Haul | June 2017: Natural Skincare, Sephora, NARS, & More

Hi, Welcome back to my channel I know that I've been uploading a lot more recently And I really hope to keep it up throughout the rest of this summer as for today I'm going to quickly run through some of the items that I purchased in the month of June whether it be beauty wise skincare wise or To do with my hair so I really hope you enjoy and let's get started two years ago I had this huge fear over the idea that I was putting toxic chemicals onto my skin Hair overall body and of course it still is a concern But it's not on the forefront of my mind during that many little crisis I did find an amazing brand Luminance skincare and I've been using them ever since not only are the products wild sourced natural organic and The list goes on and on but they work so well and the staff members are so kind they respond to your messages So quickly and they also know what matters most of course they're selling a product They're selling a brand but they also do contribute to the community and it means a lot to know that I'm helping Something that actually is trying to bring good into the world I recently repurchased their delicate cleanser, and this is an amazing product although is very gentle on the skin It lathers so beautifully like you're using a very luxurious product and on top of that it actually manages to remove the oil The dirt the sweat and the makeup that has accumulated over the day if you are wearing makeup You might have to do two rinses, but it's so worth it because again it is a great product And I don't care what skin type you have because my mom is able to use this and she has dry skin I'm able to use it I have combination skin and my brother even my brother Enjoys it and goes out of his way to include this in his routine Because he is right now in that adolescent awkward stage where he's a percent angst and 20% Acne, so this is wonderful

I've been getting in the habit of following up with a rose water toner and I'll be honest whenever I use a Toner I never see a dramatic difference But it's just feels so so refreshing now that it's summer so I do go out of my way to put this on but I would never really recommend anyone to pay the full price of This if it's in a value set use it you know why waste it But don't go out of your way to purchase this once again their skincare products are great and very versatile This is their hydration cream And I can use it my mom can use it my brother can use it once again? And it really really does its job It doesn't ever feel greasy and you'll only need to use a little bit because a little goes a long Way when it comes to moisture I find the hydration cream to be a little bit too heavy for my under eye area? So I use their nourishing serum, and this is a lot lighter, but it still packs that moisturizing punch So I don't know how they managed to do it But they really did and I'm really just glad that I've been able to use a skincare Regimen for as long as I have been I haven't used this product yet It is their rose water mask and although I haven't even opened this up yet I am sure that it will be hydrating it will be nourishing, and it will be lovely because yes they included that and I I believe them I'm Excited to put this into use especially because my friends and I are going to have an impromptu Spa day one of these days and this will just be a really great asset Next off, we're going to talk about soap, and maybe it's not the most exciting thing in the world, but at Luminance skincare They do it so well I repurchased both of these actually again They are so reliable and I just keep coming back, so aside for the fact that they smell wonderful They just lather So so nicely and it kind of is crazy to believe that you are using a vegan cruelty free No gmo no alcohol No Wax products it it just it doesn't make sense because all these products that are chock full of chemicals and Not nearly as many essential oils don't don't work nearly as well and I Just really enjoy this Honestly every bath is a treat Well

I don't bathe every shower is a treat That's a better way to put it Hi You're hot Yeah, you are plus I do have to take care of two beautiful dogs that sidetracked me for a little bit and this this works well for them as well as myself, so Right when you thought that I couldn't stop yapping about skincare I'll talk about beauty products now these two They know how to put a bunch of cute colorful items right before you Came to the conclusion that you are done shopping No

No look at these these are hard to resist Something to know about me Is that I haven't purchased a full-size Mascara in At least four years because I just grab this for favorites these will last you quite some time because of course when you open it you have three months before disposal and I'm so excited lash – to go this year has Bobbi Brown Buxom and Lancome tarte Urban Decay and I have tried two of these already the tarte lights look the Loo lights camera lashes and The Buxom lash which we're really really reliable the only thing is that the tarte one was a little too wet, so it Tended to smudge in my under eye area But other than that I'm so excited to try these And it's always nice to have these like in a backpack for instance or in your purse because they're very portable plus when I finish this sucker up finally I'll have a voucher for one of the Mascaras as a full size, and that'll be really exciting I actually have one of those certificates in my drawer right now and I Will have so much fun when I show up to the checkout counter and don't have to pull out map Polish Call it my wallet I've never really been one for matte lip colors because I feel like they look too drying and they really highlight the imperfections on your face But I could not resist because it was Naras their mini one is in the color Walkie right on the other is damned Oh my gosh See just look gorgeous you have something more dramatic this beautiful plum color and Something more neutral which I'm going to gravitate a little bit more towards but for sexy night outs or date nights I know exactly what I'm going to go out but not least I have a sephora hair favorite This is a beautiful glittery bag that actually doesn't feel like it's too much And I am going to use this for sure okay I'll quickly go through these because quite frankly I'm not sure what all of them Do just yet my son came with invisible Traceless hair rings, and I recommend these because you can actually wash them you know which is important since you are going to have a lot of residue from the products you're using and It just it never tugs at my hair

Which is really important like it says it voice headaches now I'm soaking it has a strong grip and it is traceless So that's the first thing have your CC cream a 10 in one complete correction living proof perfect hair day coconut oil Gel by Rich-kid triple second texturizing amplifying refreshing spray by drybar Away is dry Shampoo foam this I hope will work well for me because I have really thin hair so when I do use dry shampoo it usually just looks greasy on my roots and I've heard good things about that so fingers rest as For this this is a chlorine or reflex blonde is for blonde highlights sunlight inning spray I don't know if I'm going to use this I might give this away, just because I actually really love my ridiculously Dark hair Java Curl with a good wave maker Touchable texture whip it is 100% sulfate Paraben and silicone free that's exciting plus it is supposed to give my hair some texture and volume so I Am definitely going to use this very soon because as you can see my hair is very very straight And I want to change it up this Bb don't blow it fine hair styler for fine to medium soft hair This is by a bumble and bumble The packaging is all just really cute look at that, but is it really really cute okay? Moving on the brio geo don't Despair repair deep conditioning Mask I need to use this because I had been using a brush through my hair when it was wet And I thought that it was going to be fine because the way it was Advertised made it seem like it was the thing to do But it just it wasn't really healthy for my hair, and I think this will be really helpful Lastly verb ghost oil this is supposed to be a smoothing Moringa blend and a weightless hair oil Hopefully, this is as moisturizing as it claims to be and that's about it I really hope that you enjoyed this video It was short and sweet

I hope and I just Well frankly, you know after I turn this camera off I'm just going to spend the rest of the day with eautiful does so buh-bye I have a great day Honestly will not skin care should be paying me for making this video and damned I'll be so oh Wish me luck as if it's that important that I need your approval and support there's a good boy is your

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