How to get a Flawless Full Coverage Look for Acne Skin | Makeup Products for Acne prone skin

Hello everybody! Number <3 In today's video, how do I cover acne perfectly I'll show you how to express smooth skin! As you may have seen my video, I have a lot of acne on my chin If you try to cover it like this, makeup is too much

So in today's video I'll show you how to cover acne perfectly! Let's make a clean skin expression! And I'll also recommend good base products for acne skin Let's start with the video! It is my skin condition now! Once the light is so big, it's keke! I'm going out today, but I'm more concerned with skin care for the cold weather Once I see my jaw, I see a lot of acne marks and red kerosene It's getting better now It's still too far away! I'll cover it once

I'll start with sunscreen first! Even if you do not make a real makeup, you must be a sunscreen! I have to paint! Do not forget sunscreen! This is Madukasoside Sunfruit of the eyewear This is the product I bought recently at I liked the product so much that I wanted to show it first Why is this so good? Once the ingredients are very good for acne skin! I'll read a list of the main ingredients Madecasoside, Botulinum palustris, Niacinamide, Adenosine I like everything so much The ingredients are too good

I like the formulation very much! (Best to wear!) I feel like a real lightweight lotion Please shake it before using it first Or the formula comes apart I'll try it first Best sincerity! Without the need for skin Going so smoothly !!! I think it will be my best sunshine

Please apply real sun cream! Next time I'm going to give you a cotton candy ink bottle from Alive Lab I'm using it too well these days It's thin and light to make it There is some coverage! It's my favorite formula Before I apply another I'm going to spread this thinly with a feeling of putting up the shield This is too good for the ingredients

The only disadvantage is There is only one color 00 I also really like "ugh ??" This was the reaction I found only one color My original skin color is No

22? No 23 I think this is about 21 My skin has a good lake I recommend it if you have a bright skin like me I can not believe you have only one real color As you can see, it's a dilute dosage form

So I'm going to apply this lightly in small quantities to the whole face first I feel overwhelmed before I put on my makeup This product also includes Madecasoside, Zinc Oxide, etc It's made of good ingredients I'll stick it with a sponge! A little bright, right? If I did not have a lot of acne marks I think I'll just finish my base makeup with this

The adhesion is so good Because there is some coverage! The most important thing I cover when covering acne Than to apply a lot at once It's layering thinly Layering is sexy !! (It is the right place to say anything ) Today's video is the most important message So I just had a thin cream of BB cream I still have a lot of acne marks, but I'll just let it go Because there's another layer on top of it! The next product to use is It's Dr Sartre's Shika Fair Recover

I mentioned this product once in another video This is a color-correcting product But it's not exactly a makeup product Something in the middle stage between skin care and makeup products? Once the effect is so good! It's a real jackpot, though Because it is a product used as a color corrector I'm gonna put it on the chin once Because there is more redness than others But this is because the formulation is a bit stiff

I'll just use a really small amount of your finger I do not know if it will be visible, but a small amount of reddish brown has disappeared But because he's so tough, he'll really just do it like this Until perfect! This product seems to be the best to catch the red flag! I recommend it because it is so good that I can relieve acne inflammation! I use it a little bit like this and it looks really good! What I have now is a sample I was trying to buy this There's a lot of stuff in Yogi and I'm still using it

But if you use all this, I will buy this product! Next is Concealer! There are two concealers This is a clear-fit spot concealer from Cos Alx This is a product I've been using a lot in the last year, and I'm still using it very well Another Concealer is the AC Clean Up Mild Concealer at Etude House So both are products for acne skin I like the ingredients

Different coverage The COEX X is high enough to cover The ETUtod has low coverage! I will choose one of them because I want to! I like to have a lot of coverage I will use Cos Alx products This is really only a small amount I need a cover on the chin and the ball

For reference, the formulation is slightly thicker Please use only a small amount of this! I'll give you a little light to catch the red flag inside the ball I'll put it in a sponge Be careful so you can stick to it! Because there are products layering I need to get close to it I left the product on the sponge and covered the entire face

I'll make the skin tone even Now I'm going to paint the pade Pade will just use the products I use these days This is the InFacing Shop's Slim Fit Pad Still for acne? I could not find Pade

I'm just going to use regular fades And because this pada has a pretty good sustainability I'll just use this! But if you have a bit more acne Sprinkle some of this centella dressing powder Making my own pads for acne I use it well I'll spread it thin! Of course you can use this cushion only for this acne skin These are the products I shot in the review Especially, I have a lot of cos I recommend the Madecaso Side Wonder Tension Fact I feel a little lack of sustainability compared to fade I'll give you a pada today Please stick with sponge! Fade fits well with your skin! I'll paint around the nose with a little flat brush

With a little faded I'll cover you! After you've finished faded There will be some things that are still visible Nasty things You can use the pod concealer at this time So I'll just paint it with this I will now process the powder! I need powder treatment to make makeup last longer Especially if you have complex oily or oily skin The base makeup does not melt until you stop the oil

I recommend the powder Dr Trouble of seed water ? To Love? Phoebe zero Centella powder

Contains zinc oxide and Centella asiatica that can help keep pimples down I do not think it's too good to be matted Especially with a little layering of base makeup If you do a complete matte powder treatment It was rather uneven and the skin expression looked dirty So I'm giving a little light This powder seems to fit well because it's not too matt Powder will give you a little bit of oil to make it come up well

I'll put it on T-Zone, including your chin Makeup can not dissolve in oil! I'll give it a little touch and let it burn As I told you, I'm not going to cover the whole face Because I have to give a certain amount of light Please touch only the light! And the hair does not stick to the face I'll put powder on the outside of the face

As you can see, there is a light on my ball Tizzone and the outside are matte, right? Finally, I will spray the mist! (I sprinkled it for a little bit of moisturizing feeling because it was winter) Yeah! So I showed you how to completely cover your acne skin! I hope it helps a little The real acne skin is so tough I want to do makeup I do not like the bass that looks dirty

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