Hogwarts House: RAVENCLAW | Makeup Tutorial

(mysterious music) – [Voiceover] Hello friends, so welcome to my Harry Potter Hogwart houses series I'm kicking this off with Ravenclaw

So, to begin, I'm taking some tape and placing it from the outer corner of my eye up towards my eyebrow and then taking a baby blue eyeshadow and covering all of my eyelid whilst remembering to go right up to the tape Don't be shy with the eyeshadow because next we'll be blending it all out with a fluffy brush We want a nice, soft smokey edge so just blend, blend, blend until you're happy Next, I'm taking a darker blue eyeshadow and almost creating a winged eyeliner shape with it, so go right up towards the tape This is going to create a really, really nice sharp line

And just like we did before, we're gonna blend it so it's nice and soft Next, I chose a white shade to highlight the inner corner of my eyes And now for the fun part, peeling off the tape to reveal a really nice sharp wing Ohh, pretty Now, for the next steps my camera did cut out and I'm really sorry, but it should be fairly easy to see what I did and I used a silver and a blue from my flash palette and I wanted to create a feathered wing shape to represent Ravenclaw

Once I was happy with that I applied some mascara to my top and lower lashes ready for some false eyelashes I chose some big, feathery ones to represent the eagle in the Ravenclaw crest And once you have applied your lashes, you're ready to go to Hogwarts in style I really, really hope that you guys enjoyed this tutorial and I'm so, so happy with it and I would love it if you shared it with your fellow Ravenclaw friends and click the thumbs up button and subscribe if you're new here If you're not a Ravenclaw, then don't worry, just pick another house at the end of the video

I will see you next time Bye (mysterious music)

Source: Youtube


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