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Okay guys, so I'm gonna quickly run through this night time routine for Glass Skin because you do need a really really good skin texture the next day you're gonna make sure that you have insurance at night time to Really, give your skin that healthy, radiant Looking skin while having good good skin texture, so we're gonna be using my toner ACSEN TOC toner and I'm gonna be doing about two pumps I'm gonna use a cotton pad to quickly Make sure that I give my We're also gonna clean slate And then I'm gonna be using the key product for the night routine for glass skin Which is gonna be an AHA product This is by [by WISHTREND] Mandelic Acid My current favorite exfoliator, and I'm just gonna do about That much and just make sure that your cotton pad is fully soaked And then I'm gonna put it on top Now this is type of a cheat, but it's very mild So given me with sensitive skin can use it And I highly recommend it for those of you with sensitive skin types You guys can use a scrub or any other type of AHA or BHA product but make sure that You use an exfoliator So that your skin can look flawless the next day And then I'm gonna just move on quickly with my serum

This is [I'm From] Ginseng serum My current favorite for a very long time now and For the last step ofcourse having clean, even skin texture is really important for Glass skin But very importantly your skin needs to look very very plump and deeply hydrated the next morning Which is very important, it needs to be in the best condition ever So I'm gonna be using [Klairs] Midnight blue calming cream because nothing can actually beat this Cream for me I absolutely love it This is actually a new one I think I run through these babies so fast but I'm gonna use a big chunk and I'm gonna be using ['m from] honey cream now This is the old version there's a renewed version of it, so I like the renewed version much better I'm just gonna get I'm just gonna put that on to just boost up the effect Very thick layer I'm just gonna think of it as kind of like my sleeping mask So I don't need to soak in fully into my skin And voila so this step is gonna definitely Help you portray that glass skin the next morning so this p

m step is very important Also, okay, so now enjoy the morning routine for glass skin Good morning, guys !! So I just woke up and I wanted to show you my glass skin routine for am routine now so as you can see the Mandelic acid that I used yesterday really helped to overall just give me a really clean Skin texture and not just that but just the overall very bright and fresh glass skin First I'm gonna be showing you what I do in the morning And I'm going to be using this [Aveda] TULASARA RADIANT OIL and I made a video in Korean Before with English subtitles so if you wanna guys can check out not right there On my bare face before even washing This is gonna help to Deliver the oils deep within your skin And this is a wash off oil, so we're gonna wash it off afterwards Using an oil You're going to be able to say goodbye to So first I'm just gonna rinse it off with water This is not something that emulsifies with water so you do have to use a cleanser okay, and then I'm using my [CNP] Perfect Barrier Cera cleanser, I've been really liking this It's been helping me a lot with my breakouts Can you tell it's the morning routine for glass skin It bubbles up really well even if I have all the oil still in my hand Almost look really nice, and I really love the scent of it too There's a hint Just a very tiny hint of something very Floral, but it's very tiny to a point where it just smells really nice

It doesn't bother you Whenever oh really lightly Really really like be as lengthy as possible not putting any pressure on Okay, so now I'm done with the cleansing part That take out tomorrow [Laneige] Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist Just whip the water as soon as I come out of the shower I'll be just doing this And to come back to my room And then I'll be using my current toner which I'm already almost done using and this is [TROIAREUKE] ACSEN TOC TONER and I got this from TROIAREUKE, thank you guys so much I'm still waiting to make sure that I really like this and the serum to Be able to make a video for you guys, so please be on the lookout for that it's important that you use a cotton pad to portray that glass skin because you really, don't want any uneven texture because when you put on the Base makeup it's going to be able to show So this is like the last step that last insurance that you use because a cotton pads help to Remove any leftover dead skin cells around the nose area And you know like these areas really well One of the reasons why I switched from Klairs toner as I still do use Klairs toner But I like this I feel like this has been helping me much more with my acne So yeah, I've been switching it up Because I have been getting a little breakouts here and there and then for serum I am using ginseng serum from [I'm from] again Really important that you choose a serum That's very hydrating because you don't want to put a thick layer of moisturizer on for this routine So I'm actually gonna put a little bit more than I would It's about two to four pumps And then I'm almost done, but I'm using [DRJART] CICAPAIR CREAM from doctor charts I don't even need a lot just a little bit Think number one I've been mentioning is the skin texture so definitely you need a Pm Routine to back up that glass skin As like an insurance And then in the morning make sure that you use a product that can exfoliate and give you that clean texture you can even use my scrub if you like but But I'm gonna add in just two drops of the bio oil I really like this oil This is I think one of the few oils that did not cause me breakouts and Like two drops, that's all I need And then this is gonna definitely one of the main steps which is [MODELO] PINKBLOCK EXPERT SUNBLOCK and I absolutely Love the sunblock I first tried it in Busan with the samples that I got and I loved them so much I'm gonna repurchase them as soon as I'm done with the Samples, this is like actually like not Really frequent I've never really bought anything after I love the samples so much But I fell in love and this is basically one of the key ingredients for that glass skin And you're gonna fall in love to get ready So it's this kind of colored tinted sunscreen and This has been worked so well on my skin So it does have a little bit of white cast you can see But I feel like it's not white cast I'll show you it Just feels totally like a primer I'm gonna show you with a sponge on this side and with my fingers on this side Just to blend it out Look at that I Love it and even if you had a little bit of darker tone This was so well in it's totally different than giving it a white cast I feel like This feels like a slightly pink Tinted concealer or Primers and today

I'm gonna use [Klairs] BB cream Just gonna use a very tiny small amount And I'm gonna blend it out with the sponge that I used But I'm gonna start with the part that you have the most blemishes So you want to make that part the thickest right so for me would be like Right here in between and then with the leftovers you Would spread it out? To the sides Under your eye So I can stop here, but I'm gonna apply a little bit of the concealer for little parts like right here or My pimples right there and things like that, so I'm gonna [Klairs] concealer this is definitely one of the products that I always get monthly cuz I [Wishtrend] one of the good things that working at Wishtrend is that they do give you Ten free products from Klairs or by Wishtrend every month, so yeah Maybe I'll make a video for that like the products that I get every month I think it one of the really important assets when you want to portray Glass skin is that you want to make your skin look Blemish free I mean freckles and little things like that looks beautiful But I think acne scars or acne marks It's better that you cover it up as you can see right now I feel like as I'm growing older my elasticity for my skin is kind of starting to sag and this part kind of bothers me Look, but if I conceal it and make it More white this does kind of plump it up This part That I'm trying to give it that 3d Pumping effect Okay, so I'm just gonna do my lips because I feel like with me it just makes a huge difference With my lips because I do have such thin lips what I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna use Tint That seems really red I'm just gonna do the inner corner like that I make sure I Spread it out Then I am using [OKA] This is one of the tints that I got for free but I've been using it so well, and I love it with my Kind of any kind of looks that I want a potray when I don't wear a heavy makeup Wipe it off a little bit And I don't have a lip gloss That's Transparent or clear lip gloss, so I'm just gonna be using My [LANEIGE] sleeping mask I do use this as like my lip balm It smells so good So now from before and after a I think like this is a huge difference because I have such thin lips, and I am using wonder darling This is from Holika, Holika, and then I'm just gonna draw in little tiny teensy bit so I start from the bottom Make sure that I have that And then I fill in the top a little bit When I'm not going for that smokey makeup I usually just go for the straight eyebrows that many Koreans really love the thicker that you're Actually eyebrows are the bigger that your eye looks like compare it when you do arched eyebrows your eyes look much smaller when you do the Straight eyebrows your eyes do look a little bit bigger Let's get it looks really bad right now guys, but no worries cuz we have the trusty little brush For us as insurance so I never panic when I have And I get crazy brows cuz you can always have the brush look Say that you still can't Make sure you can't fix it and don't worry, and you have to trust a little puff the leftover BB so you always just this is just magical you always dab it just makes life better

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