Hi my Eunicorns so today I'm going to show you how to make DIY green tea mask and it all starts with this baby right here This is all-natural green tea powder This is the main ingredient of my DIY green tea mask pack the powder is very Fine and soft, so it feels really nice when it goes on my skin I'll show you in just a little bit all you need is lukewarm water and honey And if honey doesn't work for your skin Then you can just take it out So first up get one spoonful of green tea powder in a bowl oh Yes, and then all you need to do is get some water and put it in with the powder you Can skip this step but I'm going to add an Organic honey for extra moisture and this also helps with the thickening of the texture you can also use one spoonful of flour instead of honey oh Yes, come to mama and then all you got to do is mix mix mix mix mix mix away If it seems like it's too dry just add in a little bit more of water and You'll be left with this fabulous green tea diarrhea look alike a DIY green tea mass pack tada Now the how-to is super simple before I put on the mask pack I'm gonna first cleanse my face And then after get some toner put it on a cotton pad and then give my skin a clean slate before Putting on the mask pack I'm gonna get rid of any leftover makeup waste, or dead skin cells on my skin Okay, that's enough Koonice come on

Let's move on You can use a brush to put on the mask pack But I'm just gonna go ahead with my spoon and put it on my face Look at my crazy ass spoon technique right here Don't worry guys if you keep on using a spoon that you really get used to this oh Yes, oh This smells like green tea, baby And I'm just gonna use my fingers a bit to fully put on the mask pack on my face thoroughly Oki, tokio Okay, Koonice Stop it And we're just gonna wait about 10 to 15 minutes Do you think we should throw away the leftover mask pack? -NO!! uh-uh uh-uh with the leftover mass pack I'm gonna show you how I make easy and quick DIY green tea sheet masks Just add in water to the leftover green tea mask to make it much more watery look at this it becomes really watery like this All you have to do is get some cotton pads and just dump it in there And then just soak in the cotton pads fully with the green tea powder water And then after I'm gonna get some foil and spread it like this Go ahead and put each cotton pad on the foil this way make sure that you put them one by one separately like this Just close it up and then seal the outer parts All you got to do now is follow me to the freezer and pop it in And Going back to our DIY Green Tea a snack after 10 to 50 minutes the masked pack starts to dry up like this It's time to go rinse it off, but wait let me first take a selfie Okay, as you guys can see all you got to do is just rinse it off with lukewarm water like this It's gonna come off little by little like these Make sure that you don't rub it too hard because there are little granules of green tea powder, but for me I actually love Scrubbing in a little on the parts of the face that I have dead skin cells oh Yes, it feels so fresh is so clean clean oh Yes, look at me look at my skin I really like this my skin looks really refreshed calmed and also brightened this DIY green tea mask pack has helped me so much with my acne and not just that but to calm my skin to Rejuvenate my skin and then I'm gonna finish up by using a toner and the cotton pad again To make sure to remove any remaining leftover green tea powder on my face Usually there's little tiny bits left, so it's really important that you do this step I Really, hope that you enjoyed this DIY green tea mask pack And I really hope that you guys can get to try it too Like this video Please subscribe Love you my Eunicorns, I'll see you next time

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