Get Rid of ACNE SCARS with ONIONS!

*EUUHHHH* I filmed this whole video and I wasn't recording *KYEUKHH* Hey it's Feii! I'm so sorry for the emo introduction Hello 1 million feiibaes well actually- I lied because not all of you guys watch my videos But, First of all I just want to give you gives a huge thank you Thank you guys so much for helping us reach 1 million Feiibaes on YouTube I actually have a more entertaining video to thank you guys coming up very soon and it revolves kpop and a coat rack Hmm

What could it be? So I'm gonna save all the waterworks for that video but quickly I hope you guys know how grateful I really am Today I am going to be doing something very exciting Actually very stupid Ok, it's not stupid because a lot of people have done this also a disclaimer because a lot of outlets like um I don't know insider They like to make it seem like I'm this person who just claims all these beauty things I'm not claiming anything I'm just testing what I read online for my viewers and for my Fam So that's what it is

That's all it is guys Let's calm down Let's calm down Let's not get experts to you know, accuse me of creating something that is completely wrong No, no, no , no, no, no This is all about acne scars and when it comes to acne, you guys know that I tremendously – "tremendously" ok you're going too far I, to an extent, got rid of my painful acne bumps and I am acne free – to a

I don't what's it called? To a limit, to a degree I do have a lot of spots and stuff I'm working on You guys already know this about me, but I want to share my Spin for Perfect Skin system And I know I know Is this sponsored? Yes This is sponsored but also the onions and cucumber are also sponsored I-it it's not but I just want to reinforce that I got rid of my acne as you can tell and see in person And like, you know, there's proof not only by the products I used but also the tools that I use to help

Um, you know, um assist me in the process, so I can't stress how important it is to have an Exfoliating and cleansing system that will work for your skin I've been saying this for many years now because it works for me The Spin for Perfect Skin, and it comes with four brush heads Exfoliating cleansing and a pumice stone as well as the body brush and I never really talk about the body brush But now's the perfect time because because it's my choice I can't let go of it because it works and it's pink I use this every time I come home from the gym because I am sweaty and I do have some back acne I'm not gonna show and truthfully, my arms are short, okay? Hey there I see you there Especially the summer's coming, we're gonna be exposing our back more and we're gonna be sweating more – really need to exfoliate your back It's just a good way to get rid of all the dirt and all the bad, nasty, sweaty Bacteria that we may miss and we end up just rinsing it off with water But it doesn't really do the deed that we need it to do even chest acne if you're looking for an effective Cleanser and exfoliator system I highly recommend the spin for perfect skin and also it's for a hundred dollars But with my code you save $70, and it's only $30! So make sure to use my code Hey70 and I do not gain anything out of it The code is just for you to use to save some money I'm gonna leave the link down below so you can check it out You're welcome

Okay on to the video now I know I know I know Safety just kidding putting on my used cooking gloves that smell like onion and cucumbers So first, I grated the onion and the cucumber and then I mixed the juices together by squeezing it out of a napkin It is so strong Dare me to lick it? *coughs* I have onion breath ooh spicy It is one of the most powerful antioxidants that you can find Naturally, if that does not say a lot then I don't know where your ears are

It's known to lighten up acne scars I actually believe that, dull skin in general So I mix it up with cucumber because cucumber is actually very soothing for Irritated skin and any potential swelling that I might get from the onion So you're supposed to do like a 1 to 1 ratio, but loser I don't follow measurements Measurements follow me So the two ingredients actually help balance each other out You can use cotton swabs I think I recommend you to use cotton swabs, but I'm not a huge fan of cotton swabs Wow Let's just get some toilet paper That's gonna work It's fine I'm just gonna soak this You see that? It's green like the Hulk

The onion is not that strong once you put the cucumber in You do smell it It's really cooling, So you don't have to worry about stinging I'm very uncomfortable right now I don't know what I'm doing, but the whole purpose of us doing this is to see if it's gonna ugh ugh ugh ugh We are just testing the purpose of using onion on our skin onion apparently has a lot of sulfuric elements that Ugh not in my hair no That will help treat acne and also is very anti-inflammatory and it STINKS Kinda stings my eyes just a little, just a little (dramatic music plays) MY CUCUMBER IS COLD Okay, we're gonna wait for 10 minutes Okay I'm back, that was kind of a struggle My eyes are watering I feel blind I'm just gonna rinse I'll be back Um um umI took a shower in the sink as you guys can tell I did a little bit of a Scrubbing like this

Very smelly and you do feel it a bit, but it's not to the point where you're like "oh my gahd" I was expecting to be like bawling; that didn't happen so Amen bless thy soul thy looks When you think onion you think of that burning feeling your eyes get, it's very mild Don't go beyond 10 minutes Why are my lips feeling like Wonky? I just feel so I've heard you can actually see changes in your scars as fast as five days, the more frequently the more effective But seriously my lips do really sting and I have no idea why, like up here Of course I have an idea why It's the onion! I hope you guys enjoyed the video and learned something new today If you wanna try this out then make sure you're ready for it I don't know what it is I think it's the idea of onion that I feel like this will be the winning shot for acne lightening Don't forget to check out this Spin for Perfect Skin brush, which I linked down below with my code

Until next time I'm sending love 💜 Bye💋

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