available Hello everyone! I will try to lower my voice and not scream so much Because they always make comments to me saying "You were screaming at me throughout the video and it's really annoying" And I say "If I understand them" But for some reason I do not get very excited but I am I do not know you take it or leave it Ok for this video I've never done anything And I'm literally very excited I feel like a child going to Disneyland For the first time I'm going to record a full face with new impressions The title says it all and I'm sure that many are already familiar with this But stop those who have not heard of this I'm going to use new products all over my face that I've never used And you are going to witness my first impressions of these products In camera And I'm very excited! They want to hear how silly I am Honestly before God Hahaha It's really embarrassing I have to be better in life So I was on my friend's sofa about 3 or 4 months ago And I had many new makeup products And I said "Oh my God do you know what an amazing video would be?" If I made a whole face of makeup with all the new products And it would be a whole face with first impressions Instead of just one impression You know but if not all face! It would not be great !? Because nobody did that! ?? Hahaha And then I went to YouTube and wrote "All face with first impressions See if it was done before And then I saw and there were millions of results And without mentioning that my friends here on YouTube They have done it several times Then I said "Ok I have to decipher this" So basically there was a period of about 5 minutes Where was "Chica traime a cocktail, let's celebrate! I just discovered the coolest idea for a video" And then I said to myself "Really Jaclyn ?!" No Probably I have to pay more attention a little more Because this has already been done like millions of times Ok so I'm going to stop talking We are going to start First I'm going to use the double Sisley whatever or what it's called But it is a first And it's expensive to fuck Ok so I'm going to get a Aah a full page A complete pump is everything! That's it! And I'm just going to massage on the skin MMM It feels almost like sticky With a consistency of gelatin Just in case they were curious how it feels I will describe it as long as it continues I hope I do not fall in love with this Because then I will be committed to buy a first of two hundred dollars every 3 months And I do not think I'm for that So hopefully and this is not great Because on the contrary I would be fucked Now that it is on the skin and almost dry It feels sticky It does not feel silky or matt at all It has a sticky consistency My fingers are sticking to my skin That for me personally I like Because most of the time these primers work very well Because your makeup base sticks like glue So for foundation makeup I'll go with Cover FX full coverage cream makeup base I'm going to use the G20 tone that you saw that is my pale tone without my bronzer spray I'm going to use my makeup brush that I always use have a good impression of this base I'm going to stir the good What are the claims of this base? It is an antioxidant, creamy base and concealer! of makeup in one that offers radiant and complete coverage Ok Fabu! It's all I ask in a foundation I'm going to continue and stir my brush and start put it on my skin Ooo Hi, how are you ?! Damn! This does have a lot of coverage Okay! Cover FX The way in which this is being applied Honestly! Only my first obvious impression I still do not put it all over my face But I already feel like it's going to be one of my favorite makeup bases It is being applied well creamy and with a lot of coverage For the make-up concealer will do the only thing that will not be new print No more I will use my Tarte Shape Tape What is my favorite makeup corrector at this moment? Because this is the only corrector that I have right now that is new It's the It Cosmetic Bye Bye UnderEye Illumination Concealer And I put it on a few days ago AND I did not like it For today I will continue with something I know and use the Tarte Shape Tape But if I'm going to use another new Beauty Sponge and I always want to say BeautyBlender I'm going to use a new Morphe's Beauty Sponge because I always use this Teletubie's sponge haha That is going to hit me forever I'm excited because I believe this one if I'm going to like it when this "baking" on this severe shore So I'm going to try this under my eyes Oh yeah! It is exactly the same, obvious the same sponge, the same texture no more this is more pontiguado That initially is very nice because I'm getting closer to the eye with this one than with this Feel that I can get closer here compared to this is more rounded So it is definitely an advantage Ok this base is looking beautiful See all those wrinkles coming back on my forehead Botox is wearing out !! Hello, Holaaaa! Ok so for the dust on my face I'm going to use the new good I do not think it's new but new to me It's the Charlotte Tilbury Air Brush Flawless Finish Skin Protecting Micro Powder Damn And I'm going to use this big brush from La Mer that La Mer sent me a few weeks ago that was very sweet Thanks to La Mer, it was a great package to receive I have not used this powder Duh is a video of first impressions Ooo, it's a bit too dark, wait It's OK darling!! Also buy the lighter tone that is tone one I'm going to put it on top If this is definitely my color Ok, I'm honestly not going to lie to you, this brush is great! I'm sure it costs the same as a car but it's great That powder honestly looks beautiful

Oh Lord!!! Santooo !!! Ok now I have to touch the dust Oh my god, my skin feels like butter Yes! This looks nice and smooth on my skin! Sii darling forward Charlotte Tilbury Ok so for the eyebrows I will use another one instead of the Anastasia Brow Definer What is incredible but in contrast to this Charlotte Tilbury Browlift Brow pencil It's called the Three Way Shape Tool And it's interesting because one side is an eyebrow pencil and the other side is a brush But here in the middle is like a dust marker that comes off to mark the brow bone Umm first impression it looks a little gritty and gleaming a bit too dark for me to use right now I do not know if you can see it in my hand but it has a golden tone I do not know but I will not use it to mark but if I'm going to use the eyebrow pencil Honestly when I saw it on the internet I said "That looks like the Anastasia Brow Definer" And then when I received it by mail I said if it is the Anastasia Brow Definer It is exactly the same The figure of the container and everything Different brush I think If baby I know my Anastasia brush is different brush This is shorter and sharper and this has a rounded tip and is longer

The brushes if they are different I do not feel any difference taking it in my hands I do not feel any difference putting it on my eyebrows The product feels exactly the same, the only difference is the brush preferred Anastasia's over this one because Anastasia's is more round at the tip And I can go in there, but mix better with that On the contrary with this one So for shadows today I'm going to start with the Androgyny palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics I received this Saturday the day before last so thanks to Jeffree and his team for sending it to me It is seen in case you have not seen it I want to blind them and point the mirror at the lights But it has a very clear mirror when you look at it It is a very good mirror And it's also very heavy, it fell down, it's a solid mirror And the palette itself looks like And to be honest when I first saw this palette on Instagram and on the internet I do not die because I did not keep my mouth open I was not like Oh my god I need her No more I said Oh have very nice colors and that was the end for me Until I saw him in person when he sent it to me and I opened it Ok I was immediately inspired to do something different So I have a look in mind that I want to do

so aver as I get I'm going to start with Safeword Which is definitely well neautral and mate clear coffee And I'm just applying with a hairy brush this is the Morphe R37 brush I'm going to put it on the whole blink For today's look you want it to be like a halo "smokey eye" I want it to be intense inside the blink as if outside the blink I'm going to put it all the way in Ok now I'm going to put the nanranjada shade called "Charm" is mate but it has a bit of brightness Makes sense?? How can it be matte but have brightness ??? But yes! It's Matte but it has a little shine And no more I'm going to put it to the top This has very nice pigment Therefore the two shadows have had very good pigment Wow! I'll go in with "Fetish" Girl! you already knew that I was going to use "Fetish" you have to do real And no more I'm going to touch it soft I do not have much product in my brush I'm putting it very lightly I'll bring the camera closer because when I do the eyes you want to be close I'm afraid that a lot of product falls down so I keep pressing the brush so that the product falls That's this noise I'm pulsing my brush This colorrrr It's like a wine color Rojiso Purple Wow! I'm very surprised with this Really! I would not leave to impress them, I'm being really impressed with this color I'm going to use another smaller brush and put it in the corner inside I do not know why but I always feel like I have to look to the other side when I do this I feel like it goes well inside That's what she said Ok now I'm going to put the darkest shadow on the palette What is this chocolate brown mate? I love color haci Like caramel, hot, deep matte coffee

I love it's called "Dominatrix" I do not know why but I'm saying "Come on!" to everything lately The last month, it started like a joke, because people were saying it all the time My friend and I were on the sofa making us silly, And we were saying "Water arrives If television arrives" No more making the ridiculous And now it is becoming a habit Now I'm saying "Come" to everything I have to stop that habit because it's annoying I'm going to pick up this yellow shading It's called "Frosting" on a flat syntetica brush, this is a MAC 242 And I'm going to put it in the center of my blink Ok I want it to be more alive I'm going to put "Fix +" to my brush I swear to God that I do not think I do not use glitters on my blink without putting this on my brushes I never put the shine and I go I always put my brush because look what makes it stand out And it's what I want I want it to stand out These colors together give me fall vibes I'm just putting more of the red shadow "Fetish" Make sure you do not have any severe lines Do not want it to suddenly change to golden I want it to be a smooth gradient There we are! For below the eye I want to do something fun instead of having everything red and gold I want to have a color highlight I'm going to start with "Military" here because this military green matte is all for me! With its yellow background It's so beatiful We're going to mix this green from the inside out Oh Lord! It's so beatiful!! Ok now I'm going to pick up a hard definition brush and I'm going to put the shadow "Poison" that's here It's also matte and I'm going to put it tight in the line of the eye This colorrr! Oh my God!!! Now for the part that I've been most excited for the video Because I've been waiting to use this product for a week If you saw my "haul" by Sephora, buy these in almost all shades And they are the "Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow" Oh Lord! I can not believe that I have endured using them for so long I put them in my hands millions of times but I never used them So no more I'll put it on top of this gold in the middle of the eye and see what happens Oh what to do Ohhhh darling Ohhh Bitch I do not know how much I put I do not know I do not know when to stop oh god someone That just took this "look" to another level Ok I'm going to use a completely clean brush See what happens I still do not know how to work with these I need more here

oops oo

ooooo These dry faster than I expected And no more I will remove the shine that fell And as I polvie the face is going to remove easier Thank God And someone else at home who are having small orgasms on this shine? Because I really I think I need a minute alone I will try to do it faster this time Now I know it dries fast I'm going to put it while it's wet and I'm going to immediately push it around Move bitch! Ok that was an easier experience since I know how to work with them I'm going to put on some lashes and I'll come back Ok I already put my eyelashes and it is already taking place and it is changing a lot the lighting forgive me These new "Marc Jacobs" are called "Highliners" are matte gel crayola that have just come out have some brightness and others mate And I want to use this turquoise I think it would be a funny color pop

I have not used these yet They are good father! I'm going to put mascara on my lashes below For bronze I will use the "Alexis Ren X Colourpop" bronze and marker is well pigmented and definitely well orange with terracotta tones as I'm more pale I'll be light I am using the Morphe R2 brush to apply this which is my favorite bronze brush these last days and I love it I get very nervous wearing a sunscreen because I'm afraid it will come out very dirty and then what will I do? This is being applied seriously pretty If now on this pale front This is being applied as a brand bronzer this is very very nice And now for blush I just bought this palette of "Ofra" you look at it It has all kinds of colors the only thing I would like it to have a nananjado / peach color I do not have it but it's ok I'm going to put this shadow here and for brushes I'm going to use Sigma F10 Barely visible Ok I see it It's pretty It has a soft application I'm going to put a little bit of this here in the corner below that is a bit darker but still has heat There is now if I see it! That color did not look much in my Ok now for illuminator The new Anastasia and Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit is perfect because if you follow me on Snapchat I put on Snapchat that before recording that literally turned on all my lights and I sat to record this watching the camera and was going to start and I ring my bell was ups with this product that was at perfect time I have been very excited to use this Have any youtuber do a collaboration with a big brand like this It's a great thing I'm very happy for her and excited about her I can not imagine how she feels about feeling and how are you going to feel when it's released so I'm very happy for it This is the first time I'm seeing her in person Yes biiiitch !! "Forever Young" looks at me like "Hii" When you see them you have not touched them but they look like a bright highlighter but I do not think they are when you use them Because I've seen people use it on their Snapchat and YouTube and they do not look so bright if they look very bright seeing the Oh no, they do not go so bright on my finger Oh honey!!! This is my hand so white does not teach anything This is beautiful showing the first two they look like a beautiful wet dream Oh Lord!! I did not mean wet dream I meant that they look wet Ayy everyone wants an illuminator that looks like wet in his little girl At least it's what I want and the first two look wet So they are a wet dream But "Daydream" definitely has a Oh my god noooo My God I am a disaster but "Daydream" has a little more shine to him in my hand when proving it Oh my god, see "Forvever Lit" is the super white ayyy god miooo Ok I'm going to use the "Glowgetter" why is it the one that calls me the most attention especially with this look with these golden and warm shades I'm going to start with that I'll use the Morphe N510 brush which is what I always use for illuminator That is so beautiful I feel like I'm a little too pale right now I'm not ok this works I'm fine

I'm fine I'm doubting I'm going to pick up a bit of "Forever Lit" a Chica! I'm going to do it, I'm going in! I'll shine!! I'm going to put a little here Ohh! Give it to me! Yes son Yes I'm going to mix the two now And put it in my nose people like to criticize the illuminated nose Above the lips! Before making my lips really fast, you want to use this sponge to sculpt and clean and find out how does this sponge I'm obsessed it's all I need, obsessed Ayy girl if you're a contour girl this sponge ayy god mioooo Hell yes!! Morphe! Sii! Ok these eyebrows have to be adjusted I'm going to use this "Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows" and it says fast and precise definition of gel eyebrows it's fine but very small

look how small is the brush so let's see if this does the job there is no product coming out I feel like nothing is coming out The best because I'm used to the Anastasia that comes a lot of product and is like gorilla glue It's not what I'm used to For the lips I will use the "marc Jacobs Liquid Lip Cream" in the tone "Fawn Over Me" It looks like a nude color, pink, peach Forgive me if I keep losing focus is that it keeps moving for me in front and back and when I do that I get fuzzy I have to stay in the same place because my camera does not have auto-focus but it's already going to change because I'm going to grab a new camera in 72 hours I apologize is annoying Ok the face is already at its capacity which means that we have reached the end of the video I've been here for a long time I've been so slow to record this video I've taken so many breaks At one point I could not find my eyebrow tweezers and it took me 40 minutes to find them and then at the end right now I started taking selfies and then one of my favorite songs started and dance for 30 minutes alone I'm well sweaty I do not know why I did that and I bathe before recording and now I'm so sweaty to be dancing IF I change the lipstick of the last time they saw me because No more I do not like I loved the form where are you? where are you Marc Jacobs? The formula of Marc Jacobs is beautiful is very comfortable I had it for 40 minutes but I did not like the color with my skin tone The color itself is beautiful but in my pale skin this is a color that I would like with my bronzed skin I felt that I was very orange and did not feel for me just change my lipstick quickly and also illuminate my huezo eyebrow because I said something is missing! In general, I want to say that I love everything in this video What do you know?? It bothers me a lot because everyone always says "You love everything you're so false you never tell the truth!" And that's not true I am currently very delicate when it comes to makeup Half of the things I try, I do not like it if you bring me 5 bronze no more I will like one, I am very delicate with cosmetics but I think that today I get lucky all I can do I've been dying to try for a while now No more luck and I chose very good products because I liked almost all the Charlotte Tilbury eyebrow gel I do not know if I liked As I told you I was dancing for 40 minutes it was not 30 do not be dramatic But my eyebrows are still there I still feel the gel doing its magic up there No more is this brochita so small I have to get used to it I'll keep using it because you never know in a month you can say to fuck the Anastasia Brow Gel this is my new favorite because haci happens The Nicole Anastasia Glow Kit is beautiful, the illuminator is still "fleektastic" and I agree with the the foundation and the dust and the first combination do not know what the majia is doing I do not know what it is but my skin I know the best that has been seen in weeks and that says a lot because I have a lot of texture right now I have few pimples here and my cheek is just hormone changes this is the best thing my skin has seen with makeup in several weeks and it's frustrating because I do not know what he's doing that I do not know if it is the first one that is being beautiful or the base or the powder because I use the three for the first time This Colourpop bronzeador collaborated with Alexis Ren is great this is creamy and butter and mixed you saw in camera the proof is in the pudding you saw me put it on and it was so beautiful I love the color so much especially when I see in the mirror great that I have aya I stop and I see my whole body I stay oh my god I love the color And honestly the way it was applied was a dream Well I'm getting rid of all the products I use I'm really excited I can finally put these products on my furniture to use them daily I can not wait, I love having new things that are good and being able to enjoy them it's fine yummy ok I'm going to stop talking now Thank you very much for watching this very long video I'm sure I appreciate that you are with me tell me if you liked this video or this type of videos If you want me to make more first impressions or the whole face with first impressions No more let me know I'll be here I love you many and I will talk to you soon Goodbye!

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