How To Get Rid of Acne – 4 Years Later Update (Roaccutane)

And now I am a completely different person and I can't lie I owe that to Roaccutane Hi welcome back to my channel so today, I'm going to talk about skincare For the last few months, I've really concentrated on fitness as I have posted quite a lot about my journey to weight loss but today I want to go back to something that I love talking about and feel really passionate about and that Is dealing with acne so for a lot of years I dealt with cystic acne I had really horrible boils all over my face really bad break outs constantly Here on my cheeks down here all under my chin all hormonal and it really did take over my life I would cake my face in Foundation and just hope that no one would realize this was happening and I remember the turning point was when I was at London College of Fashion, and I was Having a break it was in the afternoon, went to boots on my own on my lunch break And I used to love looking at the makeup counters So I got speaking to the woman that worked on the YSL counter and She said to me you really need to stop caking your face in makeup like you've obviously got quite bad skin For an 18 year old girl to hear from someone who works behind a beauty counter to tell me that I have obviously got acne It really really hurt my feelings that she'd Seen that I was covering my face up with thick foundations every day to try and hide What was happening so she took me to one side and said my advice to you is to stop wearing as thick foundations because all you are doing by wearing loads and loads of foundation is actually bringing attention to your skin Obviously saying this to somebody that has acne Is like saying black is white and white is black you just literally can't understand that because It's like you're putting a mask on to try and hide your biggest insecurity So there's someone to tell you not to do that is just Not something you're gonna take lightly obviously you've thought about that

You don't want to wear foundation You don't want to have to get up in a morning and be paranoid about your skin before you walk out of the house But this is something if you have got acne or you are prone to bad breakouts its something that you have to deal with on a daily weekly monthly basis, so I think she probably didn't handle the situation in the best way and She shouldn't have said that to me but I'm also very very glad that she did because that was the turning point for me to think I Don't want to carry on like this I don't want my face to look like this anymore, so that's when I Was living Cambridge at that point, and I went to the hospital and saw a dermatologist Then I got put on Antibiotics to start with then they gave me some creams for my skin and benzoyl peroxide that's the one Benzoyl peroxide something like that and then I was putting that on every night like they said it died all my pillowcases all my towels were covered in this stuff Still had acne still bad still suffering still caking my face in Foundation and at this point and it was really getting on top of me and I Just hated going anywhere I just used to think I Don't want to wear makeup, but don't want to have to cover my face up every day so that's when it was Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge that I was speaking to the dermatologist and He was like I think you should take Roaccutane At this point was about 19 years old and I thought I've heard things about this Roaccutane, I don't really want to take it I'm away from my parents So I wasn't really in a situation where I felt like taking Roaccutane was a good idea for me even though one of my family members had taking it, and they'd Had really good results from taking Roaccutane it was for my own sanity I just thought I'm at university I'm away from my family and I don't you want to put this drug in my system that has got so many bad side effects and not really have that person Like my mom or my partner to look to look out for me and make sure I'm okay So I decided to not take Roaccutane

I started going on the sunbeds loads to really dry my skin up and that did work, but then obviously So did sun damage I put it off for a few years Still stuffing with really bad acne Still trying to deal with it, I used to have facials every week I used to have deep sea mud masks that would literally make me heave because they smelt so disgusting on my face Nothing would work I was still having really bad breakouts still wearing loads of foundation Then I moved back up north as id been working in London for magazines and things and I was around all these amazing models all the time that had fantastic skin, and it just really used to get on top of me so when I moved back up to Leeds I started working in personal shopping and again I just felt really really paranoid about my skin it was one of those things where Someone would say something to me, and it just would trigger it off, and I'd have really bad anxiety about my face Id not want to go to work because I would just be so paranoid about How my skin looked and how people were thinking about my skin A girl that I worked with we we're going on a night out and just before I asked her if I could borrow your bronzer brush or something for my skin, and she was like I'd rather you didn't use my makeup and at the time the girl probably to had no idea that that would really really upset me and was just Not really think about what she was saying but to Think that someone doesn't want to share makeup with you but it's happy to share with somebody else just because you've got bad skin is one of the most awful and Traumatic things, These are the things people don't realize really affect people that have got bad acne because it's not Something that you can catch you can't catch acne from someone, it's not a disease it's something That's genetic inside your skin if you produce more sebum than somebody else then you're gonna have acne you're not going to catch Acne it doesn't work like that It's all about bacteria at that point I Was like I can't do this anymore um I'm gonna really look into Roaccutane so I started Watching documentaries about Roaccutane and I spoke to my parents about me going on it and how it could affect me How people could commit suicide by taking it how there might be a chance It's not gonna work The side effects

I might be able to work because it makes you joints dry And makes your lips chapped You back can really hurt your eyes dries So you can't drive There's just so many side effects to this drug, and I'm not really the type of person that likes to put things in my body Because I don't like to have an effect like to be quite natural so for me to take this drug was a very very very very very big choice of mine and I Didn't just rush into it I didn't just have a bad day And think I'm gonna take this drug that might not work and it might make me kill myself It was a very big decision and I actually just had to do it for myself And I thought this is the time and I can't run away from this So I did I went to the dermatologist in Leeds, and I went for consultations Saw a Dermotologist there and We decided that the best idea after years of talking about it was to go on Roaccutane for the first few weeks Bear in mind This is four years ago now, so I'm just trying to track my brain from four years ago and For the first few weeks I had really really really bad breakouts And this was the point where it was Really hard for me to go to work because I was working at a personal shopper at this point I just said I can't carry on I just don't think it's appropriate for me to be working while taking this drug, I'm gonna take leave, so I did It was it was an awful experience

It was not nice at all I had such saw chapped lips my skin It was so pale like I like to wear fake tan, I like to be tanned and I'm not naturally this tanned I'm very very pale, and I was a very pale like it's probably palest I've ever been in my life My skin was just translucent So yeah, it was very pale My face was so dry It was literally peeling off I had two really sore Cuts here that I couldn't really eat with because it was just so so So the doctor had to give me some steroid cream to try and rebuild my lips because it was so sore My joints were killing me I couldn't go to the gym

I couldn't exercise, couldn't go for a run so I put weight on My eyes were really dry so I couldn't really drive at night It just it literally for six weeks took over my life and six weeks doesn't seem that long, but when you can't do anything for six weeks It really is so that's why when I talk about Roaccutane I try to really stress that it is an important decision to be made and Not something to rush into because it will affect your job It'll affect your education if you're at university or school and it will affect you day to day Socializing family and friend life because you do become a bit of a recluse obviously you don't want to go there with your friends and go out on a night out when you are Looking like a snake and peeling, I mean not everyone has these side effects my friend Jemma recently took it and she didn't have any of these side effects She had a few bits where she was dry and her lips I sore but it didn't ever stop It didn't ever stop her from coming out with us on a night I know people that suffered really really badly from side effects and It's not even worked for them So they've gone through all this process, and then they've still got acne afterwards So there's no 100% cure for acne, and this is definitely not quick fix It's something that you have to really think about So If you want to know more about what I took and what the products I used while I was taking Roaccutane It's all on my blog which will be listed below You can look into that and if there's any questions you want to ask me I can hundred percent answer them I love answering questions from people that are thinking about taking accutane or suffering from acne and everything I've tried And when I say I have tried everything I think I have tried everything! I've cooked dairy out of my diet I've Changed my pillowcases every night to make sure my germs aren't Spreading bacteria I don't share anyones towels I mean all these things are in my blog if you want to look into more about skincare tips And if you wanna know more from me on that, and how I keep my skin clear Then I can definitely put that in another video So now I'm coming up to my fourth year that I have been acne free and in those four years I have changed quite a lot I mean it has changed my confidence dramatically I would say I'm a different person 100% I would never ever ever be able to sit here and talk to a camera and Not think I'm gonna need to retouch my skin and obviously a video can't be retouched you just have to look as you are and I just know I would never be able to do that was very Very insecure because of my acne and what people used to say really really affected me and now I am a completely different person and I Can't lie I owe that to Roaccutane, if id not taken Roaccutane I wouldn't be in this situation because I still would have acne I mean, I do still have the odd spot, but that's usually when it's time of the month, and I'll get a hormonal spots don't know if you can see, but I did have one recently you can't see now anyway, what I will say is four years on after having Roaccutane Which is what this whole video is supposed to be about before I told you my whole life story the issues that I have faced since mostly my dry skin, so my skin never got its elec electricity My skin never got its moisture back because I can't say that word ha my skin never got its moisture back basically and I Don't know like sometimes I actually really miss having oily skin because you look younger for a long time Whereas now I literally have to marinate my face in moisturizer if I get off an aeroplane and I've not put moisturizer on I literally look like I've aged 30 years because my skin is just so dry or if I go for a run i look horrendous So yeah, that's one thing I miss Number two is scarring so this is the most annoying thing If you ever had acne you've had big spots if your a picker like me you pick those spots And you pick them to the point that you can't get them anymore, so with that I have learned a few secrets to help with my scars because you get rid of one thing but you get another So the scars whenever you wear makeup after you've taken Roaccutane you can just see them I mean, let's try and get close you can see them look at that And It's just really annoying Because you'll have like this perfect complexion now Which it looks fine when you're not got makeup on well it depends it might be different for other people But for me when I have not got makeup on it doesn't look that bad as soon as i put makeup on my makeup just sits in all the little holes So what I haveve done it for that is I love NYX pore filler life Saver so the key to scarring is with foundation primer This is taking me for you four years

four years to discover! so I like NYX they are great They're like They're one step ahead of me all the time They're mind readers so yeah the pore filler which I'll put below in the link got it from boots That's really good I put that on before my foundation Priming the skin is very important Next is dermarolling honest to god I've only started doing this the last six months, but why haven't I been doing it for the last three frickin years because it is amazing basically I'm gonna do a full derma rolling video because I Love it so much Basically get a big roller il show you where to buy it from then roll roll roll roll red face red red face! Im gonna do a video for this so don't just go and Google how to Dermaroller because I Will show you how I do it, I've been told by dermatologists and Trust me if you get acne scars I am the queen of getting rid of them and stick with me I'm gonna do a derma rolling video

Do not go and Google derma rolling video Someone is gonna show you how fantastic her amazing skin is but she has not has acne and she has not Had Roaccutane, and she has not got scars do not listen to her just keep losing myself so! Dermaroll with Vitamin C Serum, I love this little routine really helps Really really helped this situation I've got going off here, and I'm much happier recently with the scarring situation I am also going to have Fraxel I'm just waiting to sort out out of the clinic and that is my next step Got rid of my acne but I've got scars my next thing is to fix the scars? It's quite expensive to fix the scars so step by step Dermarolling definitely a great idea The last one I would say is People Ask you a lot of questions, so if you've had acne and then all of a sudden you don't have acne People want to know about why you don't have acne anyone and how your skin looks so good so this in itself is annoying, not annoying but it's more like when you're taking Roaccutane your face literally Looks the best it could possibly your complexion Looks like you've got a permanent snapchat filter on cuz it's just I can't describe it once you get to that Mark of where the acne has gone, and you are about to come off the tablets your skin is just flawless It's just Insane my hair was amazing It was just so full and big and dry and I never had to wash it because it was just amazing so You get good side effects as well as bad side effects and when those good side effects go you want them back So it's quite addictive So don't get into a situation where People obviously will see that your skin is amazing at that point when you're about to come off of it And then when you do come off it And you get the odd blemish or you get the odd bit of scar and come back through and your skin's not as plump And you're not as amazingly glowing perfect skin don't Be disheartened and think oh my god Everyone's seen that ive had fantastic skin for after six weeks And now I'm going back to normal no your not this is just the normal thing to happen and you were just a very very very Perfect version So I don't know if we're gonna give it a disclaimer when you're on it and explain It's not gonna like this forever It's just because I'm on these tablets Then if thats gonna make you feel better then do it, but I think This is something you should just do for yourself not for anybody else so yeah If I think of anything else Il add it to this video, but to be honest Everything is in my blog about what I took while I was on Roaccutane I even go into what the prescribed dosage I was on about how long I took it for Ive got before-and-after pictures on there and I love when you ask me questions

I've had people from Australia Germany America Over the years I've had loads of different people message me about skincare How it was on Roaccutane if they should take Roaccutane If they should see a Dermotologist Honestly, I will always answer your questions because I love love love love love love helping people that are suffering from bad skin because for me there is nothing worse I Personally think having bad skin affects your mood, and you can't help but see people's reactions to been spotty, people are So quick to judge you and think that you disgusting and unhygenic and that You know you don't look after yourself and you eat rubbish It's nothing to do with that It's actually my genetics and It's hereditary, and I can't do anything about it I hope you enjoyed this video and if Anyone that you think would be interested in watching this video or anyone that wants to ask me some skincare questions? Everything is on the blog skincare wise I'm also gonna start posting more about anti-aging products because Im now getting to that tender age of bordering on 30 and Prevention is key so I've started doing a lot of different things for that dermarolling is one of them I love rolling so the next skincare video is all about Dermarolling!

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