How to get a long Hair | Beauty Tips

Music Don't Forgot to Subscribe this Channel If Like this Video Kindly Click Like Button Comment Your Feedback Below If You Comment your Requirements, then I Can Provide a tips related to that Most Common Issues are Black Hair Fast Hair Growth etc are the most searchable videos on youtube Ok Whot Should we do? First

Take Aloevera plant in that Pulps there, it means a gel inside take from the leaves Take that pulps and keep it in a bowl in another bowl take one lemon in another bowl one Keep one big Onion Plus Take One Piece of ginger Ginger Lemon Big Onion Aloe vera Pulps grind this four ingredient well in a mixy Once mixed Filter that mixture using filter net

once you filtered you will get a gel type liquid apply it on your hair daily morning and night It will look like a paste gel type This mixture will never gives you any sideeffects If you applied Listen the benefits At first your hair turns to black

Teasing head also get hair once tried u will understand it First hair turns to black Second one Hair will start grow Third one

If you have bane issue It Clean your scalp Completely Even the hidden dandruff at scalp Clean completely So Giving single solution Hair fall will stop

Hair will grow Make hair Black Bane Issue will gone Remove the Drandruff In Single mixture with single solution your getting more

So try it without fail Comment your feedback after one month Any Natural remedy you should do it for 48mandalam one and a half month u should do it So

Comment your feedback below to this video after one month Definitely i will see and give you as a an example for others! Am not willing do a video for youtube like other with out authentication Am not like that type of creator So, am willing to be Authenticated is must Ok So, Share this video to many people can be benefited If you like this video click like button must Subscribe Now Thank you so much friends Bye Bye!

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