So today's video is going to be about how I get glass skin I'm starting out by using my belief witch hazel herbal extract toner, and this toner is formulated to Hydrate dry and dull skin so what this product is super moisturizing And it works pretty well with my normal to dry skin Since I'm just focusing on the base makeup of this video I'm going to layer on four layers of the toner And this is kind of similar to the seven layers of toner method, but instead of seven I'm just going four Next I'm going to use the Belief Hungarian water essence And if you follow me on Instagram, then you would probably know That I've been using this along with the belief true cream moisturizing balm For a pretty long time I found this product through a Stephanie Nicole's channel And she has dry skin too so ever since then it's been my favorite moisturizing combo Onto the base makeup, I'm going to apply the luminous glow stick primer from milk makeup And this is just going to blur out some of my pores while still giving me a luminous face Before I start foundation, I'm just going to do my eyebrows really quick I'm not gonna go too in depth with my eyebrow routine in this video, but I just use a brow gel from Lancome And then I use two eyebrow pencils one from benefit and the other from Anastacia to fill in the tails of my brows I'm going to skip foundation and just use the YSL Beauty to cloud radiance perfecting pen I'm just gonna apply this under my eyes and around my nose and mouth and Blend it out with my Bobbi Brown full coverage face brush With a smaller concealer brush, I'm just gonna go into the Bobbi Brown cream You can see like it in warm ivory and cover up my blemishes like My dark circles and freckles under my eyes To keep the doing Asst of my skin I'm not going to a powder my entire face But I'm going to use the hourglass ambient lighting powder in dim light to powder my chin and a smile lines just Because it tends to increase there For blush I'm using one of my favorites It's the Clinique Jake pop and the shade is peach pop all of these blushes have a really pretty Sheen to them and I Love the shade range, so yes I highly recommend the Clinique cheek pops The next step that I'm going to do is apply my dr

Jar It's aramid in oil balm I have long nails, so I'm just warming it up with my knuckles And then putting it on my hand I'm applying it with my finger And I'm just dabbing it across my cheek so that I can get the extra doing this effect To highlight my nose I'm using the new Anastasia amrezy highlighter And I'm just putting this on the tip of my nose and on my nose bridge For lips today I'm using the buxom plumpline lip liner in the color hush hush, and this color is a warm Reddish-brown nude I'm putting this all over my lips, and I'm gonna over line my lips just a little bit And then to top it off I'm using the Clarins comfort lip oil in Red Berry

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