How To Get Rid of Acne: 10 Tips for Clear & Healthy Skin

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel And in today's video I will be sharing with you guys 10 tips for clear skin They're basically 10 lifestyle changes that you could incorporate into your daily routine for a healthier skin complexion So, if you are interested, keep on watching Number 1 is hydration

So yes, drink lots of water There are many drinks out there Soda, juice, smoothies But instead of drinking something super sugary, I recommend just drinking water with a slice of lemon on it if you want some flavor But what about caffine? For the coffee lovers out there There are a lot of articles online saying that coffee is good for the skin But also bad for your skin And when I looked into it, caffeine can overwork your liver So your liver is working overtime And that can cause toxic build up which disrupts the health of your skin So there was that, but, I'm not saying cut it completely out of your routine Just kinda drink it in moderation And also, coffee is dehydrating which is the total opposite of point 1 which is hydration And if your skin is dehydrated, it is going to cause inflammation and it's not good for aging so, Definitely keep yourself hydrated And another drink that I wanted to quickly touch up on is alcohol And yes, alcohol is not good for your skin because it's super sugary And in Korea, my dermatologist did say that makkoli, which is rice wine, is okay But not too much of it, just a little bit at a time Tip number 2 has to do with food And it's basically to avoid salty foods Such as potato chips, kelp, seaweed, french fries And also avoid dairy, milk, cheese and any foods that have a lot of hormones Such as peanut butter and like shellfish I recommend that you do your reseach But yes, avoid those types of foods Number 3, when you're doing laundry, use fragrance-free detergent And also try to avoid using fabric softeners and sheets Because my dermatologist basically said that it creates a waxy residue which can clog up your pores So there are alternatives that you can use And, I remember when I was living in America My mom used tennis balls, and there are also anti-static clean balls that you can purchase online and like, in-stores so, Yeah, try to avoid doing that The 4th tip I have is something I have shared before on my channel And it is to keep your towel out of the bathroom because your bathroom has a lot of bacteria Think about it, the toilet is right there So, Keep your towel out of the bathroom and also try not to use a towel when drying your face Just pat it dry, and of course, it can be difficult sometimes because there are days when I feel too lazy to just pat it dry So basically what I do is I apply toner using a cotton pad And then I apply it and then layer the toner 2 or 3 more times So try to avoid using a towel and also keep the towel out of the bathroom Because if you are going to use the towel to dry your face, you definitely don't want bacteria on there The next tip is to change up your pillowcases often Think about it, your face is going to be laying on it for 5 to I don't know how many hours of sleep you get But if you are not sleeping, your pillowcase might collect a lot of dust and maybe even bacteria So change up your pillowcase as often as you can Don't pick on your acne This is a lot easier said than done Trust me, there are days when I can't even follow up with this And, if you really have to pick on it or pop the pimple on your own Don't use your fingertips because there is a lot of bacteria underneath your fingernail So avoid doing that If you do pick on it, I recommend that you use 2 q-tips instead of your fingers A great free way to treat you inflammation is by icing them because it's really going to cool that area down And basically, I get an ice cube, wrapped it around like, a cotton pad or a tissue And I just place it on pimples, pimples, and scars And I notice that it really calms it down And if you're too lazy to do that I recommend that you keep all your face masks in the fridge And you use sheetmasks cool The final tip that I have to not pick on my acne is by using a pimple patch This is from Cosrx, it's one of my favorites The hydrocolloids help treat the acne And I notice that instead of picking it If I the stick on, the next morning all of the gross gunk will be transferred onto the patch So I recommend that you give these a try Check ingredients I've done a video where I share the best ingredients that help treat and fade acne scars So if you haven't watched already, click up there to watch But I also shared in a very old video of mine Ingredients that you should avoid in your skincare products So, I'll make sure to type is all down below in the description box So that you can check all of the skincare products that you have to make sure those ingredients are not in there Because you definitely don't want pore clogging ingredients in your skincare And actually, don't just check your skin care but check your makeup as well as hair products such as shampoo and conditioner Wear sunscreen I say this all the time but I don't care because it's really important It not only helps prevent wrinkles but it's really going to protect your scars from getting darker So wear sunscreen I'm going to recommend my favourite ones in the description box if you're interested But yes, super important Wash up your makeup brushes Change up those puffs If you don't, you'll break out I notice that I was breaking out like right here and that's where I contour And it's because I wasn't washing the makeup brushes So, even if it is one of the most annoying things to do, It's definitely going to show a difference on your skin And finally, get enough rest This is actually the hardest thing for me to do Because I'm a morning and night person So on average, I get 4 to 5 hours of sleep a day And I thinks that's pretty good but my friends always freak out everytime I say that And I do notice that when I sleep like 6 to 8 hours Ok I never sleep up to 8 Like 6 to 7 hours a day for like a week My skin just looks so much healthier and well rested So, rest is super important And for me, this is something that I am working on, like every single day And this year I basically gave myself a rule to stop working at 11 pm Like by 11 pm, my laptop and computer needs to be turned off This is really hard for me because I like to do a lot of my editing at night But, giving myself this rule, I have started noticing that it kinda helps me like relax a lot quicker than before Because if I'm staring into the light It kinda distracts my sleeping schedule It really does so another tip is to turn on your nightshift mode On your phone And I think there is a program called flux for you laptop So definitely look into that I'm also trying my best to read more this year and that's been really helpful during the nightime Because it just relaxes me and I love reading So, yeah Read a book And finally, drink tea Chamomile and lavender tea are like, my favorites And in America, I notice that there are teas that says sleepy time on it So, if there are sleepy time teas nearby, definitely look into those Alright so that's it for the tips I hope you guys found this video helpful I notice it's been awhile since I've done a skincare related topic on my main channel And to be honest it's been really difficult because I don't really have my normal setup And my uh like, I don't know, I just feel more comfortable filming skincare routines in my personal bathroom As well as my room so Once I'm back in Korea, I can't wait to share like some of the new products that I have discovered I've been trying Sunday Riley, Drunk Elephant I just ordered like a few things from the ordinary And I just can't wait to share um like, some new skincare products that I have been testing out and my reviews on them When I filmed my video Amy for her channel We filmed the acne products that we are currently loving And I forgot how much I missed talking about skincare so, That's why I came up with this list today And yeah, I hope it was helpful Please give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed watching And I'll see you guys in my next one, bye!

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