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HEAL A French term that means heal the scar In many Cica balms and creams, you may have noticed that they share a specific ingredient madecassoside Madecassoside is an active organic compound that is extracted from a medicinal plant called Centella Asiatica with three other compounds namely Asiaticoside, Asiatic Acid and Madecassid Madecassoside has been shown to induce collagen type I and III which is responsible for the healing and overall firmness of the skin So, that you just break a pimple, over-exfoliate your skin or attack your skin with powerful assets That your regular beauty routine suddenly starts to sting or whenever your skin is just pissed off against you Madecassoside can relieve your skin to some degree So, I tried a bunch of balms with Madécassoside and Cica balms different And I can say that I fell in love Especially if you have skin prone to acne, It is very likely that your skin barrier is somewhat damaged or weakened because of medicines for acne or acne treatment that you follow So creams with Madécassoside or Cica balms can be good options to integrate into your routine to strengthen the skin barrier This will not be an acne treatment But, It can help somewhat the healing process I will start with A'PIEU Madecassoside Cream A'PIEU has evolved recently They introduced really decent skin care products with affordable prices And if you look at the list of ingredients, it is very carefully made with clean and natural ingredients This contains 01% madecassoside and 40% leaf water from Centella Asiatica In addition, it contains Niacinamide to moisturize and lighten skin Adenosine for its anti-aging effect Panthenol, green tea, Hamamelis And Allantoin which is one of my favorite soothing ingredients It is overall a very good nourishing cream for normal to oily skin because it has a rather watery texture, so it blends very easily The major disadvantage of this product is that it uses a lot of essential oils for their flavoring properties So, that could smell good but it may not be the best choice if you have injured or scarred skin which requires quick recovery because these (essential oils) can irritate or even cause allergic reactions But if you are looking for something to use everyday without hassle, this can be great Dr

Jart Cicapair cream This product is 5000 times more expensive than that of A'PIEU But I always justify buying it because I thought it was really worth it looking at the list of ingredients and also the wording itself This product uses the 4 different organic compounds that are extracted from Centella Asiatica And they use Centella Asiatica extract, leaf water and stem cells extracted from Centella Asiatica I think Dr Jart is very good at imitating the natural matrix of the skin So the formulation itself looks like our natural lipid barrier somehow namely the substance that we have above the skin The more a product mimics the structure of the skin, the softer it is on the skin Dr Jart does a really good job of formulating If you already know the texture of Ceramidin Cream, they are very similar It is very dense, rich and thick somehow However, once you start spreading it, your skin receives all the beneficial ingredients The cream leaves an occlusive film on the skin, so it may be better for normal to dry skin It's really nice on the skin This also contains minerals and plant extracts to help improve the barrier function of the skin So I would say that it is very well formulated And I think that's the exact description of this product But if you are a little reluctant or hesitant to use anything containing PEG compounds or essential oils, it's not for you guys A very popular product to know Innisfree CICA INTENSIVE BALM At first, I remember that they advertised this as a spot treatment for acne They showed the transformation Before and After 5 days, in terms of acne I'm not really sure if it's thanks to Madecassoside or Centella Asiatica compounds However, it contains retinol Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that is supposed to unclog pores and accelerate cell renewal of the skin It may be beneficial for skin with imperfections in the treatment of acne I recognize that they may have used a minimal dose, but it's still there So, I'm sure I can recommend it to teens or someone in their early twenties because cell renewal at this age is already occurring in an optimal and healthy way I'm not sure you need a further push in this regard In addition to retinol, they used the 4 organic compounds that are extracted from Centella Asiatica It's fragrance-free, which I appreciate, honestly What I noticed in this product is that it is not necessarily an acne treatment insofar as it reduces and flattens the pimples But I think it gets the subcutaneous pimples out faster for you to pierce or do what you want with Use with caution, use only at night since it contains retinol Tell me what you think Now we have the best of the best La Roche Posay Cicaplast, this is the gel I think it's amazing if you had a laser treatment or a new scar It traps all in and creates a permanent and lasting moisturizing environment for your skin to be able to rejuvenate faster It creates a protective barrier essentially It's slightly occlusive That's why it's great if you have dry, parched or very scaly skin which requires instant recovery I absolutely recommend it if you need this kind of healing ointment From this same range, they also have a nourishing cream The CICAPLAST BAUME B5 It's really great to soothe irritations like any other balm cica already But I think this is great if you have dry, parched or very scaly skin After trying many products containing retinol or retinoids, this can save your skin This has an interesting pasty thick texture that does not seem to melt in the beginning but he does it eventually It is very nourishing It contains Panthenol, 5%, which is the pro-vitamin B5, hence the name Cica Baume B5 Panthenol is supposed to be a great rejuvenating ingredient for the skin It is an excellent moisturizing ingredient for the skin that also helps heal and soothe irritated areas So it blends perfectly with Madécassoside compound In addition, it uses the complex copper / zinc / manganese to promote the recovery of your skin It is also known to be antibacterial Study House SoonJung 5-Panthensoside Cica Balm This uses the Panthenol-Madecassoside complex, dosed at 5% which has become a formula that many companies use I really appreciate the fact that the SoonJung range has introduced a list of clean and minimal ingredients In addition, they are fragrance free I really like this product because it is great for soothing and reducing redness So every time I exfoliate with AHAs or with salicylic acid, I apply this to areas prone to redness It looks like an ointment; a very occlusive ointment But it turns into an aqueous fluid texture that is very refreshing So, it does not seem to clog the pores It does not seem to be too thick over other care products That's why, I like it Guys, I was not kidding when I said that the Panthenol-Madecassoside complex, dosed at 5%, became popular because this also uses it The Mamonde Pure Sensitive essence cream It also contains Chamomile extract which is a great natural ingredient to soothe the skin It contains squalene to feed The packaging reminds me of a hand cream and the same for the texture because it is slightly occlusive Which means it is better for dry or sensitive skin It's a good nourishing cream with a pretty good list of ingredients Nothing stunned me about this product, but I think it's a pretty great product to consider This is the only product I could not really like CENTELLA dressing powder from ALIVE: LAB It's basically a powder that you mix with your care products or you apply directly on the buttons It does not contain Madecassoside But it contains the 3 other organic compounds extracted from Centella Asiatica It contains zinc oxide to matify and dry a little pimples It contains Allantoin to soothe the skin And this also contains azelaic acid which is one of the most popular ingredients in the treatment of acne that many people seem to have good results with So, to a certain extent, this may be beneficial for acne prone skin I could not tolerate it because it dried out my skin in a troublesome way So, I could not continue using it And it's so embarrassing to use it, which discouraged me from continuing Tell me if you used it, I would like to know your opinion on it I hope you found this review useful Go to Instagram and subscribe @aboutliahyoo I try to post a lot on skin care in addition to informative content including frequently asked questions If you have not joined our PalmPalm family yet Please do so by clicking on the "Subscribe" button below Stay happy and healthy See you soon BYE

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