How to Curl Your Eyelashes: Makeup Tutorial Video with Robert Jones

Robert: Okay you know how obsessed I am with eyelashes and I wanted to do a video just a really quick one about strictly curling, the three types of curlers I use and give you a better view as to getting in there and seeing them First I always start with the classic eyelash curler and I'm going to go and I'm going to start at the base, crimp down open up walk it out, crimp down open up walk it out, crimp down

It's never a matter of, and I know you girls you want to just like hold it for forty five seconds then you have just a crimp You will get more of a curl my walking it out then you will from just sitting there and holding it while you do something else

Okay, of course I hop you aren't doing something else So we're going to start, turn that way for me, and we're going to crimp down open it up crimp down open it up walk it out crimp down And you can repeat that a couple of times But you're walking it out to the ends of the lash so you're getting a curl rather than a crimp You'll notice that the outer corner and inner corner aren't quite as curled as I want but I'm going to go back and get that with another eyelash curler

Look down Working it in there Crimping down walking it out, crimping down walking it out, crimping down And you can see when we turn her head can you see how curled that is? And it's a nice curl rather than a crimp that goes right straight up I'm then going to take my detailed eyelash curler and I'm just going to get my corners

Look down for me Just getting my corner here And then my inner corner My outer corner on this side My inner corner

And this just really allows you to get up close and get those little detailed lashes Now my third eyelash curler works after mascara So I'm gonna go ahead and put on a layer of mascara Now it is true, that waterproof mascara will hold your curl longer so I do like to use, look down for me, I do like to use waterproof for my very first layer You'll find that some waterproof formulas are not as hard to get off as others

And my just doing one layer of waterproof first versus all three of your layers being waterproof it won't make it hard to get your mascara off Making sure to clean off your wand so you don't have too much product on there Look straight ahead And you can see all you need is a little lip gloss and blush and she would be good to go But see where these corner lashes still aren't where I want them to be and I want to do a little cleaning up

I simply take my heated eyelash curler mine looks a little ghetto but I keep using them even after they don't stay clicked together I just use a little piece of tape, especially when you get a good hot one I'm going to take the heated eyelash curler and the trick to using the heated eyelash curler of course your have to have a layer of mascara on 'cause it uses the mascara to curl with You are going to start at the base of the lashes you're going to work it back and forth and then you're going to push up and roll it towards you and that will get you the perfect curl Look how perfectly curled that is from doing that Look down and over that way

So working it back and forth and then you're just kind of rolling it over The reason why you are working it back and forth is you want to get it into these little grooves And these little grooves, you want the lashes to go into the little grooves So working it back and forth You're almost laying it on top of your lashes or the lashes on top of themselves But see that one that wouldn't curl, look it's perfect

The curl is perfect there Okay look straight into the camera, that one I'm sorry that one Now you can't tell me that curling your lashes are not important That's one layer of mascara and curled lashes

If I just put one more layer on and I'll do that for you You're going to see that she literally could do nothing else to her eyes but maybe a little highlight around her lid and she would be good to go Look at what a difference that makes Curl your lashes people Okay so you're not going to believe how long they are so do you want to see them? Okay here it's a ghetto mirror

Model: Wow! Robert: It looks like you have false ones on So you can attest to how much curling your lashes makes a difference And see for me you do a little highlight on your lid and some lip gloss and you look done for the day Model: It looks awesome

Source: Youtube


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