Hey everybody, OK so today's video is going to be on something that is giving a little Karma for your skin, bad Karma, and that is , we're going to talk about how to clean our different skin care devices, that's razors, tweezers, whatever you are using If you recall we talked about before that acne is simply bacteria that is down in your pores acting on oil that you are producing and is creating an infection

So we can do all this work that we talked about doing to clean up our diet and we can do all the work we talked about to clean up what goes on on our skin, but if we don't clean the things that we are using like razors, tweezers and so on, then you are putting bacteria, bad bacteria back on your skin So I'm going to talk about an easy way to disinfect all of those items That's including straight razors, I know a lot of people use those, electric razors, doesn't matter, tweezers, nail clippers, all of these sorts of items We're going to use something today that is very simple, probably already in your household So what you do is start by taking a measuring cup and you mix a half a cup of alcohol and half a cup of hydrogen peroxide and I promise you it won't explode, it won't

And what you're doing is creating a solution, you know when you go into barber shops or even hair salons you'll notice a blue formaldehyde based bacteriostatic solution that they keep combs and brushes in, and that is to keep those things disinfected But you can make something at home that doesn't have any of those harsh ingredients in it, won't harm your equipment but will clean that bacteria off of those items So we're going to take a bowl, and we're going to pour this liquid in there and then we're going to dismantle the razors, we're going to take the blades off, put them in We're going to take off these ends of the electric razor, make sure you take those off and not just the top, not just this piece, so you're going to soak all that, nothing's going to be harmed by the solution You're going to take the tops off your clippers, same thing, them them in there

Nail clippers, all of that, we're just going to disinfect a whole bunch of items today So these things need to soak for about an hour That's all you need to do and then just simply rinse them off with warm water and you can go back to using them Make sure you dry them off before you replace them and put them back on the equipment What you're doing is removing that bacteria, old skin cells that have built up, dirt, hair follicles, all the things that go in there and get stuck that are microscopic to you and you may not even notice them to the eye

But when you're shaving you are clipping the very edges of your skin off those pores and you're leaving them open to this bacteria to get back in and cause more breakouts That's what causes a lot of the razor rash that guys have, that's what causes a lot of the bumps that women get when they shave their legs or wherever You want to be sure you disinfect these items at least once a week This is like a magic bullet for skin problems that a lot of people, they start doing this and they see all of these rashes and their acne breakouts subside or even cease all together So that's today's tip, clean your stuff! Clean it clean it clean it, just like you ladies clean makeup sponges, clean your stuff

I hope you find this helpful, this is again, Acne Awareness Month, be sure that you subscribe because I'm placing these videos up two or three times a week right now, we're doing more than one a week You don't want to miss any of this stuff, because these things will help you Please come back and watch them, subscribe, comment, ask me questions, really important, ask me questions I will answer them So have a good one and I'll be back with more soon

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